Rumors Roundup: Microsoft to Buy RIM (again?), New Super BlackBerry, Verizon Storm Launch Date & Bold Delays

BlackBerry Rumors Roundup
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Oct 2008 10:42 am EDT

I know it's probably "bad blogging" to sum up five stories in one post, but it's been a helluva week and honestly, I just don't want to see Lindsay Lohan and her BB get pushed down the homepage too far too quick (LOL). And think of it this way.. I'm extending the life of your mouse by saving you a couple of clicks.

But you'd be crazy not to click through and read this whole article. There are some good tid bits in here (like Verizon stores will be opening an hour early the week of the Storm's launch in anticipation of BIG SALES). I hope you enjoy this Special Edition of a BlackBerry Rumors Roundup!

Rumors From the BlackBerry World for Friday, October 10th, 2008

1. Microsoft to Buy RIM - Every now and then rumors surface that Microsoft is going to buy RIM and it's happening yet again. With RIM's share price in the tank just a bit (well.. the whole market is in the tank, including RIM) the timing is definitely better than it has been for a while. According to Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek, "RIM is a massive strategic fit (for Microsoft)... I'm fairly certain they have a standing offer to buy them at $50 (a share)." 

So whaddya think...  Is it a good fit? Would you still buy a BlackBerry if a new one came to market running some form of a Windows Mobile OS??  via Electronista

2. Super BlackBerry in the Works - Yesterday in our hands-on BlackBerry Curve 8900 video we dropped word of some of the codenames of new BlackBerry smartphones being worked on by the boys and girls in Waterloo. The pipeline definitely is not stopping after the Storm. We've already talked about the BlackBerry 9220 briefly on the blogs and today BGR posted the specs on one of these upcoming new devices, which he hears will "feature a 5 megapixel auto-focus camera, 1GB of RAM so your precious worthless apps don't cause memory leaks, and a "near-HD quality" screen. We're honestly not sure about the form-factor but we heard this device could be sort of a Bold and Storm mashup." BG also mentions that he's heard a second and third generation Storm is already in the works. 

There's definitely validity to these rumors as far as I'm concerned. RIM's engineering team is constantly working on devices that are two years out (remember how plans for the Bold started three years ago?!). I wouldn't let rumors like this stop you from buying the Bold or 8900 or Storm you want right now. Cause you know what? By the time we see these next generation devices come to market there's going to be yet another generation of devices being worked on. The safe thing to do is put some money aside each month into a BlackBerry savings plan so you can buy your device of choice whenever you want :-)

That said, I'm excited as all hell to see images and detailed specs of these new BlackBerrys emerge (as we know they will) in the weeks and months ahead. via BoyGeniusReport

3. BlackBerry Storm Release Dates - After what we've seen with the Bold and even the Pearl 8220 flip, I don't really like to speculate on Release Dates (since they're most likely going to change and be wrong). But in the case of the Storm, with all the marketing being thrown at it you know it's coming SOONER rather than later. One of our readers sent us in a nice screen capture and video along with the following comments that call for a November 2nd launch of the Verizon Storm. Keep in mind the 2nd is a Sunday, so maybe the week after makes a bit more sense:

Hey, this is a video I made of a training spread sheet. It has the Blackberry Storm launch date as 11/2, and training starts 10/17. I thought the training would launch on 11/2 but there is a seperate column for training start date 10/17 and training end date 10/31. Before under 'launch date' the spreadsheet used to say TBD.

Storm Release

Now, despite what the above videos/image show, MY BEST information at this time actually pegs the release date to be on 9th (which is also a Sunday). I'm also hearing that Verizon stores will be open an hour early ALL WEEK LONG in anticipation of Storm sales. So we'll see how this pans out.

Either way, it's not TOO long of a wait, though I wish I had a Storm TODAY. While we're taking Storm.... whatever happened to ROGERS in Canada getting the BlackBerry Storm?! I did some digging and apparently it's not on the roadmap at this time (though it could change). It's funny, because leading up to the Storm's worldwide marketing debut, it was looking like Rogers would be getting it. As for who IS getting it, David Flynn over at posted a good story earlier this week on how Vodafone and Verizon locked up rights to the Storm - definitely worth checking out.


