Free Unlock Codes For The Next 48 Hours!

48 Hrs Of Free Unlocks!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Mar 2009 04:46 pm EDT

That's right folks, totally free unlock codes for the next 48 hrs for all T-Mobile, AT&T and Rogers BlackBerry devices! So if you are looking to unleash your device from your carriers clutches for whatever reason, now is the time to do so.

* Final Update: OK CrackBerry Nation, what a giveaway this has been! The 48 Hours of Free BlackBerry Unlock codes will soon be coming to an end - you have until 5pm EST today (Friday) to get your order in for free. As long as your order is placed by then, will get your order processed. Once 5pm EST hits, will replace the CrackBerry Promo landing page (click the image above) with a link to save 50% on your unlocks - so even if you missed getting in on the freebie you're still in for a deal.

To keep up to date with CellUnlock's progress as they plough through the over 18,000 orders placed so far, visit this CrackBerry forums thread. CellUnlock is posting updates and answering questions there. Thanks!!!!

Hit this link, fill out the information (you enter the coupon code after you have added the item to cart and the price will reduce to $0.00) and shortly after that you will have your 100% Free unlock code courtesy of Remember, it's only for the next 48 hours. Once that time is up, the codes will be expired and no longer valid. What are you waiting for? You're still reading this? Hit the link and get in on the action! Be sure to leave some comments as well to show some appreciation for the folks at Cellunlock!

Past Updates:

* Update 5: Just a few hours left folks, so if you haven't placed an order yet for your free BlackBerry unlock code what are you waiting for?! Again, the folks had have been swamped with the free orders coming out of this promotion, so please have patience in waiting for your unlock code. Don't worry, it'll come! *

* Update 4: Wow. After 24 hours, has received over 14,000 orders already. That's over $300,000 worth of unlock codes at regular price that they're giving away for free to CrackBerry Nation (and there's still 24 hours to go!). So far they have processed 3,500 orders of the 14,000 (this giveaway has them swamped), so please have patience... they will get your order processed just as soon as they can. Thanks CellUnlock! *

* Update 3: We're still less than 24 hours into the 48 hour giveaway, and already has put through over 10,000 orders for free unlock codes!!! They're coming in by the 100s so PLEASE have patience while they get your order processed. Don't worry. As long as your order is placed within the 48 hour promo period you will get your unlock code. Keep'm coming CrackBerry Nation! *

* UPDATE 2: We're only a few hours into the 48 hour giveaway and we've already topped 5,000 Free Unlocks. Thanks CellUnlock! Keep'em coming CrackBerry Nation!! * 

* UPDATE 1: It wouldn't be if we didn't have to issue this update... In just the first hour of this post being live over 800 orders were placed for free unlock codes from! Keep in mind that all requests will be fulfilled but you may have to wait a little while as all are processed (so keep em coming!). Thanks for the patience! *

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why would one want to unlock their phone? just curious im a noob when it comes to this kind of stuff.


1- you can take the phone to any "SIM" Card'd cell phone provider...

2- you can get more monies if you decide to sell the phone.


Why is there no Verizon unlock??? I want in!


Why no love for VZW :(

ipod video screen

Don't worry, keep your head up. Expect some VZW love in the future. I'm very confident.


Too Bad Verizon unlocks are free...But you can get it unlocked for $10 from them.

Enter the T-mobile discount (cracktmo) and it will take off $24.99 from the retail $34.99.

Good deal for those you looking to get a Storm on AT&T or T-mobile


What's the purpose of unlocking? Is it just to use on another carrier? Oh well, it's free, might come in handy one day.


Wow, this is unbelieveable. I just placed my order free of charge, no credit card needed. Waiting for my unlock code. Wonder why free of charge???


this seems too good to be true... but i can always unlock for free by calling tmo and telling them i'm gonna go out of country. Still this is super sweet, once again crackberry ownes!


