Free Zombie Attack game now available

By Adam Zeis on 3 Oct 2011 01:36 pm EDT

Zombies Attack

Smarter Apps (the makers of Angry Farm) have just released their newest creation dubbed Zomie Attack. The premise is simple -- destroy the zombies using the various weapons at your disposal. Destroy zombies and buildings in 100 challenging levels (with plenty more on the way).

You were one of the few who prepared, they all said you were crazy, but you knew better! Now your day has finally come. Armed with your makeshift launcher, more ammunition in storage than is probably legal, and your faithful zombie apocalypse survival kit, you stand prepare to face off with the hordes of brain eating zombies! Gaze out upon a new world survivor; one filled with zombies wandering and lurking among the wreckage of your city. It's time to fight back, retake your city for the future of mankind!

Use your launcher and your cache of collected weapons to blast those zombies into oblivion. Who needs to be picky? Sometimes a rock is all you need to do the job, but you also have fireballs, grenades and chainsaws in your arsenal!

If you're hardcore and want to really go crazy, for a one-time fee of $0.99 you can purchase the nuclear bombs. These bombs will destory any level with ease however you can only use it once per hour. For more on Zombie Attack head to BlackBerry App World.

More information/download of Zombie Attack

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Reader comments

Free Zombie Attack game now available


first off these guys make good apps, that being said why are none of these apps on the playbook? we need this kinda app on the playbook and angry farms for the playbook !

I just signed in & it says that "The Item is not available for your Device Model, Device OS, Carrier and Country combination." Meanwhile when I look it up, I seem to meet all the criteria, what gives? Don't know if I should try to download it anyway or not. Has anyone running 5.0 on a 9700 downloaded this yet? Before someone asks, I like 5.0, I don't need OS6, I like having the extra memory on my 9700 :-)

Guys please save yourselves the trouble... Do not download this game as it is horrible. It's an awful rehashed version of Angry Farm... the poor attempt at Angry Birds. At some point, you would figure that developers would use the best that the hardware has to offer. It is not being done in any way with this game.

I completely disagree. They did a fantastic job of making this game. The graphics are great, the gameplay is challenging, and the zombie spin on the angry birds concept is endearing. Not everybody is going to like this game just as not everybody likes angry birds. But for those who do, this is the real thing.

I guess if you like zombies instead of birds, this might be fun for you. Tried for a few minutes, got bored pretty quickly.

Horrendous game, i would not like to try and play this on the older BB, the new 9860 struggles to even make this run and i have no other apps running.
If this is the quality that is being thrown out to impress the BB fans or try and show off the hardware of the new BB then i guess we are in for a long ride waiting..
Get your act together guys and come up with an app that is a pleasure to play.

For now i certainly will stick with Angry Birds runing on my spare android phone.

Works great on my 9700 under OS6.

Angry Farm did not work well at all, but this one is smooth and friendly on it.

Agreed. Pretty choppy game play on my 9850. First thing it does upon opening; it says since the game is heavy on resources, to close 11 running apps. I didn't think I had that many active apps, but I looked to turn off or sign out of a few that I thought might be an issue. Same thing on my wifes 9850 & she only has Facebook and maybe the Weather Channel & Pandora. Would this happen on iOS or Android. Come on now, we have the hardware. What else does it take to be competitive on BlackBerry?

Pretty much like Angry Farm, still fun and runs like a champ on my 9930! Angry Farm runs good too although why doesn't STILL have sound?