Free Valentine's Day theme by mustangboy88 for the Style 9670 and Bold 96/97xx on BB6

Valentine's Day BlackBerry theme
By Michelle Haag on 12 Feb 2011 12:36 pm EST
This super cute Valentine's Day theme by forum member mustangboy88 was sent in to us recently. Fellow member McNibbler sent it, saying "It is smooth, clean, classy, wallpaper friendly and just plain fun. He has paid a lot of attention to detail and it shows. I think he deserves some love - especially since it is his first theme and it is Valentine's Day. He created the theme for his daughter. He is giving her a purple Style for her birthday."

Well I couldn't agree more. Mustangboy88 has done a great job with his first BlackBerry theme, and I'm sure his daughter will be proud to rock it on her new Style! This Valentine's Day theme is free, and compatible with BlackBerry Bold 96xx and 97xx on BB6, as well as the Style of course. You can download it in the forums from the links below. Be sure to show mustangboy88 some love if you do download it, and leave some comments in his threads.

For more information/screenshots and to download Valentine's Day for the Style
For more information/screenshots and to download Valentine's Day for the Bold 96/97xx

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what about the 8530 curve2 ? come on =)


Thank you phishgirl3 for recognizing this great theme. This was more than I was expecting-and way more than he was. It really is a great theme! Thanks mustangboy88 for making it, and phishgirl3 for promoting it!


Thank you !!
Love it :D


Congrats on your first theme, buddy! May there be many more to follow :)


Thank you Crackberry!, and thanks McNibbler! This is awesome to be on the front page! I was weary of posting this on CB as I didn't know what the reaction would be. Good to see people like it. I wanted to make my daughter's Style unique for her on her birthday...TODAY! And then I noticed there wasn't many themes that were paned (BB6). In the future I hope RIM can fix some of the limitations that are on this type of theme.


Hey Mustangboy88,
I just downloaded your theme and LOVE it. I have been looking for a theme since i updated my bb bold to OS6. I haven't found any i liked or that matched with my pink/lavender bling out case.
I am looking forward to more of your future themes. Your daughter is lucky.
LOVE ITTTTTTTTTT..............


i saw this theme from the first day Mustangboy88 posted it.. and i must say my g/f loves it!! i had just installed the latest os 6 leak on her white 9700 and was looking for free themes all over! she had a coupe nice girly ones (paid and free), and this theme just made here day! she loves it!! thanks very much for this theme!

Kerri Neill

This theme is awesome on the Style. I can't wait to see what else you come up with!


This is such a beautiful theme!!! And ur soooo right! It looks awsomely beautiful on a purple bb style! Luv it!!!!!!!


By the way, do u think u can make a cute hello kitty theme for the bb style someday? It would be beyond gorgeous and I'm sure ur daughter would adore it!!! :D