From the Editor's Desk: #MobileFit Month Begins Today!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Jun 2014 12:20 pm EDT

June 1st is here, which means #MobileFit Month has begun across all of our Mobile Nations sites, including Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, WPCentral and Connectedly!

To kick off #MobileFit month right, I woke up early and went for a Sunday morning run. If you're looking for a little motivation to get active today, be sure to hit play on the video above. ;)

The training montage video was recorded my BlackBerry Z30 and edited with BlackBerry 10's native Story Maker app. I have to say, Story Maker is AWESOME. It's so easy to use and produces such an awesome product.

[ Read CrackBerry's Tutorial on Using Story Maker on the Z30 ]

If you have a Fitbit be sure to join our #MobileFit Fitbit Group. We already have over SIX HUNDRED members in the group! Because events like this always have some hardcore people who go to the extreme, we're giving away prizes not just to those who top the leaderboard, but also at random to other participants. So don't be worried about winning... It's really about setting your own goal for the month and making it happen. I'm aiming to beat 15,000 steps a day in June. And yes, while there's no app yet for BB10 (or Windows Phone for that matter), you can use fitbit with your desktop.

We have a lot of great mobile health and fitness related content coming at you the entire month of June. BlackBerry-related content will of course show up here on CrackBerry, and if you want to see EVERYTHING we produce across all mobile platforms and devices, be sure to hit up the #MobileFit event page at

Ok, that's it for this article. It's a beautiful day outside so I'm going to get back out there and rack up some more steps. After all, getting healthy and being active is what #MobileFit month is all about!

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From the Editor's Desk: #MobileFit Month Begins Today!


Kevin, noticed that the video didn't quite show you getting to the top, did you make it up and over? ;)

I've just had a week of work and managed to hit the gym every day. My plan, for those in the UK may know the extreme out door activities in Scotland, is to visit north of the border, hopefully August / September.

5 days of trekking and climbing. Have always been physically fit, but need to up the exercises. Hopefully some indoor climbing as part of the fun for the pre trek in Scotland.

Well, it's going to hurt, a lot, but looking forward to it. I may not be as lucky as Kevin with the convenient out door loo near by.


 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate  ‎

Sounds awesome. Are you going to have Scotch at the North border? Went to a good friend's bachelor party dinner the other night... finished the dinner off with a Scotch tasting. Learned a lot. Lots of pete in the Scotch from the north. Strong stuff! :)

I think there might be Scotch whiskey flowing every night, how much will depend on the pain I might be in. :)

Yeah for sure Whisky north of the border. Hopefully flying into Inverness, then an hours drive to the destination.

So you a Scottish Whisky fan Kevin? :)
I'll be sure to have a toast to the Crackberry Team, at some remote location.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate  ‎

OJ...I couldn't tell he was trying to climb out of his cage. I thought he was doing some strange kind of Canadian Zumba dance....

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

That's what I was thinking....insert Suzanne Sommers with 'Thigh Master' between her legs "sticker" here...

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Change your name then! That's what I'm doing... gonna change it up from Kevin Michaluk to what I've used as my gaming name for years... Cage Michaels! (short story... Michaluk is close to Michaels... only two letters difference... but easier to spell and pronounce, then my nickname for a while was K J... short for Kevin J... and if you say KJ fast it's like Cage... hence Cage Michaels). Lol :)

Heart disease risk? Premature death?

The fat laughing buddhas need to get off their backsides and start reading the bible instead of sitting on the couch waiting for enlightenment...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I have to admit, I do wish there were fitness devices that worked directly with the BlackBerry 10 phones. I would consider some of these fitness trackers, that's for certain.

We as a community need to pound Endomondo, Withings, Myfitnesspal, gym technik and the like till the get there head out of their wheaties. The android ports work for all of them so a BB10 native app should be a piece of cake. Kevin what sports tracker (like Endomondo do you us if any?

Posted using my awesome BlackBerry Q10

Yeah, I need to reblog the video as "PSA: Story Maker for BlackBerry 10 is awesome"

Not sure how many BB10 owners have used it, but I'm guessing for a lot of people it just sits on the phone. So easy to use though and make a fun video out of short clips.

You mention it.

Spent ALL Saturday making and tweaking a video about the new block of land I bought... variation of music, .... an short version and a long one... and then compress with Video Shrinker (awesome app!) to get it under the 16MB limit....

Started early morning and finished Sunday 3am.... lots of fun... of course also a lot of other things you do on a phone... like CB, BBM and stuff...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Is that Kingston in the UK, or Kingston in Jamaica. Alternatively Kingston in Canada, if there is one?

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate  ‎

That was a very funny video. We need to see more of Cage Michaels at CrackBerry. Perhaps Cage can set up a new forum for BlackBerry Story Maker? Would be cool to see other Crackberry members using Story Maker from around the world.

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More Cage is doable.

Cage Rage - Rant videos Cage Against the Machine - Tech Reviews Caged Wisdom - Editorials UnCaged - something... dangerous

Okay, I started right, accidentally. Two miles up, two miles down with a gain and a loss of 1,700 feet. Then mowed the lawn. Besides a backache what do I get!

Would have been great if FitBit (or any of the other fitness wearables) can sync with a BB10 device.

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Okay, I started right, accidentally. Two miles up, two miles down with a gain and a loss of 1,700 feet. Then mowed the lawn. Besides a backache what do I get!

Awesome vid Kev! Your absolutely right, story maker is one of the few apps I have that just sits there but I think you've inspired me to actually use it! Thx.

Posted on my Q10!!! BB10 FTW!!!

The official BB10 tutorial video mentions "media", including videos, not only photos.

I spent one WHOLE day with nothing but Story Maker (and Video Shrinker) on Saturday...

Yeah, BBRY.
Using Video Shrinker app made me realize how much better the battery life is on the Q10 vs the Z10, but a QUADCORE would be sooooo helpful. Waiting ..... for Windermere or Classic....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I only ever just "messed around " with it and assumed only pictures... probably use it a lot more now.

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Anyone else thinking mobile fit month should be in November and not the beginning of BBQ season? Never trust a skinny chef. Oh well, hopefully I can still slim down and have the keep the smoker going as much as possible.

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I know. That's what happens when you live in Winnipeg. Off to Miami for a few days after the Montreal GP weekend though, so hopefully will come back with some color.

Good video, and great to promote fitness month. I have not used story maker yet, but this shows well.

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