Full 16 minute walkthrough of BlackBerry 6 running on BlackBerry 9800 [video]

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By Bla1ze on 4 Jun 2010 08:25 pm EDT

Earlier today we got some nice high quality pictures of the BlackBerry 9800 slider. Now, we get what was got to be the best video walkthrough of BlackBerry 6 to date. Sure, it's in Chinese considering it came from the folks over at BerryTimes but the language of BlackBerry is universal. Sit back and watch a full 16 minutes of BlackBerry 6 in action. Now, if you'll excuse I need to go wipe the drool off my keyboard. Video is after the jump folks, enjoy.

Video Walkthrough of BlackBerry 6 in action on the Bold 9800!

Source: Berrytimes.cn

Via: TBZ

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Full 16 minute walkthrough of BlackBerry 6 running on BlackBerry 9800 [video]


I wonder where will be the line between upgradable and non upgradable... Will my 8900 be OS 6 compliant? Pleeeeeeeease!!
Anybody knows anything about this? Don't tell me that only the new devices will be able to run OS 6...

to put it into perspective:

The Bold 9650 has 512 mb of memory which is double what the 9700 has.

Most people are saying that OS 6.0 uses at least 200 mb of memory which means that the Tour 9630, Curve 8900, Storm 9550 and Bold 9700 will barely have 30-40 mb left, much like the Bold and Storm have now with OS5.

i thought i read that 6 was made for devices that have 512mb of memory. so i would think IF it does come to devices with less mem...they will be the last to get it.

might be wrong on that one...so please...no need for everyone to flame me

Maybe (and hopefully) the 200mb you are talking about is for the touch screen version and the non touch version will be much less and will work just fine on the 9700's. Im pretty confident there will be a good running version for the 256mb phones.

Sorry I haven't had my laptop all day! The video is uploading and processing now. The link (when active) will be here:
(changing video URL hold on)

it's the slowest streaming vid I've come across in ages. What is this youku.com site, a freakin' joke run off of a 10 year old server? PLEASE put this on You Tube.

it's the slowest streaming vid I've come across in ages. What is this youku.com site, a freakin' joke run off of a 10 year old server? PLEASE put this on You Tube.

The entire video is posted on youtube. Just search for "walkthrough of blackberry os 6." There's a part 1 and a part 2.

you're steaming video from the other side of the planet. Just saying.

LOL the soccer pictures... "let's pick a 'healthy' one to look at..."

I knew that post about the mandarin Chinese app was going to mean something good was on the way. Now I get it!

I must say it looks really good. very fast OS.. little to no delay. Well done RIM!

The dude got some nice football pics hahaha...


I hate to say it, but im a lil dissapointed, i was expecting more! it seems like RIM made lil minor improvements, nothing to really too exciting

I agree. I think its a good next step but the hype around it makes it sound like it was going to be mind-blowing instead of just being a bit smoother version of what we already have.

If they were to connect to GPRS, the BlackBerry would try to connect to the BB relays. If that were to happen, RIM would know the ID of this unauthorized device and nuke it.

The reason why he didn't preview the browser, youtube app, facebook, twitter, etc... is because the browser and youtube are blocked on the phone and twitter and facebook won't work on OS v6.0 yet.

it's pretty amazing that RIM is actually going to put this out... this looks like some alpha build of a crappy operating system from 2003. un-freaking-believable that this is real, i'm in shock.

She's more than that. She's also an idiot who always makes the dumbest comments. She really needs to go away.

Yeah, she's a first time smart phone user from 2010. She has no idea how a smart phone works other than the iPhone. She has not concept of multi-tasking and is fine with closing one app to open another. She really likes to be given a phone and told how to use it and what it's supposed to go unlike us BB users who like to tweak it and customize it to the way we use it.

She's content with what Steve gives her...if you know what I mean.

i've owned 12 blackberry models and 3 android phones, as well as 2 iphones, which i'd be willing to bet, is a considerable amount more of smartphones than you. i even run a blog which i'd be willing to bet you've even seen. everything you've just said is less constructive than you've just assumed i was being. nothing i've said has promoted the iphone platform, in fact, i HATE the iphone. where did you get your degree in wrongology?

So what, anyone can run a blog these days and if you are running a professional blog, you're not doing yourself any good here with your trollish posts.

I mean, if you weren't trolling, please show us a phone from 2003 that is capable of what even current generation blackberries can do...let alone this new phone.

Please elaborate on what makes the 9800 and OS 6.0 so archaic given the information we have available at this time. Because, I don't think there's alot out there yet. We have a 16 minute clip of an OS running relatively smooth that doesn't show off the new browser.

Honestly, the new browser will make or break the new OS. It's probably the major issue for 95% of blackberry users. It's what I'll be waiting to see in the upcoming months as to whether I stay with blackberry or move to one of the newer Android phones coming to ATT.

As in the last topic

PLEASE show me what phone in 2003 looked like this? Really because this is far superior to my WinMo touch based phones in 2003,

I'll give this a 2007 look at oldest, but pre iPhone and droid nothing came close to looking this sharp

you very much are a troll for any OS6 thread, ya ya you love your driod, but provide something useful, or back up your ridiculous statements.

This will NOT be an iPhone/Andriod replacement device, it will be a fantastic hybrid BB for the business casual user. it has the BB keyboard, which is by far the best keyboard for typing on of any smart phone I've had the misfortune of helping people set up.

I am excited for this phone, it will make an excellent upgrade from my tour, and replace my crappy ipod touch as my photo album.
I get the screen realestate I want, with the Keyboard that has become my second nature.

i won't argue with blackberry having the best hardware keyboards around, but if you REALLY want to type fast, grab a hold of an android phone and install the swype or shapewriter keyboard, it's a life changer, maybe that could be developed for BB if they opened up the keyboard api's

I haven't seen a portrait Hardware keyboard Andoid phone yet,
and I just can't do software keyboard far too many number/letter combinations in my day to day typing, my typing speed was less than half on a touch screen, AND I had to look at the device and could not be paying attention to the people I was talking to while taking notes.

Anything to increase my speed of typing would be welcome, especially if I do not have to look at the screen while using it, as probably 5 or 10 emails a day are sent to people from me where beyond adding there names to the e-mail I barely glanced at the phone while firing them off with one hand.

I am worried with the location of the Track Pad of this phone I may lose some speed of navigation. but for play factor and doubling the number of excel lines I can view at once I can sacrifice a little.

