Fresh Theme by KD Now Available for Storm, 9000, 9630, 9700, 8900 and 85xx

By Adam Zeis on 7 Dec 2009 10:22 am EST

Jason just let me know that he has released his latest theme Fresh. This theme is very unique and has some very cool features. Fresh features a custom sliding docks, changeable icons, custom banners, meters and more. The look of this one is just so slick and different that it really brings new life to a device. I really can't say enough about this theme, so check out the video to get the full effect. Fresh is availale for most newer devices running OS 4.6 or higher. It sells for $6.00 but is on sale for only $3.99 in the CrackBerry App Store through December 24th.

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Fresh Theme by KD Now Available for Storm, 9000, 9630, 9700, 8900 and 85xx


Why does CB keep giving this guy ad space? All his themes are like $7, and this isn't a giveaway or anything. I guess a "sale" but $4 is hardly cheap for a theme most users won't stick with for a few days.

Hey buddy, (I mean that in a non-friendly way.)

If you dont like my work, just like I dont like your attitude, you dont have to buy it.

I believe my prices are quite fair, and I have countless users emailing me daily about how they still use a theme they bought months ago from my catalog.

See, thats whats so great about themes, you can use them whenever you want for however long you want, you can get new ones and go back to old ones any time you wish!

If you dont think thats fun, then dont participate.

And hey, even if you think "this guy" isnt worth crackberrys time or overpriced, make something that is worthwhile in your opinion, and make it for $1! OR hell, make it free!

Goodluck starting your engines, jetman.

My complaint was not with the quality of your themes specifically, but that they are being posted on CB's main page for no reason.

The site has enough free giveaways and things of that nature spamming the listings. This post was strictly "check out this $6/$4 theme". Nothing interesting about Blackberries or features or new apps...just a free ad for someone who already has a lot of themes in their store. And this hasn't been the first time either.

Most themes, even premium ones, suffer from some of the same usability concerns (at least on the touchscreen OS) and you never really know what you're getting until you use it. That's why personally, I'd never pay more than a couple bucks for a theme. Your prices are comparable to others but...that is not to say they're still too steep. Check out some of the comments on the AppWorld themes post.

Since you are apparently doing so well, not sure why you decided to be obnoxious in your response. Glad I'm not a customer.

Well, sorry for the misunderstanding then, and ya I do apologize for the snarky response.

I get irritated when people complain about the pricing of themes.

Also, this is a new theme, what is so different about a new app? New apps get featured all the time, apps provide new functions your blackberry didnt have before (or improves them) and themes provide new looks that your blackberry didnt have before, its the same concept.

Anyways, sorry for the unnecessary altercation on my behalf.

I like jets btw, just not the football team......Have a good one....

@jetman1287: Nobody here cares to live up to your standards as to what ought or ought not be on CB's main page. kdjayo's themes "should not" be here? They're "too" expensive? Who...are you? Do you own stock in CB? Do you pay a monthly fee to access this site? This is not a democracy.

best main crackberry blog argument in a while. good on him that he got 'coverage' for his efforts. hope he rakes in the $$ to buy some nice gifts this holiday season! happy christmas all. my wish for the new year is that we can all get along and that the jetpeople of this world keep their petty thoughts to themselves instead of wasting comment space here. k? thx, buh bye

I've begun to really dig this theme designer. I love the other one I own by him. This price is great too. I'll buy it next week for sure.