Friday Fun: BlackBerry 7 Smartphone NickNames... We dub thee Bold 9900/Bold 9930 the Gretzky!

The Gretzky is the BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Aug 2011 07:32 pm EDT

We recorded a CrackBerry Podcast earlier today, talking about all of the newly-announced BlackBerry 7 Smartphones. It's a fun show, so be sure to listen. But by the end of it, we realized we NEEDED to come up with some shorter nicknames for this next generation of BlackBerry Smartphones. Ater sixty minutes of CrackBerry talk tossing back names like Bold 9900, Bold 9930, Torch 9850, Torch 9860 and Torch 9810 we were getting tongue tied and parched lips. Back in June I wrote a ranty editorial titled Can we just call it the BlackBerry Bold Touch already? This Bold 9900 / Bold 9930 thing is driving me crazy! which highlighed my annoyance that in order to address the new Bolds in a technically correct way, I could never just say Bold 9900 (as that ignores it's CDMA counterpart the 9930). Oh if only there were a unique way to identify both devices in one sentence, life would be grand.

With the Bold Touch or Touch Bold sounding a bit too much like a bad porno, I've tried to let that name slip from my vocabulary. But on today's podcast we managed to wrangle up a fitting name for the Bold 9900 / Bold 9930... the GRETZKY! Think about it. Gretzy was #99 (9900), Canadian (BlackBerry is from Canada), RIM loves hockey (remember Jim Balsillie wanted to buy an NHL team) and Gretzky is the Great One, just as the Bold 9900/9930 is the greatest of the traditional BlackBerrys to date. So there ya have it... if you want a good, short and fitting nickname that encompasses the Bold 9900 and Bold 9930, just refer to the new Bolds as the Gretzky.

As for the new Torches, here's where we're at. Since the Torch 9800 was the first Torch, it's still the Torch to us. So we're calling the new Torches by their last two digits.  So we got the ten (Torch 9810), the fiddy (Torch 9850) and the sixty (Torch 9860).  And if you want to refer to both the Torch 9850 and Torch 9860 together, just call it the fiddy sixty, which is super fun to say.

So if you're going to hit the bar this weekend and the topic of RIM's new BlackBerry Smartphones comes up, make things easy and talk about the Gretzky, the ten, and the fiddy sixty. Have any better nicknames for these new BBs? Drop em in the comments!

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Friday Fun: BlackBerry 7 Smartphone NickNames... We dub thee Bold 9900/Bold 9930 the Gretzky!


Nooooooooooooo... NOT STORM 3!!!

Really, it's not a Storm.  The screen don't click, and it has a trackpad. The fiddy sixty is so not a Storm. :)

well is full touch screen and torch is the slider so less confusing ! lol

will be fun when get customer support emails now,
which device have you got...

a curve...
a bold ...
a torch ...

oh great which one :( lol

I agree.

Bold Touch
Storm 3
Slider or Torch 2

And if Torch 2 is confusing just ignore that phone completely. It has the same crappy build quality as the first one. Doesn't hold a candle to the feel of the 9900 and 9860.

I'm relieved we're not talking about a 6600 line. I'm also relieved Ballsillie never got his hands on the Penguins.

why dont you go with something more modern, like the Jeter??? Gretzky hasnt been relevant for 10 years.....yea...better change the name so the haters dont say the same thing about the BB

Hope they fixed the SMS problem like on the bold 9780. If the msg thread is too long, it's so irritating to scroll down and down and down before u reach the last msg.

Just hit "b" or "r"... B takes you to the bottom and r puts the cursor into the message line, ergo showing you the last message...

Based on all of this reasoning, I would call it "To Much Time On My Hands". But I'm a team player, the Gretzky it is.

For me, I call them the
Bold ninty nine and nintey nine thirty.(Said as one sentance or just the new bold)
Torch ninty eight ten or torch 2
Ninty eight sixty(cause it sounds better than ninty eight fifty)

You want to name a potential flop after one of the greatest hockey players of our time?! This phone is NOT that exciting. Please don't try and put this phone on a pedestal when Blackberry isn't exactly the most sought after smart phone right now...

