Friday Fun Post: The BlackBerry Outàge

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Oct 2012 12:19 pm EDT

This one definitely gave me a bit of a chuckle. Remember though, as RIM CEO Thorsten Heins told us at BlackBerry Jam, there's a big difference between an "outage" and a "quality of service issue". As long as all the emails get through, even if delayed, it's not an outàge. ;)

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Friday Fun Post: The BlackBerry Outàge


Rick Mercer is funny, but not that smart. Otherwise he would have known that voice still works fine during an "outàge".... BB signal strength is always pretty stellar I find compared to the competition.

I'm hoping to see him do a 'Report' on the impending Tarje' move into Canada. (That's Target for our Maricaan brethren)

I still have yet to figure out who the driving force is behind all of the negative blackberry comedy on these shows. I dont understand how it helps the agenda of the group of people running the media so it baffles me.

Rick Mercer is awesome, though this was definitely not one of his better bits.

Like someone above said, signal is always impecable compared to everyone else. Love having 1-2 bars when someone else has only no signal. :D

Could have been funny if it teased on something other than BB's known strong point. Maybe BBM... Where did all my friends go?, but reception, really...? It's like making fun of how slow a Lamborghini is because you have happen to have seen one broke down once.

Should do one on the iPhone 5 'Apple Maps'

That has way more potential for funny, like ending up in the middle of a lake, or getting to no where you wanted to...literally. Plenty of videos proving this too already...

Rick Mercer needs to go away. The only thing worthwhile that he has done was his talking with American's bit... unfortunately he hasn't done that for years.

The RIM outage that affected Vodafone customers received a lot of coverage in the mass media at the time.
This was not the case with the iCloud email outage 2 weeks before that hit about 4m Apple users, nor the iMessage outage that occured in the same week as the RIM problems. Apple even issued a written apology for the iCloud shutdown. I guess that this was just too close to the iPhone 5 launch for most media outlets.

you know he probably got approval from RIM to use the names and logos... nothing wrong with this other than it could have been funnier

eh... could have been at least getting BBMs/emails 'late' at the 'wrong moment' scenarios, but you know...that would require some work...

whats even funnier is that he still uses a BB

so he can make jokes all he wants, i laughed at it and i love BB

Good lord, some of you people need to lighten up and just freakin' laugh. It's a joke.

As has been often pointed out - Rick Mercer is a BB user. He likes BB. He was poking fun. And yes, the phone part works in an outage, but BB is world famous for email.

What doesn't work in an outage?

What still works during an iCloud outage?

Remove the sticks and just laugh. Good lord - it's a CELL PHONE not your mother.