Looking at the comments it looks like I'd be trading one "out dated OS" that I know and like, for another "out dated OS" that I'd have to learn.

though I really would like to see something like that come with all the glitz and glam people are saying BB needs,
that silly snapdragon, and 8PM camera, and addressable SD cards blah blah

put all that in with the latest Android OS in a BB form factor I'd jump on it for a 6 month test drive.

From one of the comments in the link: "How nice, a small screen and a crappy keyboard, when a slider would have given better of both."

So even the droid fanboys think the 9800 is on to a winner ? Good good...

If you HAVE to post here, can you at least get some opinions of your own ? We've heard 'looks like 2003 LOL' so many times now and it continues to be bullshit. Lets have a look at what nokia was putting out in 2003. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia_5100, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia_3595

Yes, I can see where you would get confused there. I honestly can't tell the difference between my old Nokia 1100 and the BB9800. I mean, they both have screens, and keys and stuff.

i dont know why people complain for this new os is smooth see the videos and music how fast they loaded why do you guys complain my friends have iphones there no difference and the android seriously weres the difference aleast this will get you through the day with the battery

androids have ability to stream your entire music collection from your home computer, wirelessly tether your connection to multiple devices, 1ghz cpu's, an app market with over 50,000 apps in it, free turn by turn navigation, AMOLED displays a large open source dev community with playstation and n64 emulators, full exchange support, and open API's to all developers...thats where the differences lay, at least a few of them...

i don't i sold my 12th blackberry device for a nexus one last month, long long long time BB fanboy converted :D

so what your saying (correct me if im wrong) is that BB6 looks poor, and you dont want it, you sold your BB, now have a android phone, yet that phone isnt good enough to hold your attention, instead you need to come back and look at BB stuff.
sounds like denial of the `crack addiction` to me lol.
if androids so awesome why you on cb?

there are android forums here, and at that point why don't you ask the guys running this site 'if you own android phones why are you running a blackberry website' because they almost all do. the fact is there are android forums on this site, and i like keeping up with all things mobile, sorry but you can write me off all you want, i have as much as a right to voice my opinion as you. it has nothing to do with my new phone.

when did i write you off?
im just one of those people who truly believe if you have nothing good to say......

anyways, no BBM = not for me. ever

i do miss BBM, i think bbm is the only reason RIM is still in business actually, but as most of my friends left blackberry, bbm became less and less of a necessity to me until i finally decided to bail. this will be the case over the next 2 years as analysts predict that RIM is going to lose 30-40% market share to iphone and android over the next 24 months

Katiepea...I am all for expressing your opinion, however, why don't you do this on the Andriod site. We get the fact you are an Andriod supporter...however, I think you are preaching in the wrong web-site!

HAH, some of you sound as bad as mactards. i come BACK to this site to see what BB is up to. cool skin with needed improvements. it's good for innovation to see what others are doing and well you should know..... too bad that this didnt come out sooner, maybe it could held some of the losing custos attention long enough not to make a switch. (and she is kinda right about BBM). enjoy calling me a troll and telling me to "go away" !!!

love how its in chinese but everything is in english! great vid, most likely gunna be my next bb

all kidding aside....just as previously commented hundreds of time, where is any ANY AT ALL new functionality in this phone? it really is just a theme, this thing isn't showing off anything an 8330 can't do.

Where were those previous hundred comments? There's lots of things this OS/hardware brings, but you're obviously not interested.

in one of the first preview threads for this device...and no, this OS doesn't bring anything other than a mimicked theme from other platforms and an overhyped still slow fake webkit browser, name something new

Well you just did, the Webkit browser. How about the long hold (or whatever you want to call it) to bring up the short menus? How about the animations? How about the new feeds? How about the multitouch? How about the new media interface? How about the new podcast app? How about the revamped system info system? How about the new memory management system?

Quit trolling.

What NEW do we need from the phone?

I need a phone to make phone calls
to make is easy to go from an email to a phone call from a signature
to make is easy to go from an email to the addressbook to add a new contact
to do Internet browsing
to read my emails/txts/IM's on
to give me a calendar for my appointments.

What features am I missing? that are not carrier dependant?
With the exception of Documents to Go Premium there isn't an App that I care to have installed on either of my daily use BB's

on my iPod touch, ZombieFarm, and the DiceRoller are really all I've cared to install from the App realm so apps surely can't be the end all and be all for the phones, as the majority of smartphone users I know have never changed the theme even on their phone let alone downloaded an app.

well tethering, flash, saving apps to SD card, open api's for developers..those are some things i think BB"s should have

open API's to the dev's is not a functional phone issue,
it is a platform complaint and is moot to the majority of users.

I am not sure I think flash is deal breaker, I suspect we will get flash, but with apple being anti flash, and BB not supporting it, and HTML 5 giving much of what flash has,
and flash seems to stand for everything you hate as it is extremely closed.

You can tether with tetherberry, it just isn't a default feature, that is one of the apps that one can get.

Saving apps to SD card, I'll agree that would be nice, mind you I still haven't even filled half my device memory yet so I don't think I really need that option, as long as one uses the SD cards for data storage.

during WES2010, they said they wanted to keep it "familiar". So, yes, it does do the same thing any other BB can do, I guess what they "boosted" up was the browser, the overall theme which makes it less "outdated" and hopefully other things. Most of what was shown we can do right now, like going to a contact and pressing the menu button and selecting Delete, Call, Text, Send PIN, Send email, send this or that and I think we even have a search app... something I don't use, but it's there. So, BB6 is, by the looks of it so far, a "prettier" version of the current OS and we are all expècting more out of it. My main expectations have already been posted, but I'm sure a lot of people want the same thing. Memory management and available memory in general as well as the browser.

The one thing I'm looking for though, is the way BB's manage memory. I don't like having to reboot my device to recover "lost" memory. And, of course, it should have enough memory for apps, games, and everthing else that saves onto the main memory (messages, contacts, calls, etc.) If RIM changes this, I will most definitely buy this device when available. Even if I have to buy it unlocked at a higher price! Especially since we get devices way after they're released in the States or elsewhere.

thats probably the biggest downfall of a JAVA VM OS...thats why everyone like motorola, LG, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, ..well everyone except RIM has abandoned the JAVA VM OS structure, because of these issues, it's pretty amazing that it'll be 2011 soon, and java vm os still is kicking around. until rim actually makes a new OS that issue isn't going anywhere, they can add all the memory they want, it'll still leak all of it.

