Free version of BeBuzz now available for BlackBerry 10 devices

By Adam Zeis on 15 Oct 2013 04:19 pm EDT

If you're a fan of BeBuzz 10 but haven't yet pulled the trigger on the full version, you'll be happy to know that a free version of the app is now available for download.

Much like the pro version, the free version allows for custom LED alerts for apps and contacts - though its slightly more limited. The free variant only allows for 2 custom contact alerts, has fewer LED colors and supports fewer apps, but it does give you a good taste of BeBuzz so you can decide if you want to go all out with the full version.

Features of the free version include:

  • The FREE version is limited to 2 CONTACTS
  • Choose from 7 predefined solid LED and one rapid flashing DISCO LED COLOR (more colors availbale in the PRO version!)
  • Set LED colors and audible reminders for E-Mails, text (SMS), Blaq (Twitter message), Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and missed calls from your FAVORITE CONTACTS. See who it is that is contacting you!
  • Assign colors for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, BeWeather and incoming and missed calls (PRO version adds BBM, WhatsApp and more!)
  • Repeating Notifiers: Keep your phone's audible notifiers repeating until you acknowledge them
  • Text-to-Speech: BeBuzz will read your e-mails, text messages and weather alerts out aloud! (Sender and message subject only)
  • Fully interactive popups for e-mails and text messages. Preview, delete, flag and mark as read e-mails and texts straight from the popup.
  • LED notifications and audible reminders will stop when you peek/open the hub and optionally when you unlock the phone, press any hardware button or open any app
  • E-mail and text filters. Create notifications for specific messages filtered by message sender or subject/body. Automatically perform actions on filtered e-mail messages (Delete, flag, mark as read, change priority)
  • Customizable vibrate for every notification
  • Vibrate on call connect/disconnect
  • Coverage Indicator: Get your BlackBerry 7 blinking green status light back
  • Select from BeBuzz logo, Contact Photos or Battery Indicator for the active frame
  • Battery indicator shows time to full/empty or available memory
  • 'E-Mail Auto Sync' when entering/exiting Hub keeps your e-mail accounts in sync at all times. No battery drain! Better than increasing the e-mail account sync frequency!
  • 'E-Mail Auto Sync Interval' lets you set a lower auto update interval than 30 minutes
  • Fully customizable and doesn't drain your battery!

Again, the full version allows for unlimited contacts and supports many more apps, so if that's your thing you can grab it for $2.99.

More information/Download BeBuzz 10 Free

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Reader comments

Free version of BeBuzz now available for BlackBerry 10 devices


Yea this is the kinda app that needs to be headless :(
Hope they apply & get approved to be headless soon....

Check out Shao128's article about it a month or so back

Posted via a Verizon Z10 running a leak and CB10. My channel: C0004F9BB

From the looks of it, Shao was over-stating the issue.

I'd imagine Bellshare will be one of the first to release a headless app using the new public APIs, but Blackberry is taking a long time to vet submissions.

I would imagine it's very chaotic over at BlackBerry these days, after a massive financial loss and the announcement that they are laying-off half of the staff. That can't help.

I'm guessing they're waiting for the approval process right now. Guessing they already built the headless version.

I already own BeBuzz but am not using it because I can't risk "accidentally" closing it and having my pager alert stop working.

Not the useless attempt that you've provided the devs with.

Have Hub ++ but am not using it for the same reason :(

"If you can't soar with the eagles, then don't fly with the flock!" (BBM#18)

I have not EVER "accidentally closed" Hub++ since I bought my first Z10 the first day Verizon started selling them. (It requires you to verify the closure request via a modal dialog box that pops up asking for confirmation - pretty hard to explicitly do those 2 acts together by accident)

A far FAR bigger problem up until a couple months ago was the random reboots that many people including myself were suffering from, which was a nasty OS flaw.

Luckily most modern BB10 OS builds don't have that problem any more.

Although not nearly as frequent, my Z10 still reboots every couple of weeks. I'm hoping that 10.2 will finally rid me of this maddening anomaly.
Either way, developers still need a better solution for running headless apps.

No headless + shite customer service. No thanks.

Try emailing them now as an individual who's not a customer.

Posted via CB10

Is 10.2 officially released yet? No, aside from the Z30 (which is still being released across countries). Wait until 10.2 is official. No apps will be headless until then.

