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The full list of BlackBerry Q10 keyboard shortcuts

Power user? Then you'll want to take advantage of the complete list of BlackBerry Q10 shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts will help you use your new Q10 fast and efficiently!

By Bla1ze on 24 Apr 2013 02:06 pm EDT

When the announcement of the BlackBerry Q10 came long ago, one key question keyboard loving BlackBerry fans had was whether or not BlackBerry had included the classic keyboard shortcuts everyone had come to know and love. Those shortcuts, most would say, help make a BlackBerry a BlackBerry and removing them would disrupt the experience.

Luckily, we don't have to wonder what a QWERTY BlackBerry smartphone would be like without them because BlackBerry has maintained a lot of them.  While some have been removed because they're no longer relevant, over 200 keyboard shortcuts have made their way into BlackBerry 10 and ultimately the BlackBerry Q10 and we've got a growing list of them all.

To help keep things nice and neat we've pulled out the ones folks are most likely to use and outlined them below. As more are found through general use, we'll add them to the list as well.

BlackBerry Q10 Keyboard Shortcuts


  • Any key - List views - Search


  • P - Agenda/Week/Schedule/Month - Go to previous day/week/month
  • N - Agenda/Week/Schedule/Month - Go to next day/week/month
  • C - Agenda/Week/Schedule/Month - Create a new event
  • T - Agenda/Week/Schedule/Month - Jump to today
  • S - Agenda/Week/Schedule/Month - Switch to search view
  • I - Schedule and week view - Move between Day/Week/Month/6 Month in sequence
  • O - Schedule and week view - Move between Day/Week/Month/6 Month in sequence
  • D - Schedule and day view - Move between Day/Week/Month/6 Month in sequence
  • W - Schedule and week view - Move between Day/Week/Month/6 Month in sequence
  • M - Schedule and Month view - Move between Day/Week/Month/6 Month in sequence
  • E - Event detail - Switch to edit mode


  • Phone Any key - Call log screen, Call contacts screen - Initaites search.
  • Return/Enter - KeyPad screen - calls the number
  • Number keys - KeyPad screen - inputs digits
  • Enter/Return - Contacts search - Call top search result
  • Backspace - KeyPad screen -Clear
  • Numeric Keys - In Call screen - DTMF Tone
  • Enter/Return - In Call screen - Send MMI Command (in call keypad)
  • H - In Call screen - Place call on hold
  • $ - In Call screen - Toggle speakerphone

File Manager

  • T - Nothing focused - Top
  • B - Nothing focused - Bottom
  • S - Nothing focused - Search

Home Screen

  • Any key - Search/Type'N'Go

BlackBerry Hub

  • T - global, no focus - Jump to Screen Top
  • B - global, no focus - Jump to Screen Bottom
  • C - global, no focus - Create New Email
  • S - global, no focus Search, Find
  • R - global, no focus - Reply
  • L - global, no focus - Reply All
  • F - global, no focus - Forward
  • Backspace - Control has focus - Delete selected text or items, or revert auto-correct
  • N - Message preview - Next message
  • P - Message preview - Previous message
  • W - Message preview - Flag for follow-up
BlackBerry Messenger & Groups
  • T - Any scrollable screen - Jump to top
  • B - Any scrollable screen - Jump to bottom
  • Space - Any scrollable screen - Scroll down one screen length
  • Shift + Space - Any scrollable screen - Scroll up one screen length
  • N - Contacts Tab - Next section header
  • P - Contacts Tab - Previous section header
  • S - Contacts Tab - Invoke Search
  • Alt + Enter - Reply field - Insert carriage return
  • Enter - Text field - Send message
  • Long-press Enter - Screens with multiple input fields - Move focus to the next control
  • C - Edit status/ Select category sheet - Create New
  • R - Chat View/ Picture + List Comment - Move focus to reply field/ Comment field
  • I - Viewing a picture - Zoom in
  • O - Viewing a picture - Zoop out
  • E - User profile - Quick access to edit personal message
  • T -In chat - Scroll to top of page
  • B - In chat - Scroll to bottom of page
  • R - Message list view - Reply to message
  • C - Any screen - Compose message

