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Bellshare makes free version of BeWeather 10 for BlackBerry 10 smartphones available

Bellshare makes free version of BeWeather 10 for BlackBerry 10 smartphones available
By Bla1ze on 26 Feb 2013 03:49 am EST

Earlier this month, Bellshare let us know that they had released BeWeather 10 for BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Aside from looking beautiful on device, the app also offers up current conditions, temperature, daily & hourly forecasts, alerts and more. Initially, the app was priced at $5.99 then saw a drop to $4.99. But just in case that wasn't enough to convince you to give it a go, there is now a free ad-supported limited feature version available for download in BlackBerry World. You're not really missing a whole lot in this version but should you want the missing features, you can always upgrade.

More info / Download BeWeather 10 Free



Downloaded it earlier...working very well!!!! Great app!!

sakiru oresanwo

Its asking to pay £3.50 and not download for free. Would an activate code for BeWeather on previous models work for the Z10?


The article links to the paid version. The free version is at


Woops! Sorry about that.. updated the link. :)

sakiru oresanwo

thanks for that. would you be able to tell if an activation code for beweather on previous blackberrys will work with this?


The app looks beautiful.


any more screenshots ??


That is one of the most beautiful looking apps ever. This is more of what BB10 needs.


it's definitely not +22 in Dartmouth ;)


You're right.

According to Accuweather, it's 36.

I bet it was a different temp when the photo was taken, and I'd be willing to wager it's a different temp entirely in a couple hours... ;)

Jimberry Storm

On older OS versions BeWeather was my favorite app. When I use it on my playbook it is more beutiful than ever, but because of the way the software works cannot put it on the walpaper, and from the screen shots BB10 is the same. So for me it will always seem lacking somehow, till they figure out how to make it work anyway. won't stop me from getting it.


It's another well made BB10 app for sure but it would be nice if Waterloo, Ontario was included in the location database...don't ya think? :)


I hope that either the current temp is visible on the top bar of the home screen like in the current BB version (of the hub maybe), or BlackBerry at least opens that option up to devs soon. One of the better parts of the old BBOS was the ability for devs to customize the phone in those ways.


Sadly I can't find a way to show the temp on the home screen.


I'll buy it if the us ever releases the thing


my version seems to have all the features and no ads! mistake on their part or i paid $5 and i didnt know!


Horrible. Accuweather is so much better. On my Z10 this wouldn't load my home city, just stays on Ho Chi Minh, and even then it shows you only the basics. The paid version looks better, but I will stick with the free and wonderful Accuweather.


As a sucker I paid the full $10 fee for BeWeather for my 9900.(I also paid for BeBuzz before RIM offerred it as a freebie for the data f'up) Their support model blows as you can't communicate with them other than via their forums. Ask a question and hope a forum member answers as no Bellshare peeps will. There's no weather advisory support for Canada either. On my bold I do quite like the app but I have a hard time thinking about giving these clowns my $$ again considering they have such poor support.



I would recommend anyone considering this app to first review Bellshare's forum to see how they respond to somewhat confrontational inquires. I have found that the company is not professional in their responses or the inquire goes unanswered. Too bad as this is a great looking app.


great app. Now, I'm waiting for BeBuzz for BB10


So if I paid for this twice before I need to pay again?? Umm no


How do you delete a location? Select item and click isn't working.