For those of us on Roger's this is pretttty sick. Now we'll wait and see what happens.


awesome! waiting for mine now! :) thanks CB and Cellunlock (CU?) lol


Very awesome, waiting now. THANKS!

Tom topdog9000

What an awesome special to run...Timnes are tough and the economy is hurting but its companies like this that will come along and offer something great...Thanks again!!!!


but since it's free :)


Could't have said it better myself lol


Thank You CellUnlock and CB for this cool gift. First I win tetherberry today and now this. This site rocks keep up the ggod work


Much Thanks to cellunlock!


We need some Verizon love.. come on people!


Verizon phones don't use sim cards, so they aren't interchangable with other carriers. Therefore no need to unlock.


Where have you been? Storm FTW!

vzw storm user btg

Verizon phones especially newer phones blackberries smart phone
s etc and phones with the new walkie talkie capabilities
Use sim cards. Verizon found it to be best way for transporting
Info from phone to phone for users plus with the newer phones
They found they had to for technology purposes.
My storm came with vzw sim card that holds tech info plus my phone
Numbers like any other carriers sim card will. Yes it also came with a
Separate 8gb miniSD memory card I know the difference between the 2.

Other phones like iphone etc can use a vzw sim card after they are unlocked
But you got to get a vzw sim card first. So unless you can find one
On Ebay or buy somewhere then you would have to buy a vzw phone
And get service that way and take the sim from that phone over
Cause verizon isn't going to just sell you a sim card
To put in another carriers phone. If you get hold of a sim card without
Service from ebay or something they might haggle with you a bit
About getting service without buying one of their phones but they should
Work something out cause they want your business on their plans.
Best wishes to those who can do it....


The SIM card that comes in the verizon international phones is just for international use. not stateside use.

vzw storm user btg

Verizon phones especially newer phones blackberries smart phone
s etc and phones with the new walkie talkie capabilities
Use sim cards. Verizon found it to be best way for transporting
Info from phone to phone for users plus with the newer phones
They found they had to for technology purposes.
My storm came with vzw sim card that holds tech info plus my phone
Numbers like any other carriers sim card will. Yes it also came with a
Separate 8gb miniSD memory card I know the difference between the 2.

Other phones like iphone etc can use a vzw sim card after they are unlocked
But you got to get a vzw sim card first. So unless you can find one
On Ebay or buy somewhere then you would have to buy a vzw phone
And get service that way and take the sim from that phone over
Cause verizon isn't going to just sell you a sim card
To put in another carriers phone. If you get hold of a sim card without
Service from ebay or something they might haggle with you a bit
About getting service without buying one of their phones but they should
Work something out cause they want your business on their plans.
Best wishes to those who can do it....


thank you so much!!! i really appreciate this especially when im not too sure whether i should spend 20 bucks on unlocking ( i havent decided to go back to asia, in which i needed my bold to be unlocked)


Thanks CrackBerry! I needed an unlock code!




Useful if you want to sell you phone, or use another gsm carrier, or when international roaming you can simply use a cheap local pay as you go sim card. Only potential disadvantage I can think of is the small possibility of warranty issues.




Anyone wanting to unlock their Verizon Storm, just call Verizon and have them do it. Just tell them you're going to Europe and will be using a GSM SIM, and they'll do it. For free.


Does this mean you can use your ATT phone on another carrier ? Such as VZW ? Im a noob when it comes to this unlocking stuff..


You can use Your unlocked ATT Phone on other GSM carriers for example I travel to Canada and Mexico and pop in a local sim to use while in these countries.


No coupon for verizon in this sweet deal?


So the unlock codes are only good for 48 hours? Or just the promo codes?

Also, does this include directions on unlocking the device as well as a list of benefits - I've still ordered because it looks like a good deal but I am relatively new to this whole scene.