BlackBerry World

  • T - Any List View - Jump to Top of view
  • B - Any List View - Jump to Bottom of view
  • N - Any List View - Jump to Next Section Header Below
  • P - Any List View - Jump to Previous Section Header Above
  • Space - Any List View - Scroll one screen length down
  • Shift+Space - Any List View - Scroll one screen length up
  • S - Any view - Search

BlackBerry Remember 

  • T - Nothing focused - Jump to top of screen
  • B - Nothing focused - Jump to bottom of screen
  • C - Nothing focused - Create new entry
  • Delete - Focused item - Delete selected item

Word To Go Card

  • A - Nothing focused- Select all
  • T - Nothing focused - Top
  • B - Nothing focused - Bottom
  • Space - Nothing focused - Scroll down one screen length
  • Shift + Space - Nothing focused - Scroll up one screen length
  • I (+) - Nothing focused - Zoom in
  • O (-) - Nothing focused - Zoom out
  • W - Nothing focused - Original size
Sheets To Go App
  • T - Nothing focused -Top
  • B - Nothing focused - Bottom (farthest down user-edited cell on that tab)
  • S - Nothing focused - Find
  • U - Nothing focused - Undo
  • Space - Nothing focused - Scroll down one screen length
  • Shift + Space - Nothing focused - Scroll up one screen length
  • N - Nothing focused - Next tab
  • P - Nothing focused - Previous tab
  • I (+) - Nothing focused - Zoom in
  • O (-) - Nothing focused - Zoom out
  • W - Nothing focused - Original size

Sheets To Go Card

  • T - Nothing focused -Top
  • B - Nothing focused - Bottom (farthest down user-edited cell on that tab)
  • S - Nothing focused - Find
  • U - Nothing focused - Undo
  • Space - Nothing focused - Scroll down one screen length
  • Shift + Space - Nothing focused - Scroll up one screen length
  • N - Nothing focused - Next tab
  • P - Nothing focused - Previous tab
  • I (+) - Nothing focused - Zoom in
  • O (-) - Nothing focused - Zoom out
  • W - Nothing focused - Original size

Print To Go

  • T - Nothing focused -Top
  • B - Nothing focused - Bottom (farthest down user-edited cell on that tab)
  • S - Nothing focused - Search
  • Space - Any scrollable screen - Scroll down one screen length
  • Shift + Space - Any scrollable screen - Scroll up one screen length

Instant Action

  • BBM (name) - Begin a BlackBerry Messenger message to a specific contact
  • email (name) - Begin an e-mail to a specific contact
  • call (name) - Begin a phone call with a specific contact
  • text (name) - Begin an SMS text message with a specific contact
  • Facebook (status message) - Update Facebook status
  • Twitter (message) - Post a tweet
  • LinkedIn (message)  - Update LinkedIn status


Arghh, missed it lol

Posted via my Awesome Zed10


What's sad is you don't even comment on the fourm just first.... does your mommy know that you are using her BlackBerry

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 GO LEAFS GO!!


it's even more sad that that "first"comment has 5 replys and non has to do anything with the original (really important post)

is good to see the BB trade mark on a new BB10 device, same power user UI in keyboard, but with the new OS and better specs on the hardware, i think that this is what most people have been waiting for !! it's gonna "sell like hell"


And yes I do want my cookie.

Posted via Z10


Really? Those who post "First" must be banned. Problem solved.

Posted via CB10


Drmike, I love you idea... this RJ dude is just being an idiot and being irritating now...


QulcK, its seems like you are becoming quite the forum stalker. It is almost guaranteed for a 'First' post to be followed one of your hissy fits. If this small thing bothers you I would hate to see how you function out in todays society.