"The Android operating system software stack consists of Java applications running on a Java based object oriented application framework on top of Java core libraries running on a Dalvik virtual machine featuring JIT compilation"


the android operating system runs linux with app core libraries running java code that google owns, it is in no way related in anyway to a java virtual machine that blackberry runs. sorry, but thanks for posting your moot point from the wiki entry on android. lol don't even think about comparing androids linux kernel, which is capable of emulating playstation and n64's and running quake 3 at 30fps to blackberry OS my friend, seriously, i'd just stop

lol what? the proof is in the sheer lack of development community for blackberry. if it could be done people would be doing it, RIM has a 40% marketshare, they should have the largest development community in the world, but theres falls FAR behind apple and androids dev community because the java vm is severely old

to be fair, RIM's business model was not based off of app development, where as Apples business model was very much based on app sales, and Apple entered the mobile phone arena with an app community started over the iPod touch, I hate Apple, but they did do things very wisely when entering the phone arena.

Google based the Android model very much on the apple model, people have been building on the google API's for a long time, dare I say longer than on Apple's so again it was a quick to launch and get that community going. Google is very like microsoft only having to invest in software others will do the hardware.

Java VM is horrible, but if they built everything from scratch again, could they survive the back lash? that would be the ultimate question, as for as many that want a change, there are just as many who really like things the way they are.

thats why i vote RIM retire their current model, start putting android on their hardware, and put BBM on android, and be done with what they have, theres virtually NOTHING app wise for blackberry that doesn't exist for android except BBM, it'd be a win win for both sides. and it's probably apples worst nightmare, blackberry would have a vastly revamped interface with no 'restart' or lag from a new development platform and they'd shed their legacy software gracefully all the meanwhile maintaining market share. i really think this is a good idea and hope it comes to fruition.

Two words, for RIM if they moved to such a route, and its utterly honest, considering all the things they'd have to do to go that way: EPIC FAIL

Seriously, that is all.

I am very thankful you do NOT have a vote.

40Million subscribers half of which Run on BES, lets just abandon all of them and change our entire core structure.

For people who NEED apps, Android and iPhone exist, WHY must blackberry be another app whore phone? RIM does not NEED to have a huge app library, what they should be doing is focusing on making the phone a business phone with fun features, sure some apps are great, but if you make the phone THE BEST business phone, and keep on improving on the features business users need, many consumers will follow suit, so many consumers use the phone simply for txting, music, and websurfing, they have iPhones, and Andriods because those were the "cool phones" in the store at the time, RIM needs to get some advertising in like Apple does, and focus on communication, and data usage.

You have no idea what your talking about and are focusing on consumer wants and GUI. One of RIM's pillars is security. Does Android or even iPhone OS allow total device control?

You earlier mentioned Android has full Exchange support but they do not and their ActiveSynce policy support is pathetic. Again consumer focused. Blackberry has a 50% corporate market that DOES care about things you don't so by your logic - ignore the things that made them to satisfy the cellphone consumer crowd that is looking for the next flashiest smartphone? That is not Blackberry and I'm sorry your 8830 (from 4 years ago) wasn't as good as a 2009 smartphone.

The majority of BB users are not App focused - they actually intergrate the device into how they WORK. Sure you have some consumers (many actually) that trickled over into Blackberry as 1. it's popular and 2. the best text centric device out there 10 years later. Any major apps will be across every smartphone as who is going to ignore the Blackberry user base? The DEV environment has made some decent improvements and will get better with the upcoming devkits later this year. You act like RIM does nothing and will not evolve as the market does.

i know precisely what i'm talking about i've been a BES admin or over 7 years. it's not doing much exchange work that can't be duplicated from a cloud service. and i'd say the percentage of blackberry BES subscribers corporate/casual that are concerned with security would fall in under 10%. the bottom line is that the consumer market does indeed drive the mobile world now, and plenty of companies have switched from BES to iphone or android seamlessly, and most likely haven't gotten much of an argument from the end user about it.

i know precisely what i'm talking about i've been a BES admin or over 7 years. it's not doing much exchange work that can't be duplicated from a cloud service. and i'd say the percentage of blackberry BES subscribers corporate/casual that are concerned with security would fall in under 10%. the bottom line is that the consumer market does indeed drive the mobile world now, and plenty of companies have switched from BES to iphone or android seamlessly, and most likely haven't gotten much of an argument from the end user about it.

The lack of something can not be used to prove it does not exist. have never seen a blue lobster or a black swan, but they exist. I have seen need for speed running on a BB, so I don't see why quake 3 would be a problem, aside from the control scheme. N64 emulation is a taller order, but I would say the limits there come more from the hardware than the software. I don't think there is anything fundamentally wrong with RIM's OS. There are areas they can improve their API's though, and they are actively doing that. If you don't like it, don't use it, but don't just make up stuff to bring the platform down and try and pass it off as fact.

who cares if android has n64 emulators and all that crap. The only game i need is GT LinkFour

Lol @ GT link four! GT Games rock, but I just can't seem to get enough of pinball deluxe lately! To all the video game fanboys out there, get a fucking psp for fuck's sake! Its a phone! Pretty soon you will be crying cause your phone dosent wipe your ass for you yet!

Now now, as a Video Gamer, I take no responsibility for the ignorant children who want to play fancy smancy games on their phones, personally, I wouldn't call them video gamers either.

Personally, using my phone as my music player is dicy enough because I still NEED the PHONE.

RIM's touchscreen technology is the joke of the mobile industry, they aren't even included in benchmarks on central unbiased mobile blogging sites doing screen tests.

Why is the onscreen keyboard different from the keyboard in the official preview shown as WES? This is the Storm2 keyboard... I thought it would look more android like.

maybe thats for keyboard for the tablet or maybe you can customize it sal did say you can customize the crap out of this thing

blackberry6 is all i need simple smooth contected to all my peeps and secure thats all i need i dont need to jumpstart my car with my phone i dont need to use my phone to land planes i need my phone to get through a full day not 9-5 a full day not like some others that cant get to lunch with any battery left thats the price you pay the bigger the screen the better the screen not enough juice and soon its going to cost a lot more a month for all that crap to

After buying the 6.0 theme an hour ago, and seeing this video a minute ago, I feel good about the theme. It's close enough to what we see in this video to spend the $3 on it.

