Friday Fun: Shoot, Blow Torch and Chainsaw the competition with Whack My Phone!

Whack My Phone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Jan 2014 03:20 pm EST

Bored at work this Friday afternoon? Then click on through from your desktop computer to Whack My Phone, where you can be entertained for minutes on end destroying iPhone, Windows Phone and Samsung (aka SVMSUNG) devices. Weapons at your disposal include a crowbar, axe, baseball bat, blow torch, handgun and chainsaw.

Clearly the game's developer was a BlackBerry fan, as you won't find any BBs in this one. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the developer was Waterloo-based on this one. :)

It's a flash game on an ad invested site -- Michelle Haag's daughter came across this one -- but it's pretty fun. Spread the word. I'm sure this one will be a big hit in BlackBerry's offices. :)

Play Whack My Phone on your Desktop 

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Friday Fun: Shoot, Blow Torch and Chainsaw the competition with Whack My Phone!


Well that's amusing. But what's going on here? Kevin, after months of infrequent posting, you have been all over this CrackBerry thing for the last week or so (not that I'm complaining about more posts). It's like you re-found an old friend.

Posted via CB10

Check his posts from 2013, his life seemed rather crazy. The man was all over the place.

Posted via CB10

Tru dat!!! Who needs a desktop when you have a BB10 device? Works great on my Z30. Take that you Flash challenged iPhone!

Posted via CB10

I can say damn can't i? I may need to go check the forums rules...
Be right back

Posted via CB10

Kevin, I know it's the wrong forum, but do you sell Crackberry t-shirt?

If not, I'm sure if you ran a poll asking who would buy, it would be popular, what say you?

Posted via CB10 from my Z10.

Someone send me an iPhone, android and windows phone, and I'll do those things to them for real and post video :D Why just play a game of it?