Why not take a stand against something more worth your time and effort.
I hope you can find a more meaningful pasttime that will complete your sense of being, and is satisfying to your soul.
All the best.


He has actually been a forum member for as long as I remember. I think that he's a great CrackBerry member

Posted with my AT&T BlackBerry Z10


Thank you Sebastian. I may not be the best, but i have my moments to help out in the community. More good than bad but I'm outspoken and also I don't have many life issues to worry about


If people can post "First" and be annoying with it, why can't I do the same and be annoying and retaliate back against them?


Because different people make the 'first' posts. You on the other hand are constant in your whining and griping on nearly every 'first' post. It's harmless fun for them...for me it's a meaningless post my eyes skip over in 10ms. your endless moaning about this issue is beginning to make you look pathetic, to be honest.

Posted via CB10


This "first" thing is pretty damn annoying, pointless and stupid. I was hoping to see comments about some new shortcuts or something.
I think it's fair to temporarily ban people that post "first" for 1-3 days and if they do it again then ban them even longer and if it happens a third time should be a permanent ban. That's just my opinion and I think it benefits all users of CB.

Plazmic Flame

I think we need to go back to something that was happening a few months back before the launch of the BB10 where the creator of the post would actually make the first comment before the article went live. I'd like to see this happen again. Keep the "first" trolls with no where to go or do something rare.... make a comment regarding the article!


That's why I was banned. :p


awww man...Z10 owner jealously going on here


you guys are sooo screwed


The one thing I love about my current BB is the home screen shortcuts. I press U to open calculator, D to open Memopad, etc.

Are these shortcuts gone?


Look gone to me, apps like quick launch should remedy that problem though


I would miss many of the home screen shortcuts too. I guess universal search would work well enough - and things like BBM & Calendar would just be opened with a simple tap of the screen instead of a tap of a key


I was thinking the exact same thing. Heck I didn't even know about the calendar shortcuts inside the app. Most of these I could do away with but the home screen shortcuits are the most important to me.


Ha! Finally a Q10 comment, thank you!

Emmanuel Malho

I'm curious about how the Type'N'Go works though. Seems time-saving in the long run.


With the Z10 on 10.1 type and go works through the search and it's very impressive. Miss my shortcuts but the screen size is so killer on my z10

Posted via CB10


With the Z10 are we able to pull the keyboard up from any screen?

Posted via Galactus10


Yah, just swipe up from the bottom with two fingers.

Sent from the Mother Ship...


And do the same to swipe down with 2 thumbs to dismiss the keyboard ;)


Yes we are able to pull the keyboard from anywhere on the Z10. Just do a two finger swipe up.

Posted via CB10


Bringing up the keyboard from any screen is great and all, but if only we could use it to type an action on the main screen would be a useful addition...pulling up the keyboard does absolutely nothing on the main screen.


Dude I've had mine for over a month and I didn't know this lol thanks

Posted via CB10


SWEET! works perfrectly many thanks!!!


What about Speed Dialing? I really miss this from my 9900. I'm using the Z10 now and find I miss this feature.


I somewhat miss the speed dialing by number on the virtual keyboard, but have grown to like the speed dial feature in the Z10 much more from the default "calls" screen


Take this with a train of salt, This is MY hypothesis:

Remember Thor saying that the Z10 was released first because they had to compete with full touch screen phones?

I think that was mostly fluff, IMHO the Z10 was released first because it would be faster do get the OS to a state of production that could handle everything the Z10 needed. However with the Q10, they had to add a bit more programming involving the keyboard, such as keyboard shortcuts, hence a two month delay for the Q10.

What do you guys think?

Posted via CB10


Well, if you take him for his word (which it looks like you're not), he already stated they focused on the touchscreen first because *it* was harder to program for. I'm assuming he meant the awesome keyboard the Z10 has.


I think you are wrong, they need the z10 out there to show they could actually do a good all-touch phone and also that bb10 was not just another blackberry.

