Friday Fun EyeCandy: More Sexy BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Photos Emerge

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Mar 2010 04:20 pm EDT
BlackBerry Pearl 9100

It was back in November when we posted some of the first live images of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 here on CrackBerry. These photos might not be breaking news, but as BlackBerry lovers it's impossible to not love checking out some fresh pre-release pics. The crew of Tecnomovida landed some new photos of the upcoming Pearl 9100 which show off this little beauty. Nothing really new to look at per se, but some of the photos are at different angles than have been posted on previously which give even more perspective to what the new 3G Pearl will be like to hold. The device is still sporting the SureType keyboard and running OS, and also has some Curve 85xx style media keys on the top.

I'll be off to CTIA in Vegas next week where new devices often get announced by carriers and manufacturers. That being the case, I'm not expecting to see an announcement on the new Pearl next week. It does seems to be getting closer, however, so hopefully we'll hear about it "officially" sometime between CTIA and WES at the end of April. Hit the jump for some more shots.

BlackBerry Pearl 9100

BlackBerry Pearl 9100

BlackBerry Pearl 9100

BlackBerry Pearl 9100

Via: BerryReview
Source: Tecnomovida


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Friday Fun EyeCandy: More Sexy BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Photos Emerge


Just needs to get this thing out the door. I'm not understanding why it's taking so long. Either way, it's still quite a sexy device. :)

This phone looks great. Should be perfect for texting and reading short emails.

I will dump my Storm 2 for this or for the BOLD 9650, whichever comes first.

That is a nice looking device. My wife may want it (especially if T-Mobile gets it)! I cannot part from my 9700 to get it though! It will turn some heads and make people switch phones too. The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 (3G), oh yea!!!

I'm totally digging the media buttons on top, maybe this will get carried over to other devices?

Quick Question:
How do you lock the device when the media controls are on the top? I am assuming this will come with 5.0 which got rid of standby mode, so where is the lock button?

if you look at the key pad, there's a lock symbol on the A* button. just like on other devices, where that's a shortcut key to lock your phone, anyway.

Looks a lot more polished than the original leaked pictures. The keyboard lettering looks better too. Fantastic looking device, but I'll stick with my 8900 :p can't go wrong with a RIM made qwerty!!

Nice! Considering all the Haters we had when the first pics dropped. Its a really clean looking phone. Could see my wife wanting this when they put out the pink version (You know they will) would also look sweet white like my 8330

looks nice, almost like a little 9700. wouldn't get it over the 9700 tho. still don't like keyboard. always need full keyboard.

The "pearl" used to be the white trackball, remember? Now that the trackpad has replaced the trackball, there's no more "pearl" anymore, is there...

OK, so the Pearl came out with the trackball, which looked kinda like a pearl, hence the name...

So now we have a black square. I've seen onyx rings that kinda look like the trackpad... but that codename is already taken. So yeah.

I think the pearl model name will stick. People automatically associate "pearl" with "mini blackberry". I think RIM will keep the name for that reason.

I'd sure like to scoop one thats for sure. All the goodness of the 9700 (or pretty close) in a compact package.

If it has the same (or lower) price point as the 85xx ($399 Canadian), releases within the month, and hits without any major kinks, I'd consider it.

It's a nice looking device. But I'm looking forward to new Javelin 8910. I tried SureType on old Pearl but failed! It took longer to type since SureType can't read Indonesian. Bah.. Hopefully 8910 will have media button on top of it, just like my nasty 8520 yeh.. LOL

It still looks better than the first pearl, thats for sure; and it still looks better than that Curve 8520, etc. models. So whoever gets this will be up there with the Curve 8900 and so on, if you ask me.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my Tour. However, I wish the buttons along the top of my phone were media-oriented as well... not to mention how it says Pearl. I'd much rather mine said Tour instead of just the BlackBerry logo.

Naturally, I wish I had a trackpad too. Bullocks.

In the Pearls about screen, Is says GPRS, WiFI. This is supposed to be a 3G device. It should be saying 3G, Wifi just like the 9700, 9000 etc. The G bands are not listed either. Whats going on. I cant see a supposed 3G pre release device having its 3G radio disabled or missing.

That is one sweet looking phone. If I wasn't digging a full qwerty so much I would definitely consider a device like this.

Why is this phone not out already and in my pocket! SERIOUSLY, rim needs to get this phone out. I am getting really impatient waiting while I am using my 8100 with its dumpy performance. Love the keyboard, hate the specs.