CALENDAR LOOKS GREAT! The organization of everything has been improved a great deal. Not to mention the folder open/close effect is cool. Looking forward to having it on my 9700, or which ever traditional style BB (like bold, curve) is going to have it. It looks so much better than OS 5, that I think many andrioid/iphone, etc. customers will consider a BB more than before.

i wasnt gonna comment at first but blackberry gets the job done. literally. i dont need my phone to be a fart machine or to have a soundboard from stepbrothers(although the latter is funny, at times)because its pointless. it means u have no time to do anything else and by then your battery will be dead. so os6 will be a great addition.

Blackberry 6 looks really cool. Dugg the pics as-well, looked like SI Swimsuit edition with the full body paint. Anywho back to bb6. The UI looks really solid and is very responsive. I can't wait to use/get that phone myself.

LMAO...all the things that the fan boys dont want is now gonna be SUPER COOL...but the funny part is it's still really lame, but yet it's the coolest thing ever. :)

The first storm does all of this...and if it's not on a touch screen phone I could lay down my DROIIID INC turn on my 9630 from sprint and do all of this on a hybrid. Catch up

Hi, any idea if when this blackberry OS and slider be out ? And if this new OS will be implemented in all BB phones?

Is the Bold 9800 the intended successor to the Bold 9700? Or is the Bold 9700 Refresher the intended successor to the Bold 9700? And wouldn't the Bold 9700 successor be scheduled for release in November or December of this year to coincide with the annual anniversary of the Bold model?

I share the sentiments of those who wish RIM would re-introduce the Bold 9000 wide design with a 5 Megapixel camera, the optical trackpad, 512 RAM (or higher), and the OS 6. I loved the wide design of the Bold 9000, but I upgraded to the 9700 when it was released last December 2009.

I don't particularly enjoy touch screens (I owned the iPhone 3G for 1 year) and would prefer the non-slide BlackBerry hardware. But, who knows, maybe I'll upgrade to the Bold 9800 when it's released.

Is this the phone we've been waiting for for so long? I hope the battery (1350) is strong enough...
I thought Canada but now I see China? (maybe I need to learn another language?) No matter patiently I wait for this- 'the 9800'!

BBers from BerryTimes are on fire!!! Stepped outside Asia and entered the Berry globe!!!!! Cheer up!!

In order for Rim to compete with Android especially is the following and Rim if you are reading this blog please listen:

OpenGL support= Us corporate that commute 2 hours plus per day want to play games sometimes :)

VOIP= Please either create your own SIP client integraded in the device for an all the time access or please release API that work like the Iphone and Android. Also an itegration on open source PBX support.. awesome

WIFI Only- Please some of us buy the device and then we decide to just use the device without paying data fees and use just wifi.. Please make all apps, BBM, APPWORLD work through WIFI only.. Its ridiculous.

Upgrade Tasks- Please create a more functional task application. Look at appigo Todo on Iphone.

Hotspot functionality:

Easier to create apps: We need more API's please so we can create better software.

A cloud based email service that gives us Exchange like service with backup of all our file, and either provide it free or cheap.. Also make BBM for social..

Tired of having to reboot the device everytime I mostly install apps or remove them. Annoying!!!

Thank you for listening :)

OpenGL ES 2 is supported on the Storm2.

VOIP?! Hmm making their own SIP client is not necessary and a step backwards - moving resources to support it; when already they support so many standards; NO! VOIP support on BB includes: Skype, Corporate PBX - Avaya, CISCO, Nortel, you name it. And they have their own already which works over cellular and wlan for corporate PBX to device and seemless hand-over in the corporate space which RIM, Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, and Nokia rule in. Bite it android.

Using higher data rates just to accomplish - in LESS - time what their BIS/BES data plans use - sorry again a fail. Nokia's S60 used licensing to get this done, and it took Symbian-Foundation a total 1yr 6 mths to release open standards for this to work. Its part of RIM's design model and its working - not to mention the 2nd round of data price plan cuts in North America 2nd year straight - your Android is doing NOTHING to reduce data rates and with WLAN everywhere being encrypted enjoy the rare coffee shop mandatory stop off for data. You want a smartphone, cough up the dough to use a data plan for it work properly, if not get a feature phone.

Creating apps & ease of use is NOT dependent on API's. Stop regurgating crap you read elsewhere. RIM is moving to Eclipse complete by years end.

w00t! OS 6!! Seriously I find the Blackberry has the best feel out of iPhone and Android IMO!! Cant wait for this!

If this phone uses DX1 battery then this is going to be a perfect upgrade for my 9550. I have a spare DX1 battery since my 8900

Which means the battery life on the 9800 will probably conpare to the storm2.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed to see this battery and not the larger 9700 style battery.

The more I see this device the more i really want one. The only thing that will seal the deal will be when I can test it in store. Have to mak sure the slider function is solid enough.

I have used 5 sliders 4 Nokia and a Samsung,,
None of them last robust for more than 2 months..
I still prefer calculator model BB.

1. Is e-mail still truncated?
2. Is the download and attachment size limitation lifted?
3. Do ringtones and alerts play through wired and BT headsets?
4. Can you synch more than 1 BES mailbox?
5. Does BB maps have turn by turn voice directions?
6. Is there a way to back up application data on the sd card?
7. Is that 'Full Off' shown at the end of the video a built in 'Soft Reset'
8. Webkit offload to NOC Flash support?
9. Full screen caller ID?

1: e-mail truncation is a BES/BIS issue, not a device issue, it will not be changed with a device launch, and with the talks of bandwidth savings, I suspect they will not stop truncation.
2: Once again that is not a device issue
3: Good question, I would love to know if it is the BT headset or the device that causes this not happening!
4: NON Device issue, once again BES/BIS issue
5: No indication that BB was developing this, and it wasn't shown off in BBOS6 previews
6: One can only hope, but chances are it will be a NO,

1. Email is truncated by default in OS 5; which Auto-More can be set VERY easily. Attachments are not; and rightfully slow - as signatures have jpegs which I really don't care to see so efficiency is the key.
2. limitation ... I'm hoping this will change; infrastructure issue, not device.
3. 9700 Ringtones DO play through headset - get the right ones that support this. Wired, works on OS 5.0.544 - had this issue on previous OS on my 9700 and nobody had a fix, RIM did. I have premium stereo headsets by RIM.
4. YES you can. The initial BES mailbox's IT Policy will take precedence!! RIM has this on their public database. Search for it.
5. No it doesn't. More data on the device stored in RAM is not needed. You want this, download Google Maps. I'd rather read directions BEFORE I travel, or stop during - but I think the new apps featured may change this due to cellphone laws around the Globe.
6. Not yet ... I believe this is an infrastructure decision & developer enforced decision. Piracy will go through the roof; unless the MicroSD Encryption will allow device swap encryption via the BIS/BES service Email account - not just the PIN.
7. NO .. that is in the Firmware - and its great when required.
8. Not sure what you're asking here. Flash Support will be a separate app like Symbian S60 has had or Symbian^3/4 have now. Flash is STILL not battery efficient even on Android - pretty much the only platform loving it right now. HTML5 is part of Webkit Engine - not just the browser. I'm hoping plugin support to translate Flash used on sites makes it to the Webkit Engine implemented JUST to make ppl like you happy.
9. You mean FULL screen caller id PICTURE! ;) well a large picture yes, but full screen - I still want to see the date/time, length of current call (optional), and mini-menu (optional when required) at all times.

