FriendplayIM For BlackBerry Links Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk & AIM

By Bla1ze on 27 May 2009 11:29 am EDT
FriendPlayIM For BlackBerry Links Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk and AIM!

*UPDATE* - Site servers appear to be having an issue, this went up on numerous blogs today so that's understandable.

Ahh, I love choices. And in the area of IM applications BlackBerry devices have no shortage with as the list of IM applications continues to grow. The newest "contender" on the block is FriendplayIM and they bring some neat features to the table that I hope other instant messaging clients will take on in the BlackBerry space.

FriendplayIM integrates all your favorite IM services but where the uniqueness of it comes in is that FriendplayIM allows you to create chat rooms as opposed to just chat windows for each individual user. Other cool features include back up services for all your buddy lists and contacts in the case your device might be lost or stolen or damaged, this information is retrievable just by reloading the application back onto your new device.

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FriendplayIM For BlackBerry Links Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk & AIM


Same here. I get "download failed" 907 Invalid JAR Error!: control flow verification information too large: run

Getting "907 Invalid JAR
Error!: control flow verification information too large: run" when installing on Bold using os 247

I tried to go to "" on my BB browser, but it never worked. Got a gateway timeout.

Then, I tried to sign up via their website on my computer, and when the system tries to send a passkey to my cell phone, I don't get anything.

I'm sure their application is just as crappy.

You have to go on the website via a desktop browser, sign up, and then have them send you an activation code to download the application to use.

Later on they tell you to go to instead of the im. variation.

Doesn't work either.

This friendplay site is broken. I doubt software they make would be any less broken.

Let me guess, it probably doesn't support Facebook chat. Other than that, it looks promising at least.

So what versions of BB does it work for?

I tried downloading the file and it says failed to install. I then downloaded the file to my pc and tried to use the DM to install it and it says "No addtional applications were designed for this model"

Any ideas? I got a Bold here

What's the deal with downloading Friendplay IM? I keep getting an error message. 907 Invalid JAR Error! control flow verification information too large: run

I tried to download the FriendPlay IM from the mobile site and it kept saying 'Download failed', I then clicked the 'Details' button to see why it failed.

It said 'Invalied JAR', what's that?

I'm not being rude. But why did crackberry put this review on the net without testing it??? Maybe its just an advertising ??

It doesnt seem to work for every single one of us, no no no , let me put it this way. It is absolutely not working . Why did someone post it on crackberry??

Posted in BlackBerry Apps on 27 May 2009 11:29 by Bla1ze | 29 comments

This does not work with 8900 nor did I ever get any sms from the website to download. I manually downloaded the program and it looks like its only for PDA-type phones. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Download failed
907 Invalid JAR Error!: control flow verification information too large: run...
so much for BB Storm support

Jar doesn't work for RIM i dont understand why they posted this one which is not capable for Blackberry at all.

How did this get a front-page review???

Did anyone get a copy working on any BlackBerry???

There are plenty of viable/working IM applications out there already.

i've been trying to figure out a way to chat with 2 other people at the same time, one person has an iphone, the other a blackberry.

there isn't an application anywhere that has this capability that i can find, and i was hoping this was the solution.

Getting "Download Failed"

No joy on the download. Hope it comes up soon. I'd like to try it. Maybe this is an indication that we need more/better im programs

Yea my bb don't even get to the website
I really want to try this I'm tired of using instango and I already used my trial
For beejive.....http error..... Like really didn't someone try it out befor
Actually putting a blog about it

Same issue as everyone else...prgram will not download. Tried to signup from desktop and never rcvd the email to confirm.