Friday Fun Pics: Native Email and more running on CrackBerry Kevin's BlackBerry PlayBook!

Native Email on CrackBerry Kevin's PlayBook!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Dec 2011 05:58 pm EST

On our live CrackBerry Podcast yesterday I showed off my BlackBerry PlayBook for a few moments that's up and running with native email and PIM (and native Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn too). The lighting from the displays kinda washed things out in video, and some of you were bugging me on twitter today to post some pics, so I figured as we head into the weekend here are a few more follow-up photos to get all you PlayBook owners out there drooling for the release of PlayBook OS 2.0 in February.

The big difference between the public beta version of PlayBook OS 2.0 and this version is the extra option on the settings menu for Accounts, which allows you to add not only email accounts, but also social accounts for native Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn. RIM gave a sneak peek of this recently at the BlackBerry Innovation forum, but I gotta say, having it in hand is way better. As soon as you add an email account and that red LED starts blinking, it turns the PlayBook into a CrackBook. More photos after the break. Enjoy the tease! :)

More Friday Fun Native Email on PlayBook Pics

Native Email on Kevin's PlayBook

Native Email on Kevin's PlayBook

Native Email on Kevin's PlayBook

Native Email on Kevin's PlayBook

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Friday Fun Pics: Native Email and more running on CrackBerry Kevin's BlackBerry PlayBook!


'It converts your PlayBook into a CrackBook'.

That is one of the best lines that Kevin has come up lately. =P

So I just purchased a playbook and love it, but will the 2.0 update be availible for my playbook or is it only for new playbooks once it is released? Thank you

Can we stop pretending that reading your email on a tablet is the egg of columbus? It's unbelievable a native app wasn't there in the first place.

Wow this combined with Bridge will definitely make BlackBerry's a super addiction. No matter where you're at, you will have your e-mail at the touch of a finger...literally...whether it be WiFi for native accounts or Bridge via BB's connection. Can't February come sooner?!

The synchronization between Bridge email and native client email is something I'm looking forward to seeing!

Does this version have the sound bug in games? Was lovin OS2 but had to downgrade because the sound did not work on the latest EA games (NOVA 2 HD, Dead Space). Gotta go with what's important....

yesssss i had the same challenge... I did downgrade too. probably those are some of the bugs that RIM is still working on.

Kevin, can you post pictures of the actual email app/client? I'm curious to see how it looks compared to the bridge app. Also what features does it have, is it full featured or bare like the bridge email? Thanks.

Are you running the latest OS2.0 with additional code or do you have a higher a OS revision? How do you disable it if you want to use your BB? You can't just show something like that and not expect some questions. Can others find this in the wild and put it on their PBs if say you accidently leaked some files? Just sayin'


any chance we'll see this launch before February?
Does the email integration work smoothly or is there some real work that still needs to be done?
Have you been able to confirm that it's real push email?

Maybe the bigger question here is "why aren't we seeing this in the developer preview now?"

Or, "why do we have to wait for February?"

OS 2.0 actually looks pretty decent now; I'd say it's stable enough for release. Or are we waiting on new hardware?

What makes you think that it's stable enough or ready enough for release. I'm glad you're not a product manager.

Actually, I DO think it's stable enough, if the current Developer Preview is an indication. I have a hard time believing that the e-mail client destabilizes the OS any great degree.

Kevin, care to share the version number with us?

lame. if it is ready why aren't they releasing it. the hype is over, every passing day is just going to lead to more hate.

And if RIM releases it before it's fully tested and ready, it will be just more ammo for all the haters to say that it's half baked. RIM is in this for the long haul and few players can say/claim that. RIM needs to be sure they think their way to success, and cover all the bases. Just trying to pump out the latest hardware will not suffice.

Will it really matter? The tablet is already a commercial failure (in the eyes of analysts), why not release a version of the software early so that the early adopters can get some loving'? Even if it has bugs, I don't think you'll see owners throwing the PB through a window.

This isn't a testing issue. This is a marketing issue.

I'd bet good money this is ready to go now, and that the OS upgrade is being held up for other reasons. Not sure if it's a new device, or if new publishers are coming on board and RIM wants to do a big relaunch.

Either way, I'm not sure why this can't go out as pre-release software to the people who are advocating for the platform NOW.

Sweet... Since I got rid of my Blackberry phone, I miss the 'crack' :-) So now I have to feed it through my Playbooks!

The shortfall -- the fourth straight quarter sales missed analysts’ estimates -- puts more pressure on co-Chief Executive Officers Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis as they seek to revive a company that once dominated the U.S. smartphone market. RIM’s market-share decline has prompted investors such as Jaguar Financial Corp. (JFC) to call for a change in leadership and for RIM to divide into separate companies or seek a sale. Now i know why

Listen rashad82, we are all fed up of people like you who work for jaguar financial corp and that are crammed up in an apartment you call an office and spend your whole day trying to bash RIM because you want your news to affect them. Making money on shorting a company, A CANADIAN company, with THOUSANDS of canadian JOBS. SHAME ON YOU.

What does everyone else think??

Jaguar what?

Hey, maybe you can go work for that company, as they need copy/paste trolls to justify their existence.

Meanwhile, I'll keep rockin' with my PlayBook/9900 winning combo.

I bet you read what you wrote and patted yourself on the back. It's appearant that RIM is having issues, especially to blackberry fans. Your comment is pointless to state the obvious. We come to this website to follow the future, not to read from you, captian obvious.