The OS looks amazing!!!

Love how defined the settings are and the menus. I really hope that this works for Bold 9700!!!

Please RIM dont let us Bold users down!!!

Uh... I found a post on youtube but only for 7min.. Is the rest out there somewhere? I found a pod cast on that chinese site but... Yea don't speak it n no video so..

LOL I noticed that too. But it was a smart decision to fully show clarity of the OS and icons, structure.

I'm SERIOUSLY hoping motion-sensors along with gestures * the combination of the two is in place in the 9800 & BB 6.

Did you guys see how FAST the landscape/portrait switching was?! Woah!

Podcasts looks like it'll debut with this.
Feeds debuts and liking it.
Toolkit?! What is that really - the old Options?
BBMaps new icon; new features hopefully.
No more download limitations in the replacement browser PLEASE!!

Anyone else notice that "Messages" returns which in the previous video leak stated "Mail" ?!?!

I feel most people are yet to realise that a Blackberry is a corporate device that as a result of its cult CORPORATE fanbase has decided to branch into the consumer market.

OS6 is a much needed UI revamp and the new devices bring to the table a lot more power and functionality. Be that as it may, the Blackberry is still geared toward business users and as such security is and will forever be paramount.

1. No loading of apps from your SD card, too many security issues there.

2. API restrictions, you don't want people with malicious intent getting into the phone's core---big security issues.

Come on people stop it! Why is diversity such a bad thing? Must everything be an Apple or a Google? Can't we all just agree to disagree? Must Katiepea (or whatever her name is) log onto a Blackberry site and trash it? Wow!!!!

I do think people neglect what you have said. My first introduction to smart phones (which were blackberries) was around 2001 when a friends Air Force Commander father used one. I can tell you he did not use it for entertainment purposes. Blackberry is its own global beast and should be viewed as such (also remember RIM develops its OS AND hardware, I read someone saying how android brought things like 1 Ghz processors....ummm in HTC hardware that also uses WinMo)

But as for OS 6 I am satisfied. Completely amazed, no but I am not displeased. Drag and select for multi message deletion? Awesome. The look of the interface, very familiar but slick and it looked like they made some menu improvements. And the menu transitions were very smooth with the only delay being when they entered the security area and a little delay is ok (not sure what encryption the system might be checking on). As for innovation? No this is not a super innovative OS. Is it an '07/'08 os yep. But shock so is iPhone and Android (they have been the same visually since they came out so why are people complaining blackberry sticks with what works for the bulk of their customer base). Ok, I am stepping off my soap box now. have a good day and let people love in peace.

Minus me not understanding what the hell they are saying. I SO WANT THIS DEVICE. I just hope I can wait till the beginning of next year when I can upgrade my cell.

I just viewed this video...no down load waiting time. Video was clear and flowing...not sure why the comments.

On to the content, this is a great example of the new OS. I can't wait...and yes, I will replace my current BB with a new one operating BlackBerry 6. I really struggle to understand why so many feel they "should be deserving" of an automatic OS upgrade of their current BB??? You buy a new car you get the new features...you buy a new TV or computer you get the current state of the art...they do not upgrade you one year later. Wake up folks...you will have to pay to play!

While I do agree with you that way too many people are upset about OS6 possibly not coming to their device (Nothing has been set in stone yet), I do believe that if your device is less than a year old i.e. original release (Bold 9700 S2 etc.) they should be able to upgrade to the latest OS before their new contract is up.

I hope that made sense.

Can some one please send me the link so I can check OS6.
I have a S1 but I'm going to be upgrading soon. Please seen me the link on BBM. My pin is 30602051

I'm curious about how different/how much better the browser will be. Otherwise, for a non-touchscreen device, it looks like there are improvements rather than drastic changes to the OS. Having said that, I'm pretty happy with OS 5 with the exception of the browser. I like what we saw of the calendar, and the changes made around options and personalization/settings. I have a hard time imagining how the OS could be much larger than OS 5 on a non-touchscreen device, so I'll be interested to see how that turns out. Overall, though, going from OS 5 to OS 6 will be much like going from the 9630 to the 9650 for me: not a dramatic change, just some modifications that make a good device better.

Too many comments for me to read trough all of them. I am still fairly new to BB compared to a whole lot of you, got my 9700 6 months ago and am still loving it. I like the way OS 6 looks, though I also still like the way my OS 5 looks. (and works!) Maybe that's because the entire BB experience is still so new to me ;)
I agree with what many have said, I would have really liked to see the browser in action but I guess we can't have everything. What I REALLY want to see though is OS 6 on a non-touchscreen device. So far we've pretty much only seen walkthroughs or teasers on touchscreen devices. If I'm wrong, please feel free to point me in the right direction. I've used touchscreens for a long time, both on sliders and on an iPhone and HTC with Android. When it comes to typing, a touchscreen device just won't work for me. I want my physical keyboard there. I thought I would miss the touchscreen a lot when it came to navigating through the menu, but fortunately the trackpad works just as well for me. So, back to my point, I would like to see OS 6 in action on a device like my 9700. I wonder if that'll work as well as the touchscreen does.

