Frisbee Forever lands for BlackBerry Z10 owners

By James Richardson on 20 Jul 2013 11:00 am EDT

We first showed you Frisbee Forever some time ago when it launched for the PlayBook. BlackBerry Z10 owners can now also play the awesome game and the best news is that it's free - nice one Unity.

Your mission is to simply flick the frisbee to launch it and then guide it through the rings collecting stars along the way. We have a choice of using either tilt or touch controls to maneuver the frisbee and with stunning graphics and some sweet background music it really is a great game. There are over 100 tracks to keep you busy so this one is another game that may well get you addicted.

As you progress you can jump into the shop and spend your stars on upgrades such as new frisbees if you fancy it along with a few other items.

Frisbee Forever is beautifully smooth and if you have a Z10 I urge you to download it. If you don't like it I'll eat my hat!

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Frisbee Forever lands for BlackBerry Z10 owners


It was available for quite some time now, I downloaded it at least a week ago and it wasn't on the new arrivals

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Hi James, gotta try this soon. I wanted to give it a shot now but when I checked the file size, I think I'll be doing it next time soon. I have just downloaded the Beach Buggy Blitz by Vector Unit, which has the same big file size. I enjoy playing it but I know I will with this Frisbee too. Frisbee sport has become popular in the Philippines now so I'll start training myself then. Perhaps 1 week from now. :)

Anyway, just to share with you, here's my take on Beach Buggy Blitz


Does anyone notice that every game review is pretty much the same.?

" this game has sweet graphics and a nice soundtrack to go along with it"

I don't know. Maybe it's just me?

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I noticed the same thing. But I'm not sure if the Crackberry folk are ready for full blown game reviews like IGN... but it would be nice to get more depth.

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To be honest I didn't write the PlayBook post and I didn't even read it. If they are similar it's either pure coincidence or very spooky!

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Side note: it seems BlackBerry World now indicates not only the download size but the installation size as well. It's good information to have, especially if you hardly have much room on your device, like I do.

Anyone have problems with the appstore working to purchase stars? Mine always just says "Contacting Appstore" but never let's me purchase anything.

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James R. Please eat your hat and post video as proof. I don't like the game! Keep your word. Let's see you eat the hat :). Thank you

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I downloaded this game yesterday,quite good but it made my battery hot and it took a dive in power so deleted it.Shame was quite enjoying it really.

Game is incredible. I like it even more for the Z10 than PlayBook. Tons of replay value too, great way to spend a few minutes.

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I actually progressed further faster on my Z. Asphalt 7 syncs fame data between the play book and Z10 tho. I think that my be a game loft feature tho.

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Although it's been out for a long long time already now, it's still a great game.

Very simple premise (e.g.: easy to jump right into) and cool use of 3D. Recommended!

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I downloaded this right after I read this post, and have been addicted to it since. Great game, can't believe it's free!

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