Lol its looks just like my 9700 just like the mini of it, even with thye name in the back, it looks very sexy......

I'm at CTIA too in vegas next week. Sprint is releasing supersonic wimax phone and my understanding is that it will support SIP & VOIP. I wonder when will Blackberry open up their OS stack so we can develope SIP client for BB. There is one company that offers free international calls that claims to be developing SIP Voip client for Blackberry - is the company.

I so agree with you on this point bro, and so do a TON others I speak with. RIM needs some support on the whole true VOIP and SIP capability. The End. Damn Nokia users making free calls all the time. :(

Hope this is not too late:

fgVoIP is a SIP VoIP client for 8520,8900,9000 and 9700

Works with SIP PBXs (like asterisk) and VoIP providers.

14 Trial version =

Nice little bb i may have to upgrade if rogers gets it! i have always been a flip phone guy but this is pretty nice little phone very sleek looking aswell!'s "per se."

Phone looks good. I like the small form factor with the BB ability. I'll probably grab one for my personal account.

Ooooo. So many phone to choose from once my upgrade hits! If this hits CDMA, I'm going to have a really, really hard time choosing between this, the slider and the essex... Hehehe, I love that!

The only thing i want more than this is well a new bold.

But one with the form factor that returns to the 9000 style!!...if that doesn't happen im picking this up!

Looks like I might be updating my device info from Tour 9630 > Pearl 9100. :D I miss my original BB, Pearl 8130.

Looks very nice ; I wonder if it'll be availiable for purchase in the UK ....

Dunno if I'd drop it for my 8520 though , however I'm liking how they adapted the trackpad & the 8520/30 media buttons at the top of the device .

Seeing these photos makes me wish that my 8520 had a flash , grrr .

I'd like to check out the specs , see how high or low the screen resolution is .

I'll keep my eyes peeled ...

the screen resolution is something like 360x400 as opposed to the 81xx series' 240x260 so its higher than that of the Curve 85xx series which, IIRC, is still using 320x240, a dumb move on RIM's part. Smaller width-wise, physically, but still using a higher-resolution. :D

great looking candybar BB - I wish we could get the current models in all black like that Pearl
EDIT: actually, looks like it has the chrome/silver trim or bezel too.

I got the 8130 a few months before the 8230 came out. I took a look at the 8230 but it was too fat, the keys were too big, and it just wasn't as nice as I had hoped.
This 91XX is just what I have been waiting for. I love my Pearl, I don't think it looks girlie at all. It's slim and thing, not the size of my wallet like any of the other behemoths. Its a personal phone, not a business phone, so I just need something that gets the job done.
SureType works so much better then having to hit each key, and I don't have to struggle with the ridiculously tiny keys like the Curve or Bold have, or that touch-screen BS.
As long as this is near the same size as my Pearl, I'm all over it.

I love my pearl and can't wait for this one to come out. I just hope it comes out for T-Mobile. If not then I am going strait for the 9700. (Please let this be coming out for T-Mobile!!!!!!)

Nice phone, i'd stick to my bold 9700 because its more functional and has full qwerty, i really don't know what to think about half qwerty cuz i never used it. But never mind it's definitely a style icon this 9100. Maybe something for my girlfriend

I'm a full keyboard guy so I'll be going for the 9700 when I CAN upgrade but my friend's a "Pearl Girl" & she can't wait for this hit stores. These newer pics look great & I have to say that I'm liking the media buttons on the top. Hopefully it comes out soon.

i love blackberries. and the pearl is small enough to have and hold on to. but im gonna stick with my 9000 because i like big phones as well. lol if that makes sense

Could you ask RIM to manufacture a pearl sized phone but have it flip open side-to-side, not up and down with a full qwerty key-board on the inside and a display going the full length of the phone. Small sized phone to fit in your pocket and an easily readable screen with all the power you need

I really like the look of the phone, but that keypad looks really cluttered with the numbers and letters staggered. Maybe doing red numbers could fix that?

Oh wow, this actually looks nice! I'll be sticking with my Tour but this is the first pearl that I really like the look of. Lets hope it operates just as nice as it looks. =)

i've always been a huge Pearl fan. it just got left in the dust though with the past few new releases. this is like all the newest in a tight chasis..can you say,"goodbye 9700!"??

I am ready to upgrade to a new BB. I'm using the Pearl 8120. Love the phone but would like a more up to date phone. It surely is a hotter phone.