Free turn-by-turn sat nav for UK BlackBerry users with traffic, cameras and a slice of social media thrown in for good measure

By James Richardson on 7 Nov 2012 06:24 am EST

Remember when we reviewed Telmap for BlackBerry smartphones? Well, the same devs have come up with another alternative but this time with built in traffic, maps and speed cameras - all for free! You will however require a touch screen BlackBerry for this particular application.

M8 is a free all-in-one mobile application that combines next generation navigation technology, local content and social media. You can expect the same first-class turn-by-turn in-car navigation, voice-guided instructions and postcode and address search that you get from Telmap Navigator.

However, M8 has been developed with a number of new features including 3D maps and POIs, shortcuts to home and work addresses for easy commuting, striking vector-rendered graphics, sleek animations, clearer illustrations of next turn and improved lane detection. M8 also now offers additional content including free traffic and speed camera updates.

Features of M8 include:
  • Live traffic updates.
  • Speed camera alerts. 
  • Turn-by-turn navigation (automatically reroutes you and announces street names). 
  • Professional maps with auto updates. 
  • Dedicated pedestrian navigation with clear directions.


  • Easy access to categories - restaurants, bars, shops, cinemas, parks etc.
  • Find the nearest cash machine, supermarket or post office. 
  • Access the Yelp directory for shopping centres and coffee shops. 
  • TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet's favourite restaurants and hotels with helpful reviews and pictures. 
  • Barclays Cycles station with the number of bikes available.


  • Seamless integration with Facebook lets you check where mates are.

Clearly we will be doing a full review of the app so keep your eyes peeled in the next week or so.

More information/Download M8 for BlackBerry touch screen smartphones

Reader comments

Free turn-by-turn sat nav for UK BlackBerry users with traffic, cameras and a slice of social media thrown in for good measure


Downloaded and installed. It is an upgrade for Telmap, for those that have it, no need to remove Telmap, as M8 overwrites it. Keeps existing settings and stored places. As with Telmap I had to switch off wifi to complete installation. Have noticed speed camera's is greyed out?
Improved UI. Will have to try it out now

I did the same upgrade from Telmap, and speed cameras were also greyed out. I had to uninstall and reinstall M8 to get the speed camera feature to work.

Few things

Why does it want access to personal data?
Why does it want to reset the security timer?
This is just Orange maps with a new UI

installed then deleted.

This is why I deleted Telmap so quickly, it just seemed liked nicely dressed up spyware.

Personal data isn't your address book or memos. IT IS NOT SPYWARE.
Security timer reset, that's to keep the BACKLIGHT ON.