I did it. thanks for the free unlock code


Where are the codes after you order them? Does this mean that the unlock codes will only work for 48 hours then my phone will be locked again?

syb0rg is really nice for doing this and thanks a bunch for doing it, but i'm bummed because when launched their two year birthday bash i signed up for everyone of their giveaways, and i won a unlock code. but now EVERYONE that has 35seconds to fill out this form gets one..... thanks Crackberry. =(


Sooo... you got something for free and you're complaining because other people are also getting it free? And that CB is somehow responsible for those 2 different companies deciding to be generous to the members here? Yeah, I can see why you're bummed.


Stop crying about it... Wah, wah, wah....
Some people are such babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Then what the point of a contest to give "the chosen few" a prize, if everyone is going to win. What makes the lottery so special of EVERYONE wins a million dollars for filling out paperwork....and i took a grown up, mature, view point on it. wish everyone could.....


As one of the previous replies to your post pointed out, these offers were done by two different companies. most likely had no idea that there would be another giveaway. Be happy you got one. For those of us on Verizon, we've missed out on both giveaways...


Just cuz some others get an unlock code, you don't feel special anymore?

Geez. Grow up.

Or give one away.

Then apply for a free one from Cellunlock!

Cry whine cry. how much more self centered can one be?


Thanks! my 8320 is free!

Jenn W.

This is very much appreciated. Thanks crew at Cellunlock!


awesome! just waiting for mine now!


Thank you very much and Crackberry!! This is awesome! I'm so glad I follow crackberry on twitter.


One request. Sorry that bother you. I lost track news, I have a Bold 9700, T-Mobile Hungary. how to do to unlock free?


Placed my order and waiting for the goodies to be delivered.

Big big thanks to both CB and CellUnlock.


Just got my code.... Woot!


Thank you for the free unlocking information....^^


and for everyone asking... your phone will be unlocked for good, until you do an OS upgrade, so keep the code so you can use it again if you upgrade your OS. the promo code is good for 48 hours...not the unlock.

Tom topdog9000

I thought once a BB was unlocked it was pretty much unlocked forever..Im nto sure sure an os upgrade or anything else can relock a I wrong, does anyone know for sure???


"Once the unlock code is entered your phone will never re-lock even if you upgrade the software or hard reset your phone. When you purchase an unlock code, it is a one shot deal that works for the IMEI we process. If you need a replacement phone unlocked later you will need to purchase the service again"

Queen4111 is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They recently did a promo on another BlackBerry website not to long ago.

After submitting my info, I received a FREE code within three hours.

Also, their regular prices are $10 dollars cheaper than Horizon Wireless. I am definitely going back to CellUnlock when I upgrade my BB (again).


This is AWESOME! Thanks Cellunlock!!

I was looking into unlocking my phone!


where's the code located in the email? I can't find it. I s ee DSC-16...but I'm not able to enter letters.

Kevin Michaluk

That's not the unlock code. You're just looking at the Order Confirmation email and the product order codes.

Your unlock code will come in a separate email later.


Thanks & CB. I'll use the free code this time and make sure that cellunlock is in my favorites for the next time. thanks again!!!


How long has everyone been waiting?


ME ME ME!!!!, I Want one!!!


this is not a contest read the post first like your supposed to.


Just around an hour wait...not bad at all!


Looks legit, lets see how it pans out.


Thank you Crackberry and Cellunlock! T-Mobile wouldn't unlock my 8900 since I requested an unlock code for my 8320 and they said I had to wait.


Too bad I don't have my Bold yet!!


You guys are like the drug dealer who gives you a little taste of the really good stuff for free, then...


THX CB, I love this site. Hope unlock codes works for Tmo NL !


this was great, ive been looking to get a code for so long. did i make a mistake when i got the IMEI from my blackberry i took it from the status menue not from the back of the phone and included the (.)'s in it. was this wrong?


that worked fine for me


I hope not I did the same thing! :(


"IMEI Number(s) can obtained by keying in *#06# from the dialpad or from the status menu ( on Blackberry phones ). Submitting an IMEI number from the back sticker or the box the phone came in will most likely result in an incorrect unlock code ( no refunds are given when this happens ) Include the first 15 digits of the IMEI number. When you submit your IMEI number it must appear like this 355772015782183. If it looks like 355772.01.578218.3 or 3 5 5 7 7 2 0 1 5 7 8 2 1 8 3 most likely your order will be marked low priority and could take additional days to process".....Str8 from the Website


I enetered at&t's and t-mobiles codes and i can only pay $0.01....will this work?