The delays to the q10 showing up are most likely due to delays with the z10 that resulted in them needing to divert resources to getting the z10 done in time since that was the one that had the definite release date whereas the q10 was 'coming soon after' that one.


sounds just about right.


IT HAVE TO BE IN Z10 also!!!

Posted via CB10


I want this damn phone now!


Sexy! Were there ever lists like these for older OS7 devices?

Emmanuel Malho

Setting the theme as application shortcuts arrangement you'd get really good shortcuts. Things like space, shift+space, U, T, B have always been there. At least until OS5.


Those shortcuts are going to make phone use soo much quicker. The zed is my first BB, but now I want the Q.

Posted via Z10


Hi there, junior !:) get a 8310 if u want to get the point ! :) ..btw, Welcome to the clan !


These are awesome and I'm glad they made it to the Q at launch, but I also really want home screen shortcuts like the OS7 had, such as; "Q" for vibrate mode and back, "S" to initiate universal search, "b" for browser, "w" for weather, "n" for BBM etc. I've always wished BlackBerry would add the ability to customize each key to my preference with out 3rd party apps. This would be like a whole bunch of convenience keys.
I am excited to get my Q10 regardless, but home screen shortcuts are a huge convenience to me, so I'll be waiting for them more than any Apps.


I assume the Browser and BBM will just be a simple icon/active pane tap to open, so no more work than hitting a key.

But "Q for vibrate" is a REALLY nice feature on the home screen


They do have the icons on both BB10 and BBOS7. On the Z10 you can easily swipe to the vibrate menu now, but like the other home screen shortcuts a few have mentioned, it feels much more convenient to have a fixed key always there, with out a single swipe in the way. Just like the "T" for top of message that is included, It's not too hard to swipe to the top, but hitting "T" saves a lot of strokes and makes anything else feel tedious.


No need for "S" shortcut for universal search. Just start typing. ;)

Posted via CB10


Aaaaaargh man, why did BlackBerry release the Z10 b4 the Q10...


Also, what about shortcuts withing in the browser? I assume T(op), B(ottom), G(o), W (tabs), Spacebar (pagedown), as well as others, will all be there. But since the Playbook browser has no Find function in the browser, I don't want to assume that F(ind) will be there, but I sure hope so. I use that all the time. Can we get a list of all the browser shortcuts too?


Does the shortcut (K) to lock the screen from the homescreen still work?

Zeerak Imran

don't think so, it will start typengo


Man, they got to give us the option for home screen shortcuts and speed dialing. I loved just calling an oft-dialed contact with a long press. It was so slick on my 9780; one of the big reasons I became a BlackBerry user.

Posted via CB10


Speed dialing was awesome on my 9900, I agree. I used almost every key available for speed dial; made everything so much easier.


Sweet! Love shortcuts... can anyone confirm if U(nread) still works in the hub to move to the next unread message? I didn't see it listed in the PDF. I use this all the time on my Bold 9930.


Please someone answer this!
And if the Alt+U shortcut to mark as read/unread is still there, i can't live without these huge time-savers!
thanks in advance :)

Tommy Boyd

It doesn't work!! It's such a bummer! I can't figure out how to just view unread messages, but I know that the "u" shortcut isn't there. :(

Just Me

I am a fan of keyboard shortcuts.

"What that Z10? No I wasn't checking out the younger Q10. You're imaging things"

Posted via CB10


Email shortcuts, I, J, K, U are missing! They might as well keep the shortucts out because the available shortcuts are useless for power users. How about ALT+ to get to Inbox, Sent, Etc.. folders..
How about shortcut to "View Folders"..?
I will keep waiting for 10.2.. still not enough to switch from 9900 to Q10.


Why the f#*k does double tapping the delete keye erase everything I just wrote? Fix that key cuz that sucks but bring all the home shortcut keys back.


+1 I would really miss the i-shortcut to file e-mail.


