A Fresh Today Plus Theme For Your Bold!

By Bla1ze on 2 Nov 2008 06:58 pm EST

It's another lazy Sunday for me, hope you all are enjoying what's left of your weekend, since the BlackBerry news has been kind of slow today I wanted to take the time to let you all know about a new theme from JC-Designs . John has been busy making a good amount of themes lately and this one should appeal to the person who's not so big on custom icons, but actually prefers the styling of the built in Bold icons.

Here we have a Today Plus theme for the Bold (OS 4.6) with a few twists to it, the bottom dock rise's up when icons need to be chosen and they also jiggle. You'll find some unique icon placement here with an application (of your choosing) up in the top right, which makes for convenient switching of apps. As stated this uses base icons, so if you're like me and find the Original icons just as nice as some of the "custom" icons be sure to check this theme out.I know I use this one when I need to be kept "organized", now stop laughing..I do have some organizational skills, but only because they are built into my BlackBerry lol.

The Today Plus Bold theme is available for $7 and can be purchased in the ShopCrackBerry.com Software Store or on your device at CrackBerryAppStore.com.

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A Fresh Today Plus Theme For Your Bold!


just bought this theme and its amazing...best theme i have ever had on my BB. The icons are nice and the whole background picture can be seen on the home screen. the only problem is that once u lock ur bold it goes back the the default bold background that came with the theme.

damn soule i shouldve waited too. wondering if there will be a theme where we can customize the last icon instead of the browser

This theme rocks!! Exactly what I wanted plus more. Just makes me wonder why blackberry didnt include one with the phone?? But hey thanks again JC for coming out with this and customizing mine on the last icon ahaha.. I had him put in something else. So the poster above me, maybe you can email him =)

Love this theme! It rocks so much.

Few problem though. I am hoping some people can help me out!?

1. Did anyone of you find that there is a lag when you use this theme? (moving from icon to icon on the left side and when moving the icon from the web browser to the 5 icons on the bottom). My BOLD have a problem with that (you can see some serious lag in it.... I tried Hardware reset - pulling out the battery... but still lags). In addition, when I push the "menu" button, it is really laggy also...

Does it have to do with my OS being a East Asia OS?
Would it work smooth when using the original North America OS?

2. When I select that "Profile" icon, Mine Bold doesn't show the whole circle around the profile icon lighting up. (While the youtube video shows it just fine).

Thanx guys.