Full Disclosure: I've just doubled my investment (tripled my shares) in Research In Motion stock

Buying 2 More Shares of RIMM stock
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Feb 2012 11:22 am EST

I'm still in Amsterdam winding down BlackBerry DevCon Europe, but I just couldn't wait to get home to call my broker to place an order to double up my investment in Research In Motion. Readers of CrackBerry will remember I bought my first "symbolic" share of RIMM stock leading up to the company's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders this past June at a price of $27.75. With that share now trading below $17, I've decided as a gesture of my growing faith in RIM it's time to double up on the original investment and buy TWO more shares of RIM stock (see the execution order above). :)

There was no specific piece of news or information or technical analysis that prompted me to take this action. More so, I just woke up this morning with a gut feeling and had to roll with my instincts. I'm feeling bullish on BlackBerry. Between the new CEO Thorsten Heins, my experience on the Engadget Mobile Podcast playing BlackBerry defender, the look of that first BB10 phone (which I'm sure will evolve by launch to be even awesomer), the positive vibe at BlackBerry DevCon Europe.... it just all feels like the stars are starting to align. Yes, there are plenty of challenges still and lots of work to be done, but I think RIM employees really are jacked up to Rock & Roll their way through it. I'm feeing good.

So there you have it. Full disclosure. I doubled my investment and tripled my shares in Research In Motion. :-)

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Full Disclosure: I've just doubled my investment (tripled my shares) in Research In Motion stock


buy low, smart move, losing money and sink more into that losing stock to make up what you lost = trading backwards.

It's a completely viable strategic investment move, I have been doing it for years to reduce my overall cost per-share, it saved my butt a few times. Actually did it once and three days later the stock jumped 2 dollars, made a few grand.

Confused, they let you into a share holders meeting owning one share ?? Now you have bought two more shares at $34 how does that make any sense when most places charge $25-$30 to make a trade ??

hoping to get out @ break even and get your $ back ?! :)
or just trying to sucker people into buying RIMs shares?
buy APPLE ...IPhone5...

OH MY GOD.. .Now I'm depressed. Thanks for that :/

It's all Adam's fault for not being there at CES to stop me from buying that app.

Well, Mr. Heins isn't Steve Jobs.

But when Jobs took over Apple, they were worse placed than BB is now, and Jobs wasn't what he later became. The iPod was in many ways incredibly lucky; what Jobs did was exploit the success ruthlessly. But for that, and his relentless attack on the music industry dinosaurs, Apple would still be a fairly niche maker of expensive laptops and desktops.

The low-cost BBs for emerging markets may be a kind of iPod equivalent, or they may not. A really good NFC payment system might be a new iTunes. It will all depend on whether the company can be focussed ruthlessly on what it needs to do, and whether it can build the relationships with partners.

So - two shares. If the US carriers are forced to raise the price of iPhones or iPhone contracts because they aren't making enough money to fund the infrastructure, and if Mr. Heins delivers on the wish list, Kevin may well wish he had bought more.

Kevin, I didn't know you took such a sarcastic turn on your affection for RIMM and Blackberry! Haha. 2 shares-- with no punch line to go along with it? That hardly sounds like a passionate, confident, optimistic investor in any company. You're making me wonder man...

No sarcasm intended here. I went from being the very serious owner of one share of RIM stock to the very serious owner of THREE shares of RIM stock. I already told some RIM employees in the halls of DevCon here to start working even harder since I'm *technically* kind of / sort of their boss :)

I couldn't stop laughing out loud.

It's really scary to see how little confidence you have in RIM, you would buy thousands of shares if you would be a true believer......

I bought a bunch when it was a little over $50 per share before it went to @$70 a share. I just bought another $1,000 worth at @ $16 a share. Either a fool and his money are easily parted, or maybe, just maybe RIM will bounce back and I will make some money.

That's pathetic. The self proclaimed biggest blackberry fan on the planet only owns 3 shares? Shows how much faith Kevin has in his company.

Oh Scroat.. I love your comments. You're such a trolllll.

I think you missed the point here. The ceremonious one share I bought to attend the AGM as a shareholder. The doubling  of investment now. It's poor form to talk actual investment dollars. We're talking symobolic gesture here.. not actual faith in the company based on dollars invested. Grow up.

