Releases Free App for BlackBerry - Enter to Win a Free Garmin Nuvi GPS!

By Adam Zeis on 22 Oct 2009 12:19 pm EDT
0 recently released their free application for BlackBerry Smartphones. The app gives you an easy view of traffic conditions, including color-coded traffic flow maps, incident data, mass transit data and more. This is extremely handy for travelers or commuters who need to keep tabs on traffic conditions. The app is available totally free from BlackBerry App World.

In honor of the launch of the free mobile application on the BlackBerry, WHERE has partnered with to give away a free Garmin Nuvi 1390 T to one of its readers. The contest rules are easy: In the comments section of this post, share the funniest bumper sticker you've ever seen while waiting in traffic. Haven't seen a funny one? Then make one up yourself! Oh but be sure to keep it somewhat suitable for work. The top 10 finalists will be chosen by the WHERE team on Monday, November 2nd. Then it's up to you, the CrackBerry community, to vote for the winner! The winner will be notified via email and will receive a free Garmin Nuvi. Keep reading for full details.

Win a Free Garmin Nuvi Contest Details

Ok, here is what we are asking you to do:

Step 1: Download the app from App World. (Will this increase your chances of winning? Heck no! But it will sure save you a lot of time and frustration on your next commute.)

Step 2: Share the funniest bumper sticker you've ever seen (or have made up) in the comments of this post.

10 finalists will be chosen and posted in the CrackBerry blogs for the community to vote. One grand prize winner will receive a new Garmin Nuvi 1390 T.

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Reader comments Releases Free App for BlackBerry - Enter to Win a Free Garmin Nuvi GPS!



"If your reading this youre not close enough"
"If you hit me than I gonna sue you to get my next month's car payment"

Here are some hilarious bumper stickers I came across.

#1 EARTH FIRST! We'll strip mine the other planets later.

#2 "Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes."

#3 if you're going to ride my ass, at least pull my hair

#4 Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder

#5 The more you complain, the longer God makes you live.

Thanks for allowing me to enter the contest.

"i'm not drunk, i'm texting!"

i had this bumper sticker made after i got pulled over (in the MORNING) and the officer swore i was drunk, when i was really just texting on my storm (not so easy while driving, i do not recommend it LOL), anywho i got a 180$ fine which got knocked down to 85$ in court...i had the sticker made the next day.

I'd rather be spanking the monkey!!
I wish you hadn't voted for Bush... -God
How many actual blonde jokes are there? One, the rest are facts.

Saw this last week on an old beat up van, and sure enough, the turn signal was on with no legal turn anywhere in sight (and no, I don't drive such a van).

"Old people forget to turn off their signals...I'm one of them so back off."

Ok this has prolly already been used but I didn't have time to read through 12 zillion posts to make sure:

"Yes, its my truck. No, I won't help you move."

if i could win this then i could pass it along to my wife for her bold when i purchase the 9700 when it comes out! keeping it in the family! lol! good luck to all!

--> My Blackberry kicks your iPhone's butt.

--> How's My Driving? PIN Msg me @ 305C4F18

--> My Other License is my Blackberry PIN

--> Dont bug me I'm texting.
***LOL With new Ontario Law***

I hope you consider me for a finalist!! Congrats to all the entrants and finalists!!!!

there was a bumper sticker on a run down truck that shows an arrow pointing at the muffler ansd says i see this in bed every night. i thought it was stupid.

Don not piss of my dragon: for you are crunchy and tasty with ketchup.
My other ride is a broom.
pit, pass or just get outta my way.
I am not speeding, I am qualifying.
Give me a ticket?? gotta catch me first!!
Pierced and tattooed in places your love to lick!!
I cant drive 55, my car won't go that fast!!

1) Queen Elizabeth Riding - Hit at your own risk!

2) If That iPhone Was Up Your Butt, Maybe You Could Drive A Little Better

3) Horn Broken ... Watch For Finger.

4) So Many Pedestrians --- So Little Time!

5) Stop Honking I'm trying to make a phone call.

6) Yes, it's my truck, and NO, I won't help you move.

7) This bumper sticker is just hiding a dent.

8) 100,000 Sperm, & YOU were the Strongest Swimmer.

9) You're so boring, if you threw a boomerang, it wouldn't come back to you!

10) Don't follow me. I'm lost too.