Pro version is worth it. Good they have a free version now though. I actually don't mind the active frame with the battery percentage since it's not available in stock settings.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. Also, the very rare time it quits on its own, I know straight away by there being no active frame.

Posted via CB10

+1... I was craving for a headless app (knowing that it's not possible in 10.1) but now, was the battery meter and the sleep mode notification, I'm not sure anymore...

Btw - it never quit once on my Q10

Yea, all these people talking about being afraid that it will accidentally close... I use Hub++ and bebuzz is the same in that if you hit to close it will verify with you that you want to close. So unless you just don't pay attention at all to what your doing on your phone.... you should be fine.

It's often not mentioned, it does custom contact tones and that's the reason I got it so I can know who's texting by how it sounds.

Posted via CB10

Custom contact tones is built into bb10. Got to the contact you want to add a custom tone to. Click edit, minimize the keyboard and scroll to the bottom and you will see the ring tones & notifications for the selected contact.

Posted via CB10

Nice that they're offering a free version, but still waiting for headless support so I can buy the pro version. Patiently waiting...

Posted via CB10

When you do a lot with your phone, you need lots of Active Frames open. The less often used ones like BeBuzz get pushed to the bottom and automatically close. That's why you need headless apps.

Posted via CB10

Definitely!.. I'm so tempted to purchase these apps but I want a native, BB made optimized experience.
Unfortunately it took them years and years to embed this to OS7 I guess we'll see it inside BB10 by 2015.. Maybe with 10.5 :D

Exactly. I tried it but I had me disable all my leds for all the profiles I wanted only to tell me later that bbm and Facebook are supported in the pro version. Hub ++ FTW

Posted via CB10

Conveying the often stated sentiment...if it ain't headless it is pretty much me. Active frames is pointless to me if I have to STAY plugged in all day. This app is great but I long s for it to work with a massive attack on my battery. And yes I have done all the Power saving adjustments sort of just removing the battery altogether.

HEADLESS API'S desired!!!

Posted via CB10

That's a large misconception that headless apps consume less CPU and battery resources. In fact the opposite might be true. A headless application (aka service) is hidden from the user's eyes. So, it can freely burn CPU in stealth mode - nobody is going to blame the application but the phone and OS. So, app developers will be relaxed in terms of optimizing their code once implementing headless. Yes, there's a Device Manager that might help user find process that sucked resources but it's not a viable solution because not all the users will find it (it's a phone afterall not a linux box) and the readings of Device Manager and not precise often blaming OS processes instead of apps.

I briefly glanced at the documentation of headless APIs and I must say it's similar to what was there on BB7 and previous OSes. Applications could execute without being visible in application switcher and BB10 offers the same with "_sys_headless_nostop" capability. BlackBerry might have complicated the process of obtaining the capabilities but from API perspective there's not much of a difference.

There is no reason why an app using an Active Frame automatically causes high battery drain. I keep 2 apps running all the time with Active Frames (Hub++ and Battery Guru) and do not have significantly higher battery drain as a result of that.

Bellshare (BeBuzz developer) did have battery drain issues with some of their apps (including BeBuzz), but supposedly some recent updates addressed that problem.

That said, BlackBerry does have specific requirements for headless apps in terms of maximum CPU and memory usage, which is good, because without that headless apps could be a fiasco. (like they are on Android) But that does NOT mean that a developer can't write an efficient non-headless app.

The whole concept of icons as objects has left a lot of slobs possessed at the thought of moving things on screens with nothing less than a finger pressed.

Posted via CB10

I would buy that, if it was headless running like on the old BlackBerry OS. Having to run still in an active frame is beyond hideous...

Posted via CB10

I bought the pro version and stopped using it. I don't like having to keep the tile up and it really screwed with my settings. I preferred advanceos but it's not available.

Posted via CB10

I must be the only one who LIKES that moment of suspense when I see the blinking red light and wonder if it's an email, a bbm, whatsapp msg or something else.

Posted via CB10

You must get very few notifications. I have 8 email accounts (including 3 syncing calendars), BBM, SMS, and Yahoo Messenger setup in my hub. 'nuff said. ;)

Too bad you have to keep it running for it to work, I'll get it when they fix this problem.

Posted from the awesome Z-10

P.S. I hate it when someone steals your Avatar.

