Fuel Economy Calculator - 50 copies to be won!

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jan 2011 09:32 am EST

Fuel Economy Calculator

Don't trust the manufacturers numbers for fuel efficiency? Don't want to calculate things on your own? Well look no further than Fuel Economy Calculator. This nifty app solves your problem by doing all the hard work for you. Just enter your odometer reading and the amount of fuel you get at a fill-up and that's it. Fuel Economy Calculator will automatically tell you your miles per gallon based on the info you entered - it's that simple. Use the app to track your gas mileage and keep tabs on fuel efficiency. You can even track multiple vehicles and export the data to a csv file. Fuel Economy Calculator is available in the CrackBerry App Store for $2.99.

Contest: We have 50 copies of Fuel Economy  to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST.

More information/download of Fuel Economy Calculator

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Fuel Economy Calculator - 50 copies to be won!



Looks like a really useful app, especially when you don't trust the manufactures ratings.

Hope I win, I could really use it.

Sounds great, anything that will assist me in tracking my real fuel and mileage costs is very much appreciated.

I've something similar integrated in my car, but it would be very useful when i'll take a ride in my motorcycle!

This would be so perfect. I'm always looking to improve my gas mileage. We need more car apps, I'm a total car guy, and would love having more apps like this. Good luck to everyone :D

OMG!!!! I've been waiting for app like this forever...ever since I went back to using a BB omg....finally pls pick me1!!

I've something similar integrated in my car's board cpu but it would be useful when i take a ride in my motorcycle!

I NEEED this!! I drive 140 miles a day to/from work and I would love to be able to tell my gas mileage with this app

Awesome - just the kind of handy app I could use! I drive an older car so its important to keep track of fuel economy as it can warn you when problems might arise ie.tire pressure, etc. Would love to get my hands on a copy Crackberry! Thanks!

One question - being from Canada, does the app incorporate KM?

Wow!!! This is the one I am looking for. Hope I will win atleast this time. I am using fuelly.com now. But, its great to have it on mobile through this App.

i'll put my hat in this ring; i'll be using a japanese import mitsubishi delica to see how well the app and my vehicle works; it runs on diesel though so i hope the app uses that type of gas as well for comparison and record keeping

In today’s rough economy, the “Fuel Economy Calculator” will help me manage my vehicle usage and therefore saving money! This is a true savings tool. I would love to have a copy.

I have two vehicles; one is a 96 SUV and the other a 09 SUV.

I could use this to determine which one is doing better....I'll still keep them both.

Free is always the best price. Thank you CB for the never ending free stuff.

Hopefully im one of the winners... is it compatable with the torch???? if so please put my name in the hat twice.

Just bought a new car so this would be great to have. Hopefully it does Canadian fuel economy (L/100km) as well.

I need this app, I have been doing this kind of trcking manually by entering into an excel. Will help a lot and give more love to my blackberry.

This looks like a great app for me. I do a lot of driving and I like to see how much gas I use, I'm always checking the trip to see how many km I get for a tank. Just bought a new car and this would be perfect for me.

This would be pretty nifty to keep a history so I can more easily spot trends, ie: a sudden drop may need some maintenance is in order.

I'm interested in this and think it would be a great win

I currently use a spreadsheet to track my fuel economy. But I include clost per gallon and acutal cost of fillup and then calculate the averages at the bottom. I can then use those numbers to compare fuel economy and costs savings/costs associated with driving different vehicles.

You see, I have a motorcycle and a scooter, and it's fun to see how I save hundreds of dollars in gas over the summer.

Anyway, I'm about to look into this app. But if it doesn't include it already, some financial analysis would be a great addition in an update.

* just looked into it. It does include financial analysis. Maybe not to the degree that my spreadsheets do, but this seems do a great job anyway. I'd like to win this. I might be able to make my office jealous with it and get a few people to purchase.

What a great idea. Now this is an app that has some usfulness for the road warrior. Thanks for the opportunity CB.

Having used Fuel-log for year on my palm 680, now it is chance to calculate the fuel efficiency again in blackberry. Thanks!

This is one of those apps you'd use, but hard to spend money on.

I commute 75 miles EACH WAY, but thanks to my carpool only have to drive one week a month. Tracking gas mileage helps save money when you drive 30,000+ miles a year.

I'm wondering if you can track the gas station (one time text entry, then pull down after), as I've noticed gas mileage varies depending on the brand of gas I use and try to buy only from the better stations. Would be helpful for those that haven't gotten that far yet.

This would replace the manual system I use now. I wonder if you can import data into the app??? Either way this would be great going forward.

There is a poem
Woods are lovely dark and Deep
but i have promises to keep

This disappoints me...in the back of my mind, I always planned on learning some programming, and making this very app, so that I could retire a wealthy man. Back to plan "B" I guess...

me me me! I drive a Jeep, I love knowing how crappy my gas mileage is .

Jut Empty Every Pocket!

I could write a giant paragraph about why i should win, but the truth of the matter is that if i don't win a copy, i'll probably go ahead and buy it on Monday. Crackberry Rocks!