4. Orange Pulls BlackBerry Bold - If you haven't seen this yet, there's a story (looks more like fact in this case than a rumor) going around that Orange has pulled the BlackBerry Bold from their offering for the time being. An internal statement went out that says:

Following reports of software issues with the BlackBerry Bold handset across a variety of mobile operators, Orange has decided to act in the interest of its customers by suspending shipments of the device in the UK. We are currently awaiting feed back from RIM as to when an industry wide fix for these issues will be in place, and expect this suspension to be an interim measure.We apologise for any inconvenience this issue may cause you."next stepsBlackBerry/RIM are doing everything they can to resolve this issue and will be completing full testing and validation to ensure future handsets do not have any quality issues. This may take a couple of weeks so it's up to us to do what's best for our customers. 

If you read the blogs, hang in the forums and listen to the CrackBerry Podcast you'll already know that the code on the Bold that initially went to market was less than perfect. I'm not sure it warrants Orange yanking it from their product offering though (even a BB at 80% is still better than any other device on the market!!). via MobieTechAddicts


5. AT&T Bold Delays - AT&T customers are still waiting for the Bold, though I'm sure the Storm marketing hype has many of you contemplating jumping ship if it becomes available first. We know it is coming soon... but the point of this post is to relay more of a "technical" explanation for what has caused the delays to begin with (it also explains why New York HATED my BlackBerry Bold). The info comes not from me (remember, I'm just the Addict!), but from a trusty source in the know:

The issue is with the AT&T 3G Network. The Bold uses Multi PDP context in its data communications and the AT&T network is not optimized for it. It requires a 2-stage network software upgrade by its 3G vendor, Ericsson. Only 30% of the network is upgraded completely and the rest is still pending. If the device is launched without these upgrades the network will suffer bandwidth crunch and speeds would have to be capped at 128kbps! The Tri-State region is one of the market areas that is still in line for the upgrade which makes sense based on your experience with your Bold in NYC.

This upgrade effort is high priority and slotted to complete by Oct 31st. Nov 1st week is the planned launch timeframe for the Bold and with the latest firmware the BlackBerry Bold is a rock solid device, despite what you may have heard elsewhere.

How do like that explanation?! Have patience AT&T friends... the Bold is an awesome device worth waiting for and should hopefully be here soon.

That's it for this edition of a Friday Rumors Round-Up. Be sure to post your reactions, thoughts and questions in the comments!!

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Rumors Roundup: Microsoft to Buy RIM (again?), New Super BlackBerry, Verizon Storm Launch Date & Bold Delays


Nov 2 is a Sunday.

If that's the case, I will be there when it opens! I hope it does get released on a weekend.

IF YOU LOOK AT THE MOTO Rapture it shows the release date is 9-19..... that phone hasent been released yet,( offically in the stores, it gets released 10-14-08) so this date doesnt necessarily mean 11-2 will be the released date for the STORM. also the code listed on the right are for verizon employee online trainings.
not trying to ruin anyones day or nuthin, speculation! speculation! speculation! much as I hate winmo, MS has the resources to add more ppl to the RIM folks and get things like the bold in top shape faster...hopefully they dont mess with the OS though, let's KISS(keep it simple stupid)...thats the only way i'd like a BB made by MS, is if it stayed the same and was just funded by all that BG money!

I will be sooooo pissed if they have BlackBerries run a version of WinMo.

Screw that.

It'll ruin the phone!!
: (

I'm not a big fan of MS, but if they just bought RIM and didn't change anything, I guess that would be OK. But if they make BB's into WinMo devices, they'll shoot themselves in the foot. I hope they realize people buy BB's because they're NOT WinMo devices; they have an OS that's better for what most customers want to use it for: phone calls, text, IM, email, organizer, some games and other apps, and mobile internet access. Using a stripped down version of Windows to accomplish that is overkill, inefficient, and buggy. WinMo on a Pocket PC? Sure. But WinMo on a BB? No way.