Not to be racist but does anyone have an english version that they can post to the front page, cause Im pretty sure 98% of the people on this site cant understand anything in this video, their just looking at the pretty UI of OS 6!!!

its all about android phones fuck every other phone. i use to to have a lame bb but i am now a droid owner and happy about it. i'll put my droid up against your bb any time and watch me utterly destroy you lol.

i know this is wackberry.com but i don't give a fuck, my only reason for coming here is to laugh at you dumb ass bb users and talk shit about how much better android phones are lol. i will continue to come here and preach the word of android simply because i can and because i know you all hate that lol.

but the truth is the truth, get a android and you'll forget all about a bb. the list of things androids can do that a bb can't is just shamefull, it use to be cool to have a bb now its just sad lol. i know some people have to have a bb, their job requires it but if you're not one of those persons and you have a bb then you're a clown.

the droid alone is better than every single bb out and lets not even talk about the nexus 1, droid incredible or the new evo 4g and the list is growing. just wait until you see the line up of phones that android are getting ready to release, its going to blow your mind.

R.I.P RIM and iphone, its a new king in town lol. p.s. im aware of my typos and poor grammar but this is a commet on a internet website and not a college essay, im not being graded on this so spare me the various "you have poor grammar comments" android is the best, what else can i say? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

BBOS6 seems like software that will help manage
Corporate life and personal life using one in all device.

Keep it up RIM.


If you need toy, buy iphone, Androids
If you need tool (solution), get a BB.
OS6 in 9700 will help me manage my work and personal life in
Very new mode.

It's obviously not all about Andriod if you're on this blog preaching to a different platform. There's a civil way of doing things, and then there is the way you chose to present yourself. People here more than welcome debate, and love to hear peoples input. You're just being a child by bringing your pessimist tone. If you dislike Blackberries so much, then don't buy one, it doesn't mean come over here and bash others for what they prefer, and you can't state in any educated way why Android is better. RIM and Blackberry users have pioneered the Smart Phone industry, and you should be grateful of that. Andriod does have some great phones, and very impressive hardware, but personal preference can't be argued. People will, and always will enjoy Blackberry devices because of it's appeal in it's own sense. So please, if you're going to bring that trash talk over here, be respectful or you'll just be marked off.

First I agree 100% with everything you said Android is everything and more keyboard and touch. +1 about not leaving and enjoying laughing at RIM = FAIL. But if they do something well...even though it maybe a bit late in the game IE: The look of the slider in those new pics, I gave good comments.

And you guys thought I was bad lol....

Everything needed in a phone and patience is running thin.
Hurry up RIM and get it out there and then get it "Down Under in Oz" ASAP........

Even on utube it was slow and choppy; still, it's very very intriguing for BB to have this kind of OS, vastly better than what's on my wife's S2 to say nothing of my S1. IF only it would come to Vz I could go down to the store and fondle it until my ne2 comes around in Oct lol. It's nice to have choices and this looks good!

Interesting video but very redundant. Would get stuck on certain elements of operation while ignoring others. A lot to like, the calendar is more interesting and hopefully will be just as functional. Plays video well. Didn't really show off virtual keyboard, browser (hopefully better than previous OS) etc. I just think that sixteen minutes of airtime could have been used more effectively with more about the device.

Wow that was horrible. I made it in for a minute and shut it off. Sorry but it looks like garbage. All this talk of a revamped OS and its still the same crap it was before.

I wanted to go back to BB with OS 6 but if that's what it has to offer, I'm good with Android. I think I'm officially done with BB plus I got most of friends switching over to android and the rest still have their iphones

OS 6 looks awesome! I would like to know from all of the naysayers; what is there in Android, iPhone, WebOS, WM7, or any other platform that this doesn't have or even improved on? OS blew my mind. I am looking forward to this. Thanks RIM, this really makes my day. Looks like I'll have a BB for at least two more years. Oh, and the slider is awesome too. Win, win.

I speak Chinese and they are saying this is what it would look like when it comes out. I am cracking up. lol

Who flubbed this one??? LOL Nice video though.

sorry to be a thorn but as an android user we are looking forward to flash and you guys are still stuck on waiting for this???????

thats what i think made so many people switch.

i mean jebus... took this long to come out with a decent native browser??

oh and great looking slider piece of poop. put that against a EVO and u'll see that BB is treading water with newbies buying phones....

RIM needs a different developmental team

It's amusing how many ex-BB/nonBB users come here to annouce how their displeased with or their breakup with BB and their commitment to Android. It's a cell phone not your girlfriend/exgirlfriend..lol.
Great you luv your Android phone but unless Motorola/Android is paying you to enlist more customers for them, who cares?! But YES WE GET, Android is a great phone, enjoy it and shutup already. Because of you, more people don't want Androids..lol.
Anyway, nice looking vid only caught somethings he was saying becz I'm not that fluant in the language but he did mention how smooth software flows, not to much about the browser though. No mention of which phones will get the OS. It's a good look for BBerry, nice smartphone.

its amusing that youre a berrytard that acts like a mactard in this case.

i look at crapple and berry and wm to see what else is out there. i am not tied to one platform cause they dont pay ME to be... i pay for what i get and i like to see what is out there. keep bashing people that like to inform themselves, youre heading somewhere with it.

It's great that you like Android. It's fine that you want to keep up to date with the rest of the mobile world. But do you (and Katiepea, Droid Evo guy, etc) really need to come into threads and proclaim the superiority of Android? Make hyperbolic comments about RIM and their hardware/software? It's a little juvenile.

"Keep bashing people that inform themselves"

Yeah right...you're not even informed. If you were, you'd know that OS6 will be getting flash as well. The android nerd fanboys that come here, don't come here to be informed about upcoming technology. I'm not sure why they come here to be honest...why you would come to a website to talk crap about something you don't own seems like a waste of time and life to me, but to each their own I suppose.

Anyone saying this looks like a 2003 OS or that the phone in the video wasn't running smooth is a troll...pure and simple. No one takes your comments seriously and no one cares about your stupid uninformed opinion.

My advice is to get a real job so your parents don't have to pay for your cell phone plan because I can't imagine an adult coming to a website to bash a phone they have no interest in.

perhaps you should take our juvenile hyperbolic comments and get frustrated about RIMs treading water and expect more then 1 minute of "requesting data"

i get what ur saying though and for the first time i havent seen childish response.. kudos 2 u!! (cereal)

I have no issue discussing RIM's folly's. However, they have to be serious complaints, not "lawl, 2003 OS" and stuff like that.

Berrytard n Mactard? What are 10 Lol,smh..I guess he/she felt insulted by my comments..If the shoe fits, etc...I come here and read a lot of comments and advise of others just for insight on BB OS or phones(which is a lot) and half of it is bs how BB is crap and how their phone is great. If you made one comment already in another thread abt BB being crap, well enough already. Contribute or/add constructive criticism. This is a great phone for BB, let's hope the OS is as great for BB as well.