Hi Kevin, seriously, if you really think you would like to invest, have a serious talk with your investment broker/adviser...3 shares will get you nowhere....

...no offense meant here...

Hey Kevin, I am also a blackberry (RIM) believer. An I feel one day RIM will rise up and go on to do great things in the future. How do I purchase shares, is there a website that I visit?

I really feel sad for anyone who thinks $60 over 2 years is a lot and is wasting money...

that's what the cost of eating dinner out? If Kevin is throwing around $500 on super awesome exclusive apps I am pretty sure like the rest of the adult world he can afford to throw $60 behind something he believes in.

Why so much bashing on Kevin? All that he has done for crackberry. this forum is supposet to be uplifting and supportive. With all of Crackberry fans buying at least 1 stock, who knows, it may go up. you have start somewhere. Great move kevin. I support you.

How do you actually go about buying shares? I've been wanting to buy some RIMM for a while now but have no idea how to go about it.

Go to your bank and create an online trading account, put some money in it, and bam! you can buy shares in any company.

I used Scottrade online service this week to buy some stock. Do some research online about buying stock. Some websites require a larger deposit to join.

I believe it will increase because RIMM will be successful or down the road it will increase because if it fails others will be seeking to buy it for its patents. Either way I do not believe it will stay this low.

Kevin since you bought today the stock closed down. haha So maybe tomorrow you can sell and the value will skyrocket!

Lay off him, he may not like paying market but loves BB so much to do so.
Or he just has those shares for fun and a possible extra cash one day.

Is it mandatory to have shares of your products? PS3 fans have lots of Sony shares? Xbox fan many Microsoft shares? DS many Nintendo shares?

And what he's really trying to do is demonstrat that RIM has a bright future. Its make it or break it time and they have an awesome lineup coming. After what happened to it, they should only be looking up as there are still many opportunities left.

Soon I will have to stop defending my choice of BB over other platforms.

Kevin, it just goes to show you that you cannot win no matter what you do. You post some light fun and the commentators on the commentator get all serious. I don't envy you...wait, yeah, I do. I just wish I had half the forsight, half the gumption, and even a smidgen of the creativity that you have had to develop this great forum. Keep doing what you are doing!

I have to say this: Confusing Message

After reading the blog I thought maybe I should buy RIM shares too, but why did he buy so few? It took reading the comments to realize that it was supposed to be symbolic. I don't know, it might be more symbolic to not even disclose that you own 3 shares in RIM unless their value were much greater than 17 dollars canadian.

Gotta start somewhere. I don't have a ton of expendable cash but next week I'm going to do just what Kevin did and buy a couple of shares, then I'll get more as I go along.
You don't have to buy thousands at once, it's not always about that.
Sometimes it's about being part of the big picture and not just a viewer.

Good move Kev!, you convinced me to get off my butt and setup a trading account. I never considered it an option in my day to day life. Now I'm excited about owning a piece (albeit a super small piece) of the company that ultimately brings us to this website everyday.

Thank you!!

Seriously? All the people busting Kevin's balls need to STFU and show us proof of their ownership of 1000 RIMM shares.

For goodness sake. The man isn't a freaking millionaire like some of you.

I've always wanted to buy shares. I'm going to piss all the haters off and buy one share.

Kevin - you're catching up to me...

But for now, I will remain in between yourself and Heinz in the leadership category..

I own a WHOPPING thirteen shares! Go RIM-T!

Whats sad is that the stock now has to reach 21 to cover the brokerage fees you paid to make two transactions.

and for the record i own shares of RIMM as well

At this point, it's painful to look at how much I've lost on my RIM stock. I just keep holding on to it in the hope that either (a) a miracle will happen and it leaps up about 20 points or (b) someone buys them, and it leaps about 20 points.

That's pretty much my only hope. I could cut my losses, but I still have a small, sliver of faith.

Great Post Kev, I think the humor was lost on a few, but those of us that are BlackBerry Faithful are here right behind you. Though, I will say this: The idea for each CrackBerry member to buy one share isn't a bad idea...with 3 Million of us, all purchasing at $16.49 a share...that would be a $49,470,000 buy in...

That is something of a push CrackBerry might want to look into! Especially if CEO Mr. Heins reached out to us, we should reach out to them too.

