Free Monkey madness with Fruits 'n Tails for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 19 Oct 2013 05:28 am EDT

Fruits 'n Tails is a super BlackBerry 10 game and the edition I'm using in the above video is the free version - which will please many of you. You can't beat 'try before you buy'. 

The full version can be purchased from within the app if you get hooked, but with the free version you can enjoy 24 levels of monkey madness. The way the game works is that in each of the four corners of the screen you have a different colored monkey. With each level colored fruits will be positioned on the screen and you need to drag the corresponding colored monkeys tail in a line to collect all the fruit. 

As you would imagine - things start off nice and easy - although you do only have a certain amount of turns per level to gain maximum points, which is shown on a tab at the top of the display. As you progress through the levels you'll encounter more and more fruit on-screen and you need to think about which order to perform the moves. In some levels there will be a creature appear in the center of the screen and by dragging a tail through it will alter the color of the fruits - making the level a little easier to complete. 

The only downside I found is that sometimes the tails are a little hard to engage - a minor glitch and certainly not a game changer. Give the free version a shot if you own the BlackBerry Z10 or Z30 and want more - the paid version will give you 90 levels in total. 

More information/Download Fruits 'n Tails (free) for BlackBerry 10

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Free Monkey madness with Fruits 'n Tails for BlackBerry 10


That's already been done. It's called the CrackBerry comments section. A fun-filled game for ages 12 and below.

Q10 owners get ready for a big ol' steaming pile of disappointment.

"Not available for this device."

Boo hoo!

Blackberry is dead; long live Blackberry!

You need to tap'n drag the monkey body instead the tail itself but we will make it better in the next release, so thanks for your feedback. This is our first IP game but we are very proud of it. It's a cool game, just give it a try (and tap the body instead the tail, so you can have a better experience until we launch the update fixing this usability problem)


Thanks! Feel free to send your feedbacks to us, we will update the game with those in the next release ASAP

We just uploaded a correction to solve the mentioned minor glitch when interacting with the monkeys :) Thanks!