I couldn't have said it any better. I had a t-mobile dash (which runs on windows) b4 i bought my curve and it was the ABSOLUTE WORST phone i ever had!!! If this rumor is true and blackberry starts to run on a WinMo o.s. i'm outta here!!!!!

I can't wait for NOV 1st the Storm is comming. As for MS buying RIM it wouldn't be a good move on MS part. I would never again use winmo not even if it was on a BB. MS would destroy the BB brand for ever.

I would have a big problem with using a BB with MS opp that is the reason I got rid of the Palm......but another question is when the Bold is released on AT&T.....will my Rogers Bold work better or will I have to download something else?

I think it's great that the Storm is being released. At least RIM has that going on. But, since I'm stuck on AT&T (with the family plan and all), I still am waiting on the Bold. Is it ever going to be released on AT&T?

On the MSFT buying RIM, if that happens I have an idea, I will personally learn how to code BB OSes. I would never buy a BB with Winblows.

The OS and the infrastructure is what makes a BB a BB. MSFT would completely ruin what RIM has built, in my opinion anyways.

I don't think it'll happen though. I think that RIM has way too many good things going on right now for them to sell out or go belly up. I think they'd hold out to see what happens after all these new devices are on the market anyways.

My next phone will be the Javelin though :)

I really dont think Microsoft is gonna change BB like that. Ford owns volvo and they didnt drastically change what volvo was all about.

Microsoft would buy the company to make money, and they know the world would come to a halt if they messed with the Blackberry OS.

Plus, then what would mac users go with? Palm? Iphones? Microsoft would not wanna push more people away.

As a Volvo enthusiast and consistent owner since the mid 80's, I for one can say Volvo's quality most definitely didn't increase from the Ford buyout. Sad day for BB if and when this occurs.

I don't get it. I thought that Telus NOT rogers was getting the storm/thunder? I keep reading about the storm and see NOTHING about Telus still getting it. So does that mean that Telus is out now?

I think that if BB is with MS it will not be a good thing and I will not want to gett getting a BB. Unless you could delete the software and have an option for a different. lol!

It's not a job... it's my LIFE :)

Seriously's becoming a problem. It's been a while since I've gone to bed and dreamed about something other than BlackBerrys.

I'm guessing L. Lohan was a major player the last few dreams strutting around with her see through top and a Bold in hand. :)

Seeing that the initial build of the Storm is CMDA, it makes sense that Rogers wouldn't be getting it to begin with. Just like most CMDA carriers having to wait for the next version of the phone to carry their radio, I would assume North American GSM carriers will have to wait a bit for the Storm.

I love my BlackBerry, but if Microsoft were to buy RIM I would not hesitate to buy an iPhone. Microsoft's products are shaky and I don't even see why they have a call centre when they are never any help. I seriously doubt that if Microsoft were to buy RIM that they would keep the product the same. They would push their crappy Windows Mobile crap and if they buy RIM I'm not waiting around to see them dismantle the BlackBerry

it really depends on what part of ms is working on something. Microsoft is a HUGE company with many many different groups, headed by many many different people. Zune, xbox360 (except harware), and SYNC are all good, solid products. Windows is a good product as well despite all the negativity. Office is great.

Windows mobile isn't so bad, other than it's getting outdated super fast, and it is visually unapealing compared to the newer phone OSes.

I see that SKULLCRACKER doesnt have command enough of english to be able to express himself without swearing at someone, you should have stayed in school dude

Go browse the forums or

This is obviously not the place to ask that question... it is like you are too lazy to do your own research, so you want all of us to do it for you and then email you the answers. Not gonna happen, sorry

I like rumors but that's all they really are to me is rumors. I will believe it when I see it. I am still awaiting the bold no matter how long it takes to get onto att. I feel pleased that they aren't putting out a device that will make att look horrible, they are actually making the conversion prior to puting out this new BB. Thank you AT&T.

Am contemplating getting the storm, I have a good credit with Bell, However I've had my sights set on the 8900 for a while. Any rumors on what carriers in Canada are going to get the 8900 and/or a potential release date?