I'm going to Mexico for my honey moon next month and I was about to pay for an unlock code. I'm glad I didn't do it already! Thanks a million!!! You have a customer for life.


If only for Telus, I'd PAY to unlock my Telus storm! :(


Please also do a Vodafone Unlock on my Godforsaken Storm! Can't wait to sell it!




got mine within 30 minutes! yay!!!


I guess us Verizon users still have to pay?


might be a silly question, but i've never unlocked a phone after having been using it for a while and put data on it. what will happen to my apps, my data, etc. after applying this generous gift?


i am kinda leary about this

Jason Ho

When were we supposed to receive our unlock code via e-mail after submitting our information?


Thanks CrackBerry & Cell!


Thanks CB & Cellunlock!! ;) Still a nubie here, but to use internationally (NOT on my AT&T network) I could buy a prepaid sim card and use the local network in Scotland?? Does that prepaid sim card then assign a new phone number to my phone (I.E. unless I gave THAT number to my family in the states they couldn't reach me??)??? thanks for the assistance!


the people from this site that unlock blackberry they must have at&t because they don't give free unlock codes for Verizon phones :(


I just ordered one.....let's see what happens!!!


Thanks!!!! This is amazing....thank you so much!

Funnyjerkz Inc

to get it FREE for verizon !!!


wow amazing... i feel awesome and like a winner after losing all the contests recently lol

I got my pearl 8110 unlocked within an hour!! awesome!! thats all i have to say!


Placed my order and waiting patiently

Thanks in Advance


see how it goes..


Thanks for the code.It will really come in handy.Cellunlock you rule!!!


I didn't even read the whole post before I went out and got mine.

...about how long does it take to receive the code?


Thanks and CB!


got my sales confirmation, waiting for the code.


this is awesome, now i can bring my blackberry with me overseas. YAY..


Been putting off calling AT&T and asking for the code, this seems easier


Thank you, once again!
I love crackberry!!


Im really looking forward to this. To see if the storm TELUS one is gona be unlockabke :D CC rocks


That's brilliant news but 1 thing, any chance that us Blackberry users and lovers in the UK get a offer like this?


i got my code within an hour or so. I even got a code for my wife's g1. thanks crackberry!


When you order one of these free codes, it doesn't unlock your phone remotely does it? So you can save the unlock code for the future?


Thank you Cellunlock! Now I'll be ready to head to Cuba as soon as Obama gives the word. Then again, they may not have great cell service there...


OMG..!! this is really FREAKING AWESOME..!!! CRACKBERRY RULES..!!!


what can i say! free unlock code for my bold , it s heaven



I applied for 2 free unlock codes via this offer from when the order was generated it daid that my total was $19.99. Why is this? It should be free.


thank you. cant wait to get my bold unlocked.


OMG this came at just the right time. My listing for my Blackberry Curve 8320 ends tomorrow on EBAY and I can now list it as unlocked.

I was looking into it but didn't want to pay $25 for it to be unlocked. So thank you so much to and!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS.


thank u very much cell unlock


Thanks Crackberry and!


Yay! they gave me a code in 2 hours.


still havent got my unlock code. .


Thanks Cellunlock!! CB, you're the best!


I guess this is a belated 2nd birthday gift to CB. Yea for Us


Just a general question (Not suggesting CellUnlock is risky or anything, and I thank both Crackberry and CellUnlock for doing this):

Is there ANY risk at all with giving your IMEI to someone? Could they use it to change a stolen phone's IMEI or something like that?

I tried looking online for the answer to this question but I couldn't see anything so I was wondering if anyone had a definitive answer here.