The one reason I will miss my physical keyboard. Was a big time saver when navigating

Posted Via CB10 Z10


God that's a lovely looking phone.


Thanks for the list. I will be heartbroken if VZW does not offer this phone in white. Love the look!


Yea, that does look really nice in white. Too bad I cannot justify having two phones.

Posted via CB10


Will the shortcut work for Z10 too? I hate scrolling many times to get to the bottom of the list.


I love my Z10 but so tempting to get the Q10. I miss the keyboard even though the Z10 keyboard is pretty good.

Posted via CB10

Joey Sandoval

Where the fuck skype and instagram for my bbz10???????

Posted via CB10


Haven't you read the article stating Skype is coming? Don't be such a dildo, have some class. If you really need those apps then go get an iphone.


Great List - thank you very much!


They seriously need to tone down all those crap shortcut, I mean people might use them but I can't remember them all. I just want my main home screen keys and the browser keys and maybe a few other basic functions. I do agree with whoever said Quick Launch will help out a lot with this issue but please BlackBerry make it so us loyal fans feel comfortable with the change of the os. Notifications needs to be on par with the legacy devices also. I can live without Skype or Instagram just bring the neccesities please.


where is the .PDF link? I am sure it was mentioned that there was a link somewhere?


+1. BlackBerry should implement Home Screen shortcuts on par with legacy devices that made us loyal to BlackBerry in the first place.

[Space] + Key ==> Home Screen shortcut !!

Note: Propose pressing [Space] at Home Screen to bypass "Any key - Search/Type'N'Go"


I have to stop reading these a10 posts. I'm afraid I may miss my keyboard too much and regret getting my z10.

My bold 9900 keyboard shortcuts were probably my favorite features I miss the most.

Posted from my Z10 using CB10


They should have assignable shortcuts on the home screen, so like when you are on home screen you can assign Web browser to "I" and then just press and hold to open the app, or like weather app to "W".

I think there was an app for this but I think it would be amazing to be able to assign shortcuts to keys so press and hold works like speed dial but opens apps instead

Posted via CB10


Wouldn't want to memorize all those shortcuts.....sheeesh

Posted from...... the mighty Z/Zed10


I still wished we had customizable home screen shortcuts


In the Q10 review they mentioned the U shortcut to go to the last unread message in the hub. Why isn't it included here?

Posted via CB10


Too hard to remember all those shortcuts!


Muscle memory remembers them so you mind doesn't have to ;)

Posted via CB10 by my Z10


These shortcuts will be more important now that there is no trackpad


I wonder if they'll have keyboard shortcuts for the Z10? I already think the keyboard should be assigned the same swipe pattern as on the PlayBook. That would make it that much easier to bring up the keyboard and use shortcuts.

Posted via CB10


I agree with those who think the QuickLaunch app would be a great way to compensate for any lack of shortcuts, but with no convenience key to assign the QL app to, how would that even work? Ugh, really gonna miss QL. (I have over 85+ QL shortcuts on my 9930 that I have accumulated over many years and all my BlackBerries.)


So what's the shortcut for copy paste?


Love it. The shortcuts are the main reason the blackberry is so efficient for me. Even on the slower older models you could just start typing away, filling the buffer with commands, and let the phone catch up. Much quicker than waiting for animations to finish before selecting your next command!

I'm a little disappointed I can't launch common apps with the keyboard though. I would often use "u" for calculator, "n" for messaging, etc. Maybe in the future they'll give us the option to bring back those shortcuts away from Universal Search like on OS6/7.


Why didn't BBRY include the white bezels to the white Z10? :-|

Its sexy.


Is the 'Q' shortcut for vibrate still there in bb10?


...And this is why I love BlackBerry QWERTY!


How do you turn it on? Is there a short cut for that?
Need to carry that around to refer back to


If u are a BlackBeRrydiehardkeyboarduser, than u just know those shorcuts :) ( after a while :) ), If u wanna become one..well : PRACTICE ! ( It's well worth it !) The best of luck !


