Friday Fun Contest: Name the CrackBerry Snowman!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Oct 2012 02:07 pm EDT


* UPDATE - WINNER'S ANNOUNCEMENT: So since Father CrackBerry (my dad) rolled this snowman, I had him pick the name for the CrackBerry Snowman. He deliberated on it wayyy too long... and the winning name he chose was Berry White! Member WillHeSurvive is the lucky winner here who was first to suggest it on the thread. Good stuff. I'll be following up soon to get your details. *

It's October 5th. While we should be ramping up our Halloween-themed content, mother nature decided to change things up and dump a bunch of snow on me today. So instead of Halloween, I'm thinking Christmas. I know, I know. It's too early to think that, but I guess with BlackBerry 10 phones coming in Q1 2013 I just want to get these next few months over and done with.

Enjoying the snowfall this morning and knowing hoping the snow will melt, my dad whipped up a little CrackBerry Snowman while I was recording my From the Editor's Desk video. The snowman is awesome. But he needs a name. A snowman has to have a name (and no, it can't be Frosty).

So let's have some fun here. Drop your CrackBerry Snowman names in the comments. Since the rest of the CrackBerry team has the good sense to live in warmer climates, I'll be footing the contest prize for this one. I have lots of fun BlackBerry stuff kicking around CBHQ, so I'll put together a nice prize pack and ship it out to the person who suggests the name I like best. Oh, and be sure to check out CrackBerry's Wallpaper gallery... I snapped some great photos of the CrackBerry Snowman that'll make a nice wallpaper on your phone or tablet!

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Friday Fun Contest: Name the CrackBerry Snowman!


Call him Judge Dread. Then find yourself a canon, write BlackBerry 10 on the side of it, load his arms up with an iphone, Samsung galaxy, and any other competition phones out there and blow the crap out of all of it.

I live in Winnipeg too, I don't know how you got that much snow, I can still see my lawn. Anyways he will probably melt this weekend, suppose to go to 8 degrees Celsius.

Walter the Snowman.

"An integral part of any relationship is knowing that you could be killed in your sleep at any time"


Well, I'm from Mexico so I thought something in Spanish.
An acronym of NIEVE (snow) and BERRY, giving "NieBerry".

Bueno, yo soy de México así que pensé algo en español.
Un acrónimo de NIEVE (snow) y BERRY, lo cual da “NieBerry”.

Edit: saw someone had same name i tried to come up with lol so ill go with BlackCrack cant be a cb addict with out oxymoron (need my BLACKberry Addiction lol)

The 9550 was my favourite phone, and obviously the snowman came from a snow storm...and 2013 is about BB10 taking the market by storm (like force, not like sending the snowman in :))

Caesar Baroneus. He represents BB10 which will come, see and conquer smartphone users worldwide!

Steve Jobs. He was reborn a BlackBerry fan exactly one year later... What, too soon? lol And let the troll attacks begin!

Crack Frost!

Crack Frost the Berry Dev :-)

CB Frost lol

FrostBerry Homeboy Y0!

Calgary here & we already had a dusting of that white stuff. Hang in there, b/c it'll melt soon enough...

Here are a few names to think about...

SnowyBerry 10 (SNOBER for short), Flaky, Chilly, Crack Blitzy, Fridgy, NippyBerry, FreezyBerry....

EDIT: Someone beat me to the name I was going to use. Great contest. Good luck to the contestants with better originality than me. :)

Double B

Has a double meaning.
1) BB of course stands for blackberry
2) If the first B were backwards, and the B's squished together, it looks a bit like a snowman.

Crackerjack or Crack Jack, a combination of CrackBerry and Jack Frost. Also, the snack brand and someone being referred to as a "crackerjack" or expert came to mind. :-)

My entry is Crackbe (pronounced like Fros-ty) the snowman.

You can even make a Crackbe Song like Frosty...

Crackbe the Snowman
Was a jolly happy soul
With a corncob pipe and a button nose
And two eyes made out of coal

Crackbe the Snowman
Is a fairytale they say
He was made of snow
But the children know
How he came to life one day :-)
Tablets are incredible

Name it Kevin
Make arms and hands for it
Put your phone in one of the hands
Take a photo with your other BlackBerry
Send to Thorsten

Veggie delight. Or veg delight.

The veggie for the vegetables for his eyes and other things. delight for the graffiti representing the old school rap song rappers delight.

Let’s call him Thumbs. You will need to beef up his stick arms though.

On a side note, that CB logo is in a awkward spot, I almost called him something else :o

Wow, CrackBerry has just hit an all time low. 2 grown men build a snowman, and the readers are posting one awful name after another. I really hope a video for the A-series leaks to bury this post before the trolls see it...they would have a field day with this one, and rightfully so.

What exactly was I "trolling"? This snowman naming thing has to be one of the stupidest posts I've ever seen. What, are we in preschool? "OK class, here's the snowman, do you think you can make up a name for him"?

@maliz23 Right now your grade on humor is an F. Grow a sense of humor and get back to us. Kevin is a fun and cool guy and went to a lot of trouble to make this video. Show some respect.

PS And your whole remark was Trolling.

Definition of Trolling:
The art of deliberately pissing people off with inane, useless or derogatory remarks.