Once again, thanks for the promotion!


Anything I've read says it isn't. It's the sim card that's important....


Thanks for the input! :)


thanks to CB and CU for this great giveaway. i was able to unlock 2 blackberries. an 8300 n 8900. nice


So, Verizon users are SOL for the unlock code giveaway?


wooooo !@# now thats Cool yeah !@#


wow im so happy right now :D att rejected me for a unlock code when ive been with them for so many years but im glad this came up THANK YOU CELLUNLOCK :)


I send them an email and got the unlock code within the hour. It's great to now carry around my unlocked bold.


I plan to bookmark the site and tell others about this deal.


Sweeet. Thank you Cellunlock!


no love for verizon huh?


I went and left my phone info out and now am screwed for getting unlock code


Thanks alot i just ordered mine and cant wait... i love this place..thanks again fellas Team

Hi all Crackberry readers!

We just want you folks to know that we are getting fludded with orders, but it's ok, keep them coming! Please note that all orders are processed in the order they are received. Just a little update to all of you, we are currently processing orders received around 5-5:30PM EST and moving forward.

For those of you who omitted to write the imei in the order, no worries, we will email you and ask you for the imei and you will still get your FREE Code!

Will keep you guys updated a little later.

Regards, Team


Been wanting to unlock my 8220 for a bit now. Good thing I waited! Thanks Crackberry and!


feels like Christmas, doesnt it?


Thank you all you great people of cellunlock and CB


thanks Crackberry and Cellunlock


wooow, awesome. thanks alot guys


This is just wonderful! Thanks for being such a great company and sharing the wealth, especially in these economically hard times!


Thank you Can't wait to receive my code and try it.


Hopefully it comes with directions as ive never unlocked a phone But you guys are awsome for giving them out! Thanks a million!


Such a deal!! Great site and thank you!!


Thank you so much for such a generous offer! It was very kind of you to do this.



Thanks. Worked exactly as advertised. My 8900 is now unlocked!


Is a FREE Unlock code.

In all seriousness, I might never use it, but it still makes me happy to have it! LOL


waiting patiently for my code. Thanks! :)
This could be useful in the future.


this is sweet! thanks crackberry!


I love you CB and Cellunlock! YAY for my soon to be unlocked 8900!


I fall more in love with this site everyday. Thanks gang and thank you so much Cellunlock!


I just placed my order, no cc required since it was free. Hopefully I will have my code by tomorrow.

Ext 802

Thank you Cellunlock!


Cellunlock you just made a friend today


This is great!!! i wanted to win something during Crackberry B-day week, but this makes not winning bearable!! Crackberry is great


I get this!!

The coupon you attempted to use is a one-time-use coupon, and you have already used it on a previous order, therefore we cannot accept this coupon again.

I haven't done anything!!!


I got mines. All went well, thanks

Jenn W.

I rec'd my code about four hours later... and whola! My Bold is free!! Yes!

Thanks again CB and :) Props to you guys.


What a great idea and great promotion - you and CellUnlock rock! I really appreciate getting this free, and will certainly be referring friends and associates to CellUnlock and coming back to them as well for future needs. Thanks!


Sweet thanks added hundreds of retail on my phone and saved me $20 you guys freakin rock :) :D already got my code and everything unlocked.


worked great! i've got a Bold with Rogers and had my phone unlocked within a couple of hours :)


I haven't gotten any code or anything and Cellunlock is saying that I used the crackrog code and I HAVEN'T!!!


Just placed an order. Thank you and you guys rock!!!


thanks kevin, i really love this site! the information is crazy useful and the free stuff you always seem get for us is amazing!!!!


Thanks! I put in my order a couple hours ago and I haven't received anything yet, but I am sure I will. :)

I am going out of the country this year, so this is great!