Posted via CB10

Giving the free version a whirl...looking forward to the colors...I'll keep you posted as to how I like the app...

Trusted Member Genius

Can someone who has used this app for sometime elaborate on how much of a drain this app is on the battery over the course of the whole day?

Posted from my Z10 running

No noticeable battery drain whatsoever. I'm running 10.2, and I've had BeBuzz running since the day I brought home my Z10 some 6 months ago. I get a solid 8-hr work day out of a charge.

Thanks for that bit of information! I didn't want to assume that just because an active frame is open, it's sucking up a ton of battery.

Posted from my Z10 running

BlackBerry knows what you need. BlackBerry doesn't care what you want.

Sometimes, late at night, I'll dim the lights and put my browser in reader mode, just to see my Squircle. Don't judge me

"You must turn off all native LED notifications."
"BeBuzz must be running as an active frame."
--> Delete

Posted via CB10

So wait... with this you must turn off all native led notifications, and the free version doesn't allow you to assign a color to bbm or whatsapp?

That makes no sense .

It's not free if it only allows you two contacts, it's more like free trail version. Learn to use proper English to describe free!

I use and love BerryBuzz Pro. One of the apps I truly can't be without. The contact customizations is great for knowing who's texting or emailing by only LED color.

Posted via Q10

Hub++ tends to be a bit more stable, and the developer is more responsive. BeBuzz has a few more features, but basically doesn't give personal responses to support requests and seems to have more frequent glitches.

Hub++ has a fancy rule editor that I do not believe BeBuzz has. (ie you can define actions to occur based on a certain string of characters that appear in an email or SMS, etc.) BeBuzz has a text to speech feature and a message popup action thing. (Though OS 10.2 also has something similiar built-in)

Iap craker and cydia iwash you on black berry. ind lovly theme //aecon and pro tube blackberry word suck (:

Posted via CB10

I have mine running all day every day and easily get a day and a half out of my Q10. Not a battery suck at all, I've used BerryBuzz since the 9900 and was very happy to see it on BB10.

Posted via Q10

Sorry, but this is unexcusable that the app isn't headless by now. Another example of BlackBerry dropping the ball.

Incoming calls for each contact? I have the such feature....if you can show me how to customize led for my brother, wife, son, etc, I would appreciate it.

Headless apps are a must for some things but not having to force close apps running wild in the background has been nice too

Posted via CB10

The battery drain isn't much on my Q10, this is one of those must have apps on my BlackBerry though, didn't regret the purchase :)

Posted via Q10

Boo. I bought it for my os7 device and now I need to pay for it again?

Posted via CB10

I bought it for 5,6,7 before I knew license transferred :( smh at having to pay full price again and their customer support is ummm meh

AT&T Z10

XD 2 contacts? The old free version used to allow like what 6? Then they reduced that, now they've done it again. I admire the app, but that along with the fact that you have to pay again for "major upgrades" makes this feel more and more money grubbing.

Posted via CB10

In bold 9900, I could customize LED notification for each contact. Not so with bebuzz for BB10. Not worth every money.

I've had no noticeable battery drain for months now, a few updates ago. As for running headless? Yes bit would be nice but I usually have only about 6 active frames open at once. It doesn't really bother me and I don't notice. But yes, BlackBerry should speed up the process of approving headless apps. I've got now doubt bebuzz has a version ready or submitted.
And as for it being difficult to code headless apps? I'm not a developer but I read the article here on Crackberry saying it was too difficult and I've read post saying it's not that difficult if you code to some certain standards and I tend to believe that it's not that difficult having read up on it but again I am not a developer and don't know for sure.

Posted via CB10 using my BlackBerry Z10 smartphone

Can someone provide a list of what apps have been approved by BlackBerry to run headless that previously had to always show their head?

Posted via CB10

I keep pestering my mind what I do wrong, but both the allowed contacts I assigned to color LED id DON'T appear in the assigned color. And yes, I turned off the LED button on settings and keep BeBuzz on active frame. Any tips to solve this plz?

New to BB & Z30. I tried to download the free version of BeBuzz but it will not work at all. I removed and reinstalled yet it still does not work. Any ideas? I disabled the LED option in the settings. I want the LED light to flash until I check my messages. I sure wish we could just adjust our phone to do that....