Free WordPress for BlackBerry app updated to v1.6.5

WordPress for BlackBerry updated
By Michelle Haag on 28 Oct 2012 04:52 pm EDT

If you are a blogger that likes to be able to write up your thoughts on the go, you might be happy to hear that the WordPress app for BlackBerry received an update a few days ago. The free app now sits at v1.6.5 and fixes several bugs and issues users were having.

  • Fixed an issue where stats could not be loaded on some Jetpack sites.
  • The app now remembers the previously opened blog.
  • Removed the support for the AtomPub protocol since it will be removed in WordPress 3.5.
  • Performance and reliability improvements.

Both and self-hosted WordPress (2.9.2 and higher) sites are supported, so if you've not checked out the app before, now is as good a time as any. You can find it free for just about every BlackBerry model at the link below.

Download WordPress for BlackBerry

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Reader comments

Free WordPress for BlackBerry app updated to v1.6.5


awesome... what theme are you rocking there bud.. i love that blue signal and wifi bars .. i have seen it in lots of places.... would be awesome to know what the name of the theme is :P

Hey! I sent the tip to the crack team! Lol

But I'm glad they're removing the atompub thing, it never ever worked for me at all and kept glitching up.