I'm more excited about the phone than the OS, haha. I would've really liked to have seen the trackpad being used. There hasn't been a video of that, at least that I'm aware of. I'm interested to see if the OS works as well or how different it is when using the trackpad. That would give an idea of what OS 6 would be like if released for the Tour, Curve, etc, but right now I wouldn't be in a huge rush to update my Tour's OS from 5.

I'm so glad RIM is finally coming out with a phone/OS to directly fend off the upcoming WebOS/Android/Apple phones that are quickly absorbing marketshare.

On the flip side...doesn't anyone find the newest BB OS 6 more of a pinnacle of the old logical computer thinking (folder/subfolder/subfolder/file) rather than the newer intuitive touch/voice commands of newer OS's?


OS 6 looks nice and all I guess, but it just isn't enough to want me to stay with BlackBerry much longer. I've grown tired of the OS and its quirks. Its just too boring for me. Others may like it. That's cool, but I don't think it's for me. I'll probably end up getting a Nexus One. Android just seems to be the best mobile OS out there right now.

@ Jaredius

"I went to youtube, clicked to play part one and my 9700 rebooted. Nice"

Give this crackberry addict a OS that works, SHM using the high-end model (my storm did it all the time)...lol

I tell the truth and only how I feel...I give praise to things that work well...only reason I am saying this again is because someone wanted to say my name in a post...can't please everyone...why try.

go here to check out the top 10 smartphones of 2010 and this list is up to date blackberry does make an appearance at number 7 but the top 4 are androids with the iphone sitting in the 5th spot and 6 of the overall 10 are androids


1. HTC Droid Incredible (ANDROID)
The HTC Incredible is one of the most impressive Android phones available with a gorgeous display, slick user interface, and lightning-fast processor.

The speedy HTC EVO 4G packs in some powerful specs and a variety of multimedia features into a stylish, minimalist design, but not everybody will get to enjoy one of its best features--4G connectivity.

3. Google Nexus One (ANDROID)
The Google Nexus One impresses with a stunning AMOLED display, speedy performance, and cool tweaks to the Android OS; but some network issues prevent it from being a superphone.

4. Motorola Droid (ANDROID)
The first Android 2.0 phone impresses with a strong suite of Web features and a stunning 3.7-inch display, but some users might have trouble with the shallow keyboard.

5. Apple 32GB iPhone 3GS
Performance enhancements distinguish the otherwise evolutionary step-up iPhone 3GS from its previous iterations.

6. Motorola Cliq (ANDROID)
The beautifully designed Motorola Cliq is a social butterfly's dream phone, but others may find the MotoBlur user interface overwhelming.

7. BlackBerry Bold 9700
The best BlackBerry available, the Bold 9700 packs a multitude of features into a sophisticated, slimmed-down design.

8. Palm Pre Plus
With expanded memory and new software capabilities, the Pre Plus is definitely an improvement over its predecessor, but it still has some quirks.

9. Palm Pre
The Pre's webOS software is touch-friendly and fun, but the cramped QWERTY keyboard detracts from the phone's usability.

10. Samsung Behold II (ANDROID)
With a gorgeous AMOLED display and an excellent camera, the pricey Samsung Behold II will appeal to multimedia junkies with deep pockets.

its fun to come are and tell the truth about android being better then bb. you won't see a bb user/owner in the android forums talking about "how much greater black berrys are then droids" because that's not true and everybody knows it and if someone actually did that they would look extremely stupid. i'm not talking out of my ass here, i'm a ex-blackberry owner i use to have a storm so i know the differences between the 2 and the differences GREATLY favor android. i promise, if you switch from a bb to an android you WILL NOT BE DISAPOINTED, its a whole new and better experience.

i know this is wackberry.com but i don't give a fuck, my only reason for coming here is to laugh at you dumb ass bb users and talk shit about how much better android phones are lol. i will continue to come here and preach the word of android simply because i can and because i know you all hate that lol.

R.I.P RIM and iphone, its a new king in town lol. p.s. im aware of my typos and poor grammar but this is a commet on a internet website and not a college essay, im not being graded on this so spare me the various "you have poor grammar comments" android is the best, what else can i say? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I just purchased my first blackberry (Bold 9700) about 3 weeks ago and I'm loving it!! After doing the research and seeing some of the comments posted on here by the blackberry, apple, and android crowds the decision was easy. Why you ask? Well I play alot of hockey and I can usually get a good read on how good the other team is that night by how much they yap before the game (it means they are INSECURE AND SCARED)so I came to the simple conclusion that all these android, iphone types must be pretty damn threated by the crackberry crowd and now especially by OS 6. I even tried out a sony/ericson android phone before hand and I have a iPod touch so I know the apple story. I use my phone for mostly pleasure and some business and OMG I don't mind OS 5. Would I install OS 6 if it came out for my bold? Probably. If I couldn't would I switch to another brand? HELL NO!!! I'm a crackberry addict already! And to all you iDroid army people out there, just think about my son's pet lizard when it gets threatend. Why? Because it puffs out it's neck and hisses and puts on a big show and in the end that's all it has. Oh, and by the way my 9700 did not reboot when I loaded the OS 6 demo, it actually loaded it faster than my ipod touch!

LOL what a dumbass you are, just look at the list the blackberry bold 9700 is number 7 which mean there's 6 phones BETTER then your blackberry (bold 9700) and their all ANDROIDS! LOL.


you can go to the website and check the list out for yourself the article was dated june 3 2010 so the list is up to date. my droid SMASHES! your bold with ease lol have fun with your random reboots and shitty OS, i don't have that problem...any more...since i ditched RIM'S GARBAGE blackberry storm and got myself a droid lol

If you're at all capable (which is doubtful, due to the clear lack of tact, coherency, and eloquence), please get a girlfriend.

