FreeTips: Free Tip Calculator For Blackberry

By Adam Zeis on 7 May 2009 10:08 am EDT

During my morning routine, I came across a cool application called FreeTips. As you can probably guess, FreeTips is a free tip calculator that can be used on all devices.  It's simple text interface lets you calculate the correct tip and total for your bill, and you can also split up the total for multiple people.  The calculator even remembers the last tip percentage and tax rate you entered to speed up the process. 

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FreeTips: Free Tip Calculator For Blackberry


I here Kramer can get you a great deal on a Willard tip calculator if you really need one.

Is calculating a tip really that difficult that people need an app for it?

Not sure if this is Storm-friendly but I'm going to give it a shot!

EDIT: On the Storm this first launches in compatibility mode but even with that disabled since there isn't much to the UI, it works perfectly fine on the storm!

Thanks for the helpful app!

Sure you might not need one, but it's sad that most basic phones made by LG, Motorola HAVE a tip calculator already.

It helps when you have a large enough party.

I can't really see why I would need to use this. Tips are easy to calculate- figure 20%.. if you've ever solved an arithmetic problem you ought to be able to do that in your head. If the service was good, thats your tip. If it was great, add a couple bucks. If it wasn't so great, knock a couple bucks off. Why do we need a program to do this? lol...

I guess not all people are good at calculating percentages...and if you travel a lot to other countries where they have different tip percentages....the app may come in handy.

Wow you guys are fags. I downloaded and tested this app, even though I will barely ever use it. I don't need an app to calculate a tip but it's good for splitting a large bill between people.

There are applications like this made for numerous devices, some use it and some don't. Stop crying because YOU think it's a useless application because I'm sure some would find it handy.

Well that was a little uncalled for. no need for name calling just because you don't feel the app is necessary. if you don't have a constructive criticism, you shouldn't leave one at all. Grow up!

Just move the decimal.

Let's say a bill is $45.33.

Move the decimal one to the left: $4.53. That's 10%.

Wanna tip 20%? Just double that. ~$9.00.

Wanna tip 15%? Go somewhere inbetween. ~$7.00.

Really not that difficult.

I wrote FreeTips precisely because my previous, cheap Samsung phone had one built-in for free. I felt my beloved BB platform deserves a free tip calculator too.

But is it useful? I myself rarely need this when I pay the bill. It is useful, however, in a group situation. If you have a table with, say, 13 people and 7% sales tax then the per-person share is not so straightforward. What you could do is punch in a couple of numbers and pass your BlackBerry round the table. Everybody sees the numbers so they know how you got them and there's no cheating, and you have an excuse to show off your shiny BlackBerry.

it's called the calculator function. Seriously...if you can't figure out how much to tip, or divide a bill amongst a group WITH A a Razr.

Well, this may be a nice user friendly app, but I'm going to side with those indicating it's an unnecessary app. Seriously, people, tip calculations shouldn't be that difficult. Quick suggestion on how to simplify the process would be to tip 20% (which you should be doing anyway!)...then just round up or down and multiply by two for goodness sakes! These wonderful devices are supposed to simplify and/or enrich our lives, not replace our brains. Good grief!

Cheers, Doug.

PS, quick example -- bill comes to 78.50 -- round up to $80, multiply by 2, and leave $16 tip ($15 if you're cheap or don't have any Loonies with you).

This app needs to come with a pop up that lets people know that 20% is the new 15%. I used to be in the hospitality industry and everytime someone gave me 15% I wondered what I had done wrong. 20% is the acceptable standard now and I feel like I should let people know that. And if you can't figure out 20% of any number in your head quickly then you probably shouldn't even be using a blackberry.

I don't use this for my own payment, but when I have multiple people I am splitting the bill with. Even tho I could use my calculator to even figure it with other people, I'd rather have a program do it for me quickly. Thank you for the free software!

Seriously, all you bozos who feel that people who use tip calculators are worthless Neanderthals should point that "high-powered perception" at yourself. Who made you Judge of Math? So what if some of us suck at percentages... this device HELPS. Not hinders. So get off your f'n high horses. Bozos.

could you please help me out. I want the app but I can't seem to get it to download OTA. Oh yeah; I've managed quite a few restaurants and I've also been a server and can do the math quite well but sometimes you might be dining with folks that are riding the little yellow bus or they are just cheap so having a tool like this can usually shut them down and get them to leave the correct tip. That's all. No need to dog people for wanting the program. Thanks Wong; I appreciate your efforts. Just need it to download!

Keith or anyone else, if you are still having trouble downloading OTA find my profile in the forum link and send me a PM with your email address. I'll send you the files directly. I don't understand why some people are having trouble with the download. I have seen thousands of downloads so far. -- Chris

I wish people who have nothing good to say..just not speak at all. You know what...this is a free app that Chris could easily charge a few bucks for. If you don't think you're going to use it...MOVE ON! Don't comment on how ridiculous it is. If you AREN'T going to use it, go find something that you WILL use. QUIT YOUR BITCHIN'! This is an awesome app by the will be useful for dinners with many people or again, those who want to short change the group! PEACE!

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