Your remarks were inane, specially in a thread where people are trying to name a snowman. For future reference, don't bother with threads that are going to make you say inane things.
Tablets are incredible

The iPhone is shattering sales records, and we're naming snowmen. I'll "grow" a sense of humor when BB10 hits the market and is successful. Until then, I'd like to see more demos, leaks, speculation, and information.

I don't really find "humor" in naming a snowman. My definition of humor, is something that is funny, something that makes me laugh. I don't see how this was humorous at all. If you do, that's great, but I don't. And I don't have to agree with, or like every post that Kevin puts up just because he's a "fun and cool guy and went to a lot of trouble to make this video"...and if I disagree with something and speak my mind , that doesn't make me a troll. I am an admitted hater.

Never see snow my whole life..

Nonetheless, every snowman/woman has big belly.

So it should be named "ChubBy"

Similar to CB in CrackBerry! LOL

Blacksnow.. (i know its not black)


Snow Tomatoe - Snomatoe
Tomatoman... lol

Jackberry named after jack frost

I was thinking of Lord TENnyson or TENnessee Williams
(see where I'm going here?)

You can also replace his eyes with BlackBerry Sparks (or make those his buttons) and simply call him "BeeB" for short.

I say name him maliz23 , but if not "DJ Blackberry Ice! The ice cold MC (Mobile controller) keeping all Crackberry addicts dancing since 2006.....

The CB logo stands for Crying Baby. So I name it "Crying Baby"
Like all of us are crying like a baby waiting for BB10. Haha


It's the warning we give our kids and now can give to the competition...
Watch out for the Yellow snow, man.

Snow in October, your part of Canada is playing up to the stereotypes. My part of Canada had great fall weather, a bit on the warm side. But not warm enough to melt my igloo. ;)


Here ya go: "Andy Appleton"

This way, when he melts, we can all laugh our tails off!

(Sometimes it's more fun to watch something naturally collapse on its own rather than trying to force it.)

I say you should name him Countdown-to-BB10, because by the time he melts everyone should have a BB10 device

You will forever be known as:


Greg is a very busy snowman who gets things done ... in fact, if you took another picture of him right now you'd be able to see that he has already evolved.

You will forever be known as:


Greg is a very busy snowman who gets things done ... in fact, if you took another picture of him right now you'd be able to see that he has already evolved.

Whoops - double post.

Name it

BBOS for BLACKBERRY ORANGE SNOWMAN! that a conflict of interest to the BBOS site?


Florence the Peekonator

It's a play on "flow", "extend", "peek", and "connect"--the concepts of BlackBerry 10! xD

This is gonna sound nerdy as h*ll, but if you play Skyrim there are these berries that you can pick in certain areas. They are called Snowberries, and the reason I vote for the name Snow Berry is because they build your resistance to FIRE!

I say we name it the CrackBerry 3-10 Snowman for 3 parts of the body and 10 for BB10. and the rating i give your dad for making the Snowman

Snowmeister McSnowpants just because I like it! Here is my Frosty, Ummm, Snowmeister McSnowpants song

Snowmeister McSnowpants
Was a jolly happy soul,
With a stamper mouth and a carrot nose,
And two eyes from green tomatoes.
Snowmeister McSnowpants
Was a fairy tale they say,
He was made of snow,
But Crackberry knows,
How he saved BlackBerry one day.
There must have been some magic
In Thorsten Hein’s reign,
For when he turned the company around,
BlackBerry was back again.
Snowmeister McSnowpants
Was alive as he could be,
And the crackberrys say,
He could work and play,
Just wait until you see.
Snowmeister McSnowpants
Knew Windows and Android
And Apple’s IOS
Was just at best,
A child’s toy and nothing more.
BlackBerry 10
Was as sleek as it could be.
Doing everything that you could dream
Don’t forget that LED.
The battery life and ease of use,
Email and many apps,
Camera and surfing the web,
And it has Google maps!
Snowmeister McSnowpants
Had to hurry on his way,
He just stopped by,
Just to say HI
And BlackBerry 10 is on the way!

Yea, I know I'm late but I have to chime in.

His name is Clovernuts.

Nothing to do with BlackBerry, but WTF is the clover shape painted on his nuts?!?!

EDIT: Just watched the video instead of looking at just the picture. Now I know it's SUPPOSED to be a "CB" but it still looks like some sort of Orange Clover homage to Irish Protestants or something.

Berry White

Berry the snowman, was a mascot for C.B,
with tomatoes eyes and bulging thighs he came alive for all to see
Berry the snowman is alive for probably a day,
he was made of snow by the daddy-o of our editor in chief,
There must have been some magic in that old fedora hat they found,
for when they placed it on his head, he began to BBM around.
Oh, Berry the snowman was as tech savvy as could be,
he could text, email, compress data and multitask daily.

BBM m m BBM m m look at Berry go,
BBM m m BBM m m messaging to and fro.

Berry the snowman, knew that the time had come,
for BB10 to come, and all to have fun, before iOS melts away,
down to every village, with BB10 in both his hands,
BBMing here, flowing there,
saying "Thorstein is the man",
He gave away a BB10 to every one he met,
giving away a BB10 to Androids was no regret,
Oh Berry the snowman, had a heart larger than brain,
iOS users, android too said BB10 was insane.

BBM m m BBM m m look at Berry go,
BBM m m BBM m m stealing the smartphone show!

Hi Kevin, after some thought I believe we should call him Cracky "The Ten" Man or Thorsty "The Ten" Man.

BB 10 and Crackberry rule!!!!!