I'm gonna give the wife my Z en going for the Q when it hits Belgium
releasedate 30 may :(
I miss these shortcuts


Is there a shortcut in the Hub that takes you directly to the next UNREAD message?


Thank you sir

Sent from the Mother Ship...


instant action rocks !! Thanks Blaze for the 5% :) from the stuff above that I didn't know !:)


Bookmarking this. THANKS!!


One thing not addressed here is from the home scren, if I want to change sound profiles (normal to vibrate only, etc.) can I just hold down the "Q" key like I do on my 9930? I didn't see "Q" listed anywhere, although I only scanned the list...


I want SPEED DIAL back and how do I lock the phone with keyboard. * no longer works.


hello, can anyone help me with this?
on my bb Q10, how do i undo a change to my personal message(pm)? for example, if i had 'i am late' there before and then after a while, i thought to change it to something else...say..'hello dear', but after deleting 'i am late' and typing 'hello dear', i suddenly decide i dont want to change it again...i want to leave it as 'i am late'. HOW DO I GO BACK WITHOUT SAVING THE CHANGE?
on my BB 9810, i could just press the 'back' button to the right of the track pad and it will prompt me to either 'save' or 'discard'....where i can easily select 'discard' so that it doesnt change what was there before.
please assist....


Nice!! Definitely worth it's weight in gold, this article :-) Thanks very much!


text select is still terrible. not sure why they cant enable shift-select. meaning if i select one email in the hub, i should be able to hold shift and select another email and have all email in between selected. or shift+n/p to multi-select adjacent emails.

if i want to deleted 20 emails, i have to long hold, select the multiple selection tool, then slowly scroll up and tap each email individually. older blackberries with a trackpad would do multiple selects so much easier...


Thanks for the info.
In your list, I was curious about the character . What does this actually mean?
For instance:
Enter/Return - Contacts search - Call top search result
I'm not able to select the first search result by pressing enter or holding it. Can you help me out? Thx.


Where's my "Q" to switch to vibrate and back to normal?!


Am I missing something here do you select multiple messages? For example if I have like five emails in a row I want to delete at once with my 9900 I would just hold shift select the last message it would highlight them all and delete. I have yet to figure out how to highlight a message in general and not open it never mind more then one and do the same, any help?

z posh

Just press-hold one of the messages and you will see a pop up on the right,click on mark and it will be highlighted,tap as much as you want to delete.when you are done you click on the bin (delete) at the bottom right and you are done

Olha Zemts

So can you place a call on Q10 without touching touch screen, only using keys? Thanks

z posh

Yes u can! Type the name of contact and enter button!

z posh

Don't be afraid to touch the screen thou! Lol

Elty Aguiar

it should have the ability to do sms <contact> and pop up a list of matches for the contact and then the reaminder is the message

Sajan Parikh

How is there no shortcut to instantly filter through flagged messages?


I miss my original homescreen shortcuts. I don't want to have to go through "search" first. Any app/hacks, please?



Not sure if this was posted but hitting the S key when the blackberry screen off works the same as swiping up.


Is there a quick key to select and delete messages without having to be zoomed into it first?


Now I know the shortcuts list.
But how do I use it?
If I type P or B or whatever then just search bar shows up.


way back in the day, like 2005, I had a palm treo which was almost identical to the q10 i'm using now. almost creepy. but I had a shortcut where I could assign a phone contact to each button. so if I held down "m" it would dial my buddy mark. is this shortcut possible with this q10?


This is amazing info and tips.. I thank you Bla1ze...


Thank you so much for this great help. Just upgraded my 9650 for the great "Q10". Last Thursday.

Brian Haley

Dear BlackBerry, if you want to hold on to what's left of a dwindling fan base...please stop with the software downloads....they don't really help....and they screw the phones up. Please, Stop doing that.


Thank you a lot! Plz update the "spacebar" for camera - taking pictures :-).


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