Free YouTube Player For BlackBerry Now Available

Free YouTube Player For BlackBerry Now Available
By Bla1ze on 4 May 2010 08:09 am EDT

Last night I was taking a look through the CrackBerry app store to see what new apps had been released and updated. I happened to notice a YouTube player that was listed as free so decided I should give it a look. There has been a few YouTube apps made available in the past but most are either no longer supported, only available on certain devices or just plain suck. Simply named Player for YouTube, this one is free and looks nice.


  • Featured, Popular, Top Rated, Newest and Most Viewed Feeds
  • Playing videos over RTSP Streaming or Wifi and WAP
  • Share video links by email with your friends
  • Bookmark your favorite videos for easy access
  • Search for videos, including saved search history
  • Browse videos by Categories and Tags
  • View user channels
  • Click on YouTube links from other BlackBerry applications

    That is a rather large feature list for an app that is available for free. After testing the app out for a few videos I can surely say it beats firing up YouTubes mobile version all the time. Currently, OS 4.6 and up is the umbrella for supported devices and this includes the BlackBerry Storm. If you find yourself using YouTube a lot you may find this to be a better option.

    Download Player For YouTube For Free From The CrackBerry App Store

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    Free YouTube Player For BlackBerry Now Available


    I was soooo happy to finally see a youtube app for blackberry... However when I click play video, it opens up my default media player and after like 10 to 15 seconds it gives me an error "An error has occurred attempting to play media". This error also comes if I try opening up youtube videos through

    I have set all the permissions to Allow and am using this over wifi on my 9700... Someone please help !!!

    P.S. The Howcast app works perfectly with good quality videos !

    Not to contradict any advice, but the same issue occurs on my 9700 and it appears to be directly related to Wifi! I cannot play youtube videos over wifi, if I turn off the network and only use wifi I get the aforementioned error. If I turn off wifi and go over the 3G and play the exact same video, it plays fine! Not an App issue at all because the same thing happens to me on Just my experience!

    Gotcha, missed the WiFi part there. However I have no issues with playing YouTube over WiFi on my Rogers 9700. The only time I have seen it not work over WiFi was on either a T-Mob or AT&T device. And this goes back as far as the 9000 series.

    I'm on AT&T! LOL It's very strange! But as long as I'm in 3G, my youtube videos play fine! IDK what could cause it, I'm not running at AT&T OS (IDK if that would have anything to do with it). Oh well, I've learned to live with it, luckily 95% of where I am on a daily basis is full 3G!

    The watered down YouTube. A tad bit better if anything.

    I had did that YouTube "hack" to get the higher quality feed and this app doesn't use that.

    I went through the browser and it's still configured that way.

    Opera mini still picks up the high quality, being it goes through the naitive browser to the YouTube vid, I don't understand why this one isn't--being It seems to use the naitive browser, too.

    Either way, nothing impressive, droid evo is coming. Almost posative at this point I'm going over.

    Bb still has time,maybe...

    I will try this out on my 8310, as the BB is limited on device memory not sure if its worth using or just using the browser.. any advice?

    "I happened to notice a YouTube player that was listed as free so deided I should give it a look"

    Bla1ze deided he should take a look hahahaha. hey blaze1 what does dieded mean lol.

    but I deleted it because it kept stopping to save in the internal memory after every 4 seconds on a 4 minute video, which is something I don't get with default, Bolt or Opera browsers. Maybe because I'm on EDGE?

    Video is terrible. Even when you pick HD video its grainy. I have a storm 2 on Verizon. I was excited when I saw this. Hopefully when 6.0 comes out there will be a much better app.

    I think its a issue of quality of the browser. The webkit browswer could be a game changer for many IF it is better (at the minimum ON PAR) than Droid browser.

    I usually have NO problems streaming videos from, but when I try and play a video in this app I get an error saying: "Device Media Processor Busy" I have no other apps running and I cam still go to and play them fine.

    "That is a rather large feature list for an app that is available for free." You make it sound like I should be privileged to have such an app. There is NO EXCUSE why there shouldn't already be a free native Youtube app for all bb's.

    With all that being said, if this app WAS working correctly for me it would be a million times better than Despite the fact that you aren't able to login to your Youtube account through the app, you can still at least mark favorites within the app. This also loads up the video pages very quickly. Now if only the videos would play...

    This app is very good. I've been searching for an easy to use app for youtube, but they're all really bad. This one is very good and the design is nice and intuitive. Thanks for the post :-)

    This isn't really a stand alone player, as soon as I click on a video it switches to the web browser and plays it there.

    I am also on T-Mobile with the 9700 and I can play youtube, TMZ, yahoo, MSN any videos from anywhere on both WIFI and 3g. I have not done anything unusual but go to the website and hit play. Did the youtube optimization and have the HD videos that look outstanding.

    Works well with my 9700 (T-mobile) with no problems. Like it because it has Wow wow wubzy shows for my daughter when we go on trips :-) 5 stars!

    On my 9700, it is a joke. Video is grainy and doesn't play within the app. Just takes you to the mobile website and plays. Easier to just have a browser shortcut. Waste of time.

    The problem is that this is simply a search interface, it still plays video through the mobile site.

    This means you can't use the HQ versions at all, which you can on the mobile site...

    quality, snappy and fully-featured you tube browser. anything is better that xenozu, and although i used to use vision by metova, it was slow and sometimes choppy, and the quality sucked. this player is hands down better than either and what i've wanted! nice job.

    Very good find. This application is very good. Best YouTube app I've used. The search works well and the videos run, even on EDGE!

    Only thing that would be nice is if we could link our Youtube accounts in.

    This appliaction is great. i tested over 3G and WIFI working great.I wish the design was more polished... i would like to see the option clearing the "Features"

    I've noticed a steady decline in memory corelating to the # of videos I've watched. And I don't get the memory back after doing a reset, clearing browser cache etc. etc. I used to have 103MB of app memory after a reset BEFORE dl'ing this app. I watched just a few vids the 1st day, my memory dropped to 101MB. The next day, a few more and memory fell to 99MB. Yesterday, a watched quite a few and memory fell to 93MB. The memory stays low even after doing a battery pull, clearing browser cache, deleting msgs.

    oke so i have the bb 9700 bold , but i cannot see youtube on it ! it's kinda sucks ! when i want to go and see a youtube video it show's me directly 'an error has occured attempting to play media'
    pls help me thxx