HA! I'm not abandoning my loyalship to somebody bashing a company for everything they can poke in at it. My 9700 was a rock solid son of a bitch! I still have it and use it occasionally to stream radio (did for 24 hours lol), my 9900 is awesome, getting another battery for it too, but why bash RIM? What's it to you? What DID THEY do to you? Nothing. Keep your comments to yourself and stop trolling or starting arguments here. We come for news and excitement and to have a great time, not to be provoked into arguments and fights. If you wanna troll, go to 4chan for that, or another imageboard where they're more welcoming.

This news was expected, 300 off all playbooks.... Where did people think this would go? This is not surprising news at all.... Its what happens in next 6mths and how RIM delivers new o.s and new bb products. 2011 was a write off, they know that... Bring 2012!

How do you find the push email? What else can you elaborate on the native BB email on a device that is not always connected?

Cant help but wonder, with native email etc on the PlayBook ... will it also have BB Protect ? Will we be able to back up or data from PB to BBProtect ? PLEEEEASE say it's so !!!

if someone could just answer me how Kevin got this in his hands so soon.
I don't know if i missed something or some information i didn't read.

I don't think he got it at DevCon.

If I remember correctly, he was in Waterloo recently (he posted vids of Bold 9790 and Curve 9380)and that is when I believe he got it. Your guess is as good as mine.

Hey Kevin,
How much memory is used on that PB? Is it a 16 gig? How much is left? That was a concern people had, I recall...


After using it for awhile would you say Feb is realistic or do they still have A LOT of work to do?

Confirmed Feature List of OS 2.0?

- Spell Check / Auto Correction?
- AD2P?
- Notifications for Social Apps / Third Party Apps?
- Social Feeds type app as per BBOS?
- Any features you've found?


i myself wonder how much memory i will have left on my 16g after the os2 update.Do i need to take this thing back and get a 32g off back order. why the f#*! didnt i think of this befor i bought it last week. smh

I hope that the led blinks for bbm and facebook notifications too.... and would it be too much to ask in the the future could playbook tell me if I have a text??!

I am waiting on rim. if February comes by and no meaningful changes then I will have to move to Windows mobile platform.

This is exciting. RIM is getting to where they need to be. Time to lay down some money on RIM stock for the growth is coming in 2012!

Kevin, not sure if you are allowed to answer this, but how's the battery life been with email app running? Does it drain battery much faster?

I'm am completely confused on how this 2.0 update will roll out, recent buyers first, early adopters first, those emailing RIM a picture of a smashed iPhone first?

I bought my PlayBook off another who needed money and scored me some extras at the same time. He gave me all the original gear, a rapid charger, and the convertible case which was a perfect starter deal as I have carried my Bold 9700 for a long time, to have the PlayBook made the perfect companion for my Bold.

Needless to say, I have found myself carrying my PlayBook nearly everywhere due to its size compared to my iPad. As a Mac user, every one gets their licks in since I still use my Bold and now the nifty little PlayBook.

Every time some bad news pops up, they cheer like winning a war. After the passing of Steve Jobs, I never got up and spouted off "Where is your god now?!"...

Back to the topic at hand, I can't wait to see 2.0 as well as future Android application support.

Sorry guys but why is everyone so happy to see native email on the comming BBO.S 2.0 beta gives us this right now. I have work exchange account and my home mail server account on Kaiten Mail and is working flawlesly.

What's the point of the teaser pictures actually? If it's working, show us a video demo, or at least a complete walkthrough with stills. I don't need to be teased at this point. I'd be excited if I bought it recently with 300 bucks off. But I've had it since launch day and paid double the price and am honestly not interested in teasing.

Sometimes I wonder why I'm waiting for OS2.. Don't particularly need the native email. Native BBM which I want is not coming.. Android apps are nice to mess around with but not terribly exciting.. Hmm so what am I getting that's not in the current OS2 Beta? Oh, autocorrect, more stability, and...

Someone needs to remind me of what the fuss is about.

Now, give me a full touchscreen phone that can kick Apple's butt and I will be content. I'm still rooting for RIM, I love BBM - actually it was the only thing that brought me to BB and is making me stay given my love for touchsreen devices. I discovered touch through the iPod touch but wanted BBM on my phone hence the iPhone was not an option. I have "written down" the cost of my PB as my contribution to a brighter BBX phone future.

Cheers to that.
BB Storm 2 + 32GB PlayBook
(where's my QNX phone?!)

Hi Kevin, Can you kindly confirm whether tradition Chinese is supported for the OS version reviewed? And is it going to be supported in the official release of 2.0? Thanks!!

According to Blackberry Beta Zone, Kevin is running the same OS 2.0 Beta as everyone else, But he seems to be the only person to have these features. They suggested reinstalling the OS 2.0 to see if it shows up which I did and no dice. I find it frustrating that Kevin hasn't responded to any of these inquiries. A "fearless leader" informs his people not ignores them. So Kevin can you confirm that you are running and if not what version are you running? If I find anything else out from John (Global BlackBerry PlayBook Community Manager) I'll let ya know.

My guess is John is going to come up with some excuse or say that he shouldn't have that. We should all be able to test out this functionality. I would load up the beta if they actually added in the apps needed to use the new features.

Theres always an excuse, I'd like to hear from Kevin since its always a runaround from RIM, but he seems to be MIA.

Hey Kevin, while I know you're busy and all, I do have a question: Will newer builds of Playbook OS 2.0 help fix the connection issue between the Playbook and Mac? It's not fun looking up the IP address of my device every time I wanna connect to move music and photos over....