Releases Free App for BlackBerry - Enter to Win a Free Garmin Nuvi GPS!

By Adam Zeis on 22 Oct 2009 12:19 pm EDT
0 recently released their free application for BlackBerry Smartphones. The app gives you an easy view of traffic conditions, including color-coded traffic flow maps, incident data, mass transit data and more. This is extremely handy for travelers or commuters who need to keep tabs on traffic conditions. The app is available totally free from BlackBerry App World.

In honor of the launch of the free mobile application on the BlackBerry, WHERE has partnered with to give away a free Garmin Nuvi 1390 T to one of its readers. The contest rules are easy: In the comments section of this post, share the funniest bumper sticker you've ever seen while waiting in traffic. Haven't seen a funny one? Then make one up yourself! Oh but be sure to keep it somewhat suitable for work. The top 10 finalists will be chosen by the WHERE team on Monday, November 2nd. Then it's up to you, the CrackBerry community, to vote for the winner! The winner will be notified via email and will receive a free Garmin Nuvi. Keep reading for full details.

Win a Free Garmin Nuvi Contest Details

Ok, here is what we are asking you to do:

Step 1: Download the app from App World. (Will this increase your chances of winning? Heck no! But it will sure save you a lot of time and frustration on your next commute.)

Step 2: Share the funniest bumper sticker you've ever seen (or have made up) in the comments of this post.

10 finalists will be chosen and posted in the CrackBerry blogs for the community to vote. One grand prize winner will receive a new Garmin Nuvi 1390 T.

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Reader comments Releases Free App for BlackBerry - Enter to Win a Free Garmin Nuvi GPS!



#1 ----> Are you following Jesus this close?

#2 ----> All I want is less to do, more time to do it, and higher pay for NOT getting it done.

#3 ----> A Day Without Sunshine Is Like, You Know, Night