Ilona Erlich

Kevin, while my daughter was trying to get the free code, her computer crashed and didn't finish the process. All her fields were 't filled in. She tried to redo the process and it wouldn't accept the crackatt code, saying it was "used" already, yet she never completed the form. I had her try it on my computer and same thing happened when she tried to use crackatt code, but then I had already filled out my form for a free unlock code and it went through. Now my daughter can't get her free code, due to her computer crashing. What can she do?


What about verizon phones?


I got my receipt email about 4 hours ago but no code still... how long is it normally taking ?


Give it time it may take longer after you get your receipt with all the people rushing to get it while its free I'm sure :).


awsome job just summited mine for my 8320...will update when i get it


great! very much appreciate


Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! This is great news....I just sent my details....waiting for the unlock code...


Just got my unlock code and it worked flawlessly! Thanks CrackBerry and Cellunlock!!


This is a sweet deal! But, no love for VZW customers?


Awesome deal. but even if I don't have service I can get the free unlock code??? either way. great deal


This is very generous of you guys to offer members a free unlock code for our Blackberrys. If I ever need my other phones unlocked, I will definitely use your services. I'm so happy to have joined Definitely the best site I have joined to date!

Thanks again CellUnlock!


Thanks CellUnlock! This is great :).


What about us Verizon folks?


Thank you CellUnlock!


First, a big THANK YOU to for providing us with free unlock codes!!

Second, to those entering their information during check out REMEMBER to include:

Phone Brand/Model::
Your Phone's 15 or 17 Digit IMEI::
Additional Notes::
Provider/Country on which your phone is locked?:

THIS IS ESSENTIAL for creating unlock codes for your specific phone.

I did not read the description on the site before providing my information. Do not make this mistake!


Awesome deal, thank you both for the generosity!

Chad Farr

why cant they do a unlock special on CDMA Blackberrys? maybe for atleast 24 hours?


They are just waiting for Sprint/Verizon alas CDMA carriers for a later time?

Albert Pinto

Thnks for u kind knowlege. Very nice..........





Alan Joseph

I have a 3g iphone and just picked up a bold for 150 so I couldn't use that only att sim for my bold so I had 2 tmobile sims available and I was bummed I missed the previous free unlock promo. I'm glad I checked crackberry before I went to bed, thanks you saved me a headache. Now all I need is a new MacBook pro and I'm set I hope Arnold releases our state taxes soon.

Air Force One

CellUnlock and Crackberry!!! I've always wanted to free my BB.

Thanks again for your generosity!!!


Everyones a winner today! You guys are amazing! Thanks so much!

*blown away*


this is awesome. thank you


I'm sure is really getting flooded with orders!
I hope you guys get paid for over-time work!!


This is awesome! I placed my order and waiting now. Thanks you CB and Cellunlock!


Ordered mine last night, anxiously looking forward to the unlock code. Thanks CB & Cellunlock!


Thank you!


Thank you! Got my code this am and worked great!!! :)


Thanks Crackberry & thanks Cullunlock. Did this yesterday and received my unlock code a few hours after filling out the form. I now have an unlocked Bold! :-)


Signed up last nite at 9EST. Still no code, but got my receipt for order though. Man, they must really be backed up! Been 10 hours and no I still appreciate everything, as im sure its comming. Thanks!


I've been waiting for 12 hours, but I'm sure I'll get it before this afternoon.


Im noob at this whole blackberry use and all the upgrades and all this stuff but was just wondering if anyone that has done this can answer... Once you use the code to unlock, how can you tell its been done???
it wont ruin the phone or anything?


I received my code overnight and it appears to have worked. Now I just need to borrow somebody's T-Mobile SIM to test it.


I received my code overnight and it appears to have worked. Now I just need to borrow somebody's T-Mobile SIM to test it.




What does and Unlocked code provide? For example if I bought a Bold from AT&T and got an unlocked code, what would the unlock code do to the phone?


This is sweet! I love crackberry!!! I'm order #9935 and I can't wait.


And thank you CB for being #1!!!!


Thanks cellunlock, i'll be sure to come back for future unlocks!