Firstly, 99 is the 2nd greatest player of all-time. Screw the stats. Secondly, though you may choose to observe statistics suggesting BlackBerry is not the most sought-after device on the market, doesn't mean BlackBerry is 2nd to anything else either...

actually 42% of smartphone users in canada choose BlackBerry, so unless you have a smartphone thats gonna beat that.....


Selflessly and courageously leading RIM into battle against the oppressive mobiles companies of our time

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The GRETZKY is a perfect name, (next to MESSIER IMO LOL) and i like how yous guys are calling the others by the last 2 numbers. The TEN and even better, the FIDDY! LMAO!! Personally, im calling the 9860 the SIX-0!

Lets go RAN-GERS!!!!

good points all above. i didn't know where else to post the following, but thought this was a good spot. from the article above i quickly did a search on images of the 3 new torches because i couldn't remember what all of them where and what they looked like. in doing my search, i found images of them and a good write up...write up is at the article is good because it discusses how much distribution RIM will be doing with these new phones.

anyway, i know i get frustrated at RIM most of the time because i can't understand why they can't produce way better phones more quickly. however, i like my bb enough that i can deal with it until the next great phone comes out from them. i still have the tour/bold from the beginning it came out so it is now almost 2 years old. totally so due for an upgrade but yet i have delt with it because i like the bb product way too much. however, the article really focuses on spreading standard great phones that will have amazing distribution throughout the world. rim is thinking very big and trying to really put their efforts into spreading the product and brand now which will help them much better in the long run and us bb users. once they get to where they want to be, we will all get more better phones much more frequently. but until then, we need to be patient with them.

I like The Gretzky and I like the fiddy-sixty except I feel it should be pronounced just as Jospeh said it in the podcast- fiddysiddy. Just for the flow purposes. As for the "ten"- I can't go there. It's by no means a "10" to me so Torch Reloaded or something else.

These nicknames have absolutely no international appeal (at least in my opinion). In the UK I doubt anyone has ever really heard of Gretzky, and there are no CDMA versions either so the sixty part isn't required here.

Gretzky is pretty appropriate. Old, outdated, too old to be relevant, but still cool enough to remember the glory days even though there are faster, stronger, better players out now.

*LOL* nice idea.... it seems to be an actual want for americans to give nearly everything a nickname or an abbreviation... Thereby america is so unbelieveable roomily, that whole names would have enough place... but I understand, that the likewise unbelieveable national dept forces to cut low the names...:-D
Bold will be always "Bold" and is my synonymic for RIM flagship.... And Torch was my "Dream-comes-true" (combination of big-sized touchscreen with physical keyboard).... The 9810 (Ten) will become the "Tiny Ten" for me cause of its ugly can/tin surface... And the TinyTen-Designer will get TTT (Triple T)... TinyTorchTurncoat.... in reality they are employees of apple with the mission to destroy the market chance of the iPhone-Killer #1!

I'll leave the "Gretzky" to hockey fans. I'm going to refer to the 9900 and 9930 as the "ninty-nines" (99's).

I like the "fiddy-siddy".

The "ten" is ok, I guess.

ok, so i'm calling the new bolds the "executive" the full screen touch the "traveler" and the torch 2 guessed it, "torch 2"

I choose:
- Bold 9900 = Bold Zero (They reinvented the Bold)
- Bold 9930 = Bold Three
- Torch 9810 = Torch Two (no need to explain)
- Torch 9850 = Torch Fiddy
- Torch 9860 = Torch Sith


The Gretzky is appropriate because after his playing career he took on something different and failed to measure up to his peers. He was then banished from the ownership group, fading away from the public eye. He became old and irrelevant, remembered only for his past accomplishments... just like BlackBerry.

I just call all of them "Damn-You-Bell-For-Not-Buying-The-CDMA-Versions-Of-These-Wicked-Awesome-New-Devices"....ya its a little long so i was just thinking of just simply the 'I-Wish'

Why not NickName these devices based upon performance.

My Storm2 became the Drip2.
If RIM remains consistent to their under-whelming designs:

The Torch should be known as the Flicker2.
The Bold, becomes the Timid 2.8" Postage Stamp Screen

phenomenal ideas, especially with the Torches. the Bolds could just be "Bold3" and "Bold3-3" though, a la "Bold2" 9700....which was a pseudo-Bold , IMO. I hope the Bold3 has the same magic that the 9000 had when it first released (good times on August 19th, 2008).