But, I digress. Kev, this is a Great Post, and this is a Great showing.

Long Live the RIMPIRE!!!

rims chart is forming a wedge and should soon see a 5 dollar move...youll be sorry you didnt buy 3 shares

Glad to see you've joined some of the rest of us... I have recently decided to shake up my portfolio as well and buy RIM stock. I had $3500 put into a mutual fund back in 1999 which tanked and never recovered. I call that my "play money" because I wouldn't risk real money on the future of stocks. Having said that, the value of my mutual fund sank to $2000 over the past 12 years. Thats' like losing $150 per year... but I sat on it and sat on it, hoping it to recover. Now I am convinced that the fund managers were just milking it slowly for fees. Imagine if I bought $3500 worth of Apple stock in 1999! But who would have known!

In any case, deciding this would be the year I "shake things up", I cashed out of the mutual fund and put my $2000 into stocks, figuring that they are on their up trend from 2007-2008 when things look as if they tanked with the economic turn-down. The DOW and everything else are shooting up. RIM I hope has hit the bottom and will turn around during this important transitional year. I am also working on developing some apps for the Playbook so I have more than just my stock investment riding on RIM.

I have other stocks in the mix as well, but I hope everyone who bets on anything in the stock market realizes the volatility in tech and they have back-up core investments which are more stable and slow and steady for the long runs. For now, I am taking an educated gamble, but then many of the tech stocks are in the same boat. Nobody can tell you for sure what will happen tomorrow. All companies have gone through periods of stress, which helped them get serious and develop better. Others have folded. It is up to the guys in Waterloo to step up to the table and put their GAME ON and get the following to happen:

1. Consolidate OS across all their devices, like Apple did with the iOS working on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. RIM can get the QNX OS working on the next generation of phones and tablets, and keep support for Flash, Adobe AIR, Webworks, Android... like the playbook, and have a large app market, but also easy for developers to code in a wide number of environments they may already be familiar with.

2. Reduce the number of phone models... Apple has essentially one phone model at a time. RIM can have several formats, but should all be the same OS and limited model numbers. You can have a "torch", "bold" and "curve" and that's it. Concentrate on a small core of phone form-factors, with and without the keyboards.

3. Spice up the color variations. You now have white and black, but you can also try a few other colors to make the phone more trendy.

I know the engineers at RIM are working very hard, but sometimes when you get too many techno-geeks coming up with cool things but ignoring the marketability... Apple has a good product but they pushed it over the top with the marketing.

There are Apple logos in ALL THE MOVIES, every show you see, there is someone with a laptop or screen that has Apple logos. This may be because Hollywood has embraced Apple for the graphics/media capabilities. Indirectly we are seeing Apple logos in all the TV shows and movies. RIM and Blackberry visiblity is poor, even though many hollywood stars are using it. Make it "cool" again, make it "hip".

I see people every day and their phones. I ask even elderly people that are not into technology and use a regular non-smart phone, what are they getting next (people who have regular phones) and they all say iPhone. I don't even think they know what to do with them. They are buying the iPhone because that's the only smart phone they know about or see, or their kids have it, or whatever. I know RIM is counting on the foreign markets to keep them going but we need North America usage too because unfortunately, people still look to what is trendy in America and want to be like us, they emulate our buying habits and want to buy what the American market has.

-Torch 9810 and Playbook

I second this. I have been telling my friends this for the last few years. Very well said.

I bought 200 shares of RIMM at $15.75 a few weeks ago. I don't think RIMM is going to $50 any time soon but I think I can double my money by year end if things go as I see them going. RIMM is in good financial shape and EVERYONE hates the investment, likely time to buy. If it starts moving and breaks to the upside - I am prepared to add. Also bought MSFT a while back when everyone hated it, up 20% so far!

Kev, I applaud your decsion, I have done the same thing over the past 2 years with RIM I am at 10 shares myself, and have been doing the same for Toyota for the longest time now as well as a few other companies. And yes I did stock up (no pun intended) on Toyota's stock when they had the recalls for the "Unintended Acceleration".

If I truly beleive in a company I will invest in to it what I can, the shares may be small and minscule compared to other fat cats, but I do what I feel is best for me.