Kevin may be right that whatever the delay and whatever the issues (whatever the truth!), the Bold is becoming less and less interesting and the Storm is becoming much more interesting -- at least to me. But then I've had no service problems with AT&T, and I'm happy with my humble Curve on .81 that works around the globe transparently.

a rep told me today the that the storm is ready and there are people within verizon already have it she said she got to play with it and it rocks... she also said the fourth of nov is the official release but no pricing...... hope its a lil sooner but ohwell i can waite a few more weeks...

A kid working at a Verizon Kiosk told me the storm is going to release 10/17. I am skeptical though. Maybe he confused the day he starts Storm training with the day he's allowed to sell me one....

I am so tired of hearing about this blackberry and that blackberry when the hell is tmobile gonna get one of these?? I have the curve,love it but im ready to kick it up a notch. someone pleeaaaaassse help!

I've been waiting for the Bold. Heck, at Oracle Openworld recently, I went to the RIM exhibition booth every day to take the Bold in my hands and go through it's features. It is an awesome device. However, given the screen real-estate, I'd jump ship to the Storm in less than a heartbeat. I don't care for browsing (that's what a PC is for) nor watching media (that's what the telly is for); just email and SMS.

If Microsoft buys RIM, I will run down and buy an iPhone immediately and never buy a Blackberry again. This would be an absolute tragedy.

I hate my pocket pc phone.... its useful, but every day it drives me nuts to have it run all sluggish and do wierd things. Then have to reboot it because it freezes up. I would not buy a blackberry with a mindows mobile OS. Im getting the storm when it comes out and I'd hang on to that forever rather than use a freakin windows device again.

and buy online. Sometimes you get a better deal on the Verizon Wireless website than in the store...more discounts. Looking forward to the release.

Can not stand WinMo at all! Its not made for the CrackBerry Addicts use. I know I'm an avid SMS'r, IM'r, Tweet'r, BBM'r and email reader!
My last WinMo device would freeze, crash & burn when I would attempt to read email, IM for too long (you figure it out)!
I loved the 3G aspect of the device but dangit.

I can dig AT&T delaying the release due to their network needing some upgrades but uhm, how did they not know this prior to May/June?
Oh well November works for me!

no to any windows on bb. as for the bold i am so over you. eva and i are fine.. i wanted you (bold) back in july but att is all iphoney. so long live my beloved 8310 named eva


...this will be my last BlackBerry, and I'll have to look forward to the next Palm device, again.

How is it that I saw someone with a completely operational Blackberry Storm over the weekend? He tried to tell me that it was an nv but I knew better.

In my world RIM is the Switzerland of's the phone that has the most unique OS. It's the phone that screams power and reliability. It screams I am going to make your life easier. I had the opportunity to test out a Blackjack II...and it was the worst experience ever, the OS was slow and complicated, and worse it wasn't fully customizable. If a Blackberry became anywhere near that system I might have to ditch my berry( cringes). And of course Apple has the iphone. Both competing companies with set ways of doing things. If it was between a Blackjack II and an i phone, I would pick up the i phone in a heart beat. This is where the lovely RIM comes in to save my day. The reason I chose Blackberry was because it was unique, it was innovative piece of technology, fully customizable to my liking, themes, wallpapers, tones, memory, applications. It fits my life and everyone else s life, it molds to it's owner. I feel that if Microsoft took it over it would destroy the uniqueness of the Blackberry brand.

>>>I feel that if Microsoft took it over it would destroy the uniqueness of the Blackberry brand.>>>

Not to mention that everything would gradually stop working, and apps would cost $100 more.

I sincerely hope that RIM resists any take-over attempts by Microsoft, just as Yahoo did.

Well - Here in Trinidad our carrier, Digicel, have not put up any 3G at all, but the Bold are here already, and performs good.

With the wireless 802.11a/b/g we can speed up while at work at least,... and amazingly - I get more than a full working day WITH WiFi enabled, Viigo pulling every 3 hours, and a lot of mail reading.

Go Bold, Go go go ....

Will an unlocked Storm work with ATT?? I'm still waiting for the Bold but if an unlocked Storm works then i'ld def get it!!!