Thanks Cellunlock and CB and also thanks to Viigo for keeing me updated


What no love for us Verizon owners???


Is it safe to give out your IMEI number? Can something malicious happen?

What happens if the carrier finds out you unlocked the phone?

A noobie!!!

Will this work for T-mobile UK. I have a blackberry bold


ordered. waiting...
gracias Crackberry and CellUnlock!


I submitted my request yesterday around 8:40 p.m. EST and am still waiting for code. I did receive a receipt, though, via email. Anyone on Rogers done this yet? Any implications with the carrier, such as loss of warranty? Can they find out that it's been unlocked?


Thanks and big ups to Crackberry!


I submitted about 5:00 CST yesterday and received my code for Rogers unlock about 11:30 CST. Worked flawlessly! Thanks CellUnlock, props to you guys!


It's too bad I had my Pearl unlocked with the Horizon Wireless promotion. But great promotion! Keep em coming Crackberry and Cellunlock!


On Rogers Wireless I am wondering if a Unlocked 8900 Curve prevent UMA or any feature from working


On Rogers Wireless I am wondering if a Unlocked 8900 Curve prevent UMA or any feature from working


This is AWESOME! Thanks Cellunlock!!


What about the Sprint and Verizon people! WE WANT UNLOCK CODES TOO!!!


What a great promo! But im with Telus!


I am sure we flooded cellunlock with all the orders but i have yet to receive my code. just wishing it would arrive.


Ordered mine around 11:30pm ET last night -- still nothing 11 hours later. But I imagine the flood (over 5,000 requests so far?) may have exceeded capacity. Certainly not complaining about something free (and quick and easy) -- just looking forward to getting the code. Hopefully today!


I have heard so much about this and didn't expect to need it but it's great that they made this offer for us. love this site and the great people who appreciate the members.


I followed the Crackberry instructions as printed on the site, entered my crackatt coupon code and was charged $14.99 to my VISA card. Here is the screen shot to prove it ! Today is March 12, so I have not run out of time yet according to the Crackberry site. Help please?????


I enetered the correct code for Rogers ("crackrog"), but the dicount coupon will not apply. Anyone else have this porblem?


Sounds like you made a mistake somewhere. Try doing it again Team

Please use the thread on CrackBerry Forums below to let us know of any issue you occured when placing your order such as being charged.


CellUnlock Team


I'm so surprised that they got >5000 orders, and they've handled this with amazing speed.

Got my code under 12h with the amount of orders they got.

Odor Zapper

I wonder if the reason they are doing it is to get a bunch of high quality links pointing at their site so that Google will love them more in future search results!?

Any how, great offer. My BBs are already unlocked so I submitted a req for an HTC unlock and it came up $0

much appreciated and they just made it to the top of my "recommend to friends" list for unlocks (they'll stay there if I actually get my code :)


@ judicator-
you got lucky 16 hours here and nothing yet.
Thank you for doing this though!


Yes, too cool!

In regards to the person whinning cuz they won a code, ans now it's free...

guess we should all get upset when someone else gets something we want. Like, hey, some starving kid on the street is hungry, and I should get to eat, and they don't? Hey, *I* am so important that they shouldn't get something that *I* have, cuz, hey, *I* am special! What insanity! What selfishness!!!! So, if you feel so robbed, give away that code you won, and join the masses in getting their freebie!

OK, I'll stop my rant... ;-)

Thanks CB! Great giveaway!


Awesome! Thanks!


Does anybody know when the unlock code for vz is going to come around?


Thank you CB and Cellunlock! Very generous offer!

I waited 17 hours for the unlock code, and can say it was worth the wait!

For those VZ owners, i think i read somewhere in the comments that all you have to do is type in all 3 codes.


Thank-You! Such a beautiful thing they are offering us.


How long did it take to get your free codes? Im still waiting!!!!


Its been 17 hours for me, but I'm not worried about. After all, it is free!


Been 14 hours now since I ordered and still waiting. Got the acknowledgment of the order, but no code yet!