Maybe after your mom is done getting triple teamed by those guys she met at the bar you should give her back the crack pipe you stole from her. Obviously she has been a serious drug addict since before you were conceived by some random john so actually I kinda feel sorry for you. I know your android phone downloads porn at least 20 times faster than my bold and you also probably use it to maintain your moms web site because she sold your real computer months ago to fuel her addiction. I wished I took my phone as seriously as you do but I have more interesting stuff to ponder most days and I have a land line at home so I don't rely on my phone like you do since the phone company cut your service last year. Do they even have 3G or WiFi in your trailer park? You must be that guy at McDonalds that comes for the free WiFi and jerks off in the corner cause you can download twice the porn in half the time. Cheers

so you base your 2 year $2500 commitment based on trolls on forums...good logic buddy, definitely operating with a hockey brain there.

guy has all his phone numbers, associate phone numbers and other stuff public to the world, even his phone number shows...

wonder if anyone has called :p

no one cares.

we arent competeing with androids, or iphones.

we have a great market of people filled in companies, and corporations all over the US. Companies that strictly use blackberrys for ease of use, email, data, you name it.

not some gimmicky touchscreen that outshines the sun, a trusted, efficient OS thats potent and easy to use.

thats why i always come back to blackberrys.

i had most recently a 3gs iphone, which was nice, but doesnt come close to battery life and functionality of my BB 9700, which i traded the iphone to get btw.

i had a android, G1, which was nothing special. didnt impress me, neither did the expensive data plan IT NEEDED to run period.

want the 4g evo? be prepared to shell out easily 40 dollars or more for a data plan that you probably wont even get 4g connectivity with.

androids are nice, but in the real world, nothing beats the ease of writing a email, checking the net or typing a sms then a bold.

flame me or hate me, its the truth and companies, lawyers, ceos, politicians and many others agree.

and with all that being said blackberry still isn't better then android and many gadget/tech experts agree. its there job to review such devices and feedback from these professinal experts rank android being higher then blackberry.

no matter where you go to get advice about the debate between android and blackberry rather it be the internet or customer service from the eletronic department the answer/recommendation is going to be the same and that's "yes, android is the better choice".

4 of the top smartphones out are android period, that's a fact and i've already stated that blackberrys are a "must have" for people who jobs require it but do you honestly think that everybody with a blackberry has a cooperate business job? or is a cooperate business man or women?

its tons of people with very regular and ordinary jobs walking around with blackberrys and those are the people who i laugh at and who are dumb because if your job doesn't require the use of a bb then why the fuck do you have one? especailly with all the other criticly acclaimed choices you have to pick from such as android, and iphone.

and personally i don't even like iphones myself but i know that their better then bb. bb might be better then palm pre phones i honestly don't know about that inparticular match up but i do know that bb has a long way to go if they wanna over take android and iphone, i'm mostly speaking for android though.

i know this is wackberry.com but i don't give a fuck, my only reason for coming here is to laugh at you dumb ass bb users and talk shit about how much better android phones are lol. i will continue to come here and preach the word of android simply because i can and because i know you all hate that lol.

R.I.P RIM and iphone, its a new king in town lol. p.s. im aware of my typos and poor grammar but this is a commet on a internet website and not a college essay, im not being graded on this so spare me the various "you have poor grammar comments" android is the best, what else can i say? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i think your on crack, if u watched or read the transcripts today android has what? 9% of the market share, they been around for some time.

i dont have a job that requires me to have a BB, i just have one because it does what i need it to do and its easy to do it.. my battery will beat out any gaudy bright huge oled, lcd or anything else any day, thats the fact at hand.

its easy to use, easy to msg, easy to web and email..

thats why rim has been here for so long and is here to stay, u can be a android junkie, the fact of the matter is, theres tons of touch screen gaudy bright LCD phones out there, when theres only 1 real blackberry.

stop talking about your typing and grammer, no one cares, in fact, the more you talk about it, the more we look for it.

ever here of a trend? or a FAD?

this is one, all these touch screen gimmicky phones, BB was here before they all were, they arent going no where, and they are getting better then ever, every new phone and OS released.

its the functionality that counts, not some gimmicky, bright screen that sucks battery like no other.

i like iphones, esp the iphone 4, i like the evo 4g and the incredible, i just think my bb is better, its easier to handle, its easier to operate and get done what i need to get done when i need to do it.

i dont have time to handle a big bulky phone the weighs alot, and breaks easy.

This list is someone's opinion. What is important is sales. Not reviews.Also you are comparing apple to oranges. You compare Android to the current (old) BB OS 5 not to the new OS 6. This OS 6 update is all I need. Not going to Android, not EVER going back to iPhone, had that for a year and experienced what a piece of $%^&* it is.

Plus having the keyboard is a great plus for this BB slider.

P.s. Why are you so hostile? Are you secretly eating your heart out for having dumped your BB for the toy phone you now have?

I don't hate you talking about Android, I love a lot of Google products and may even get a google tablet for fun when they come out.Your comments hear make you seem like a lunatic loser. I hope for your sake that you are not, or else you must really have a lonely life.

gotta say i'm fairly unimpressed with that- deosn't look that much better to me, a bit pointless showing us some stuff when all the new features like the browser etc they can't use yet imo.

RIM jobs....I mean guys here complain of Android and battery life which is based on how you use it. With such a powerful phone if you leave Windows open its gonna drain. BB's will too....a MOTO Razor will drain if you leave it open lol

But this guy just said his 9700 had more functionality than the IPhone 3gs and when he want to surf the web etc. No need to be in denial. I mean my Droid Incredible needs a dedicated camera button that's a flaw to me. I can admit it. I think if we were all honest we would all get along better.

That "other" blackberry blog has a pic of a 9300 w/256mb running on the OS6 platform, and claims that 256mb may be the official cut-off point according to sources from carriers.

If true, this is awesome news.

i did like the video, even though it was in chinese. but in some ways, you can almost figure out what they are sayin'.. well at least see what they are doin'.. now if someone was able to translate the video for us, that would obviously be more helpful. thanks for the video, either way..


Some people here mentioned iPhone 4 so I popped over to watch the videos from Apple. Honestly I couldn't get through even one. Is any one else with me that there videos make you barf! I can't stand the over the top sales job. It feels like they want to hump the iPhone.

"I love the front facing video because in 8 years my kids will be in college." VOMIT!!!! BTW they had had front facing video on cellphones in Japan for like 15 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I own an iMac and 3 Mac laptops but I think I'm at the end of buying apple products. I just can't stand it anymore. It really does feel like a cult. Sick sick sick.....

I'll be honest. I have been using blackberry since it had that pager thingy many years back to monitor our uptime in the data center and have gotten use to all the new versions of the bb. my wife has the iphone and seemed to work faster than my 9700. I did like her touch screen but im a keyboard cowboy. Anyways I really enjoyed what the 9800 has and that it is both keyboard and touch and that beats the iphone. So I may try converting my wife over to the blackberry 9800. Anyways i am content and happy the give you both worlds of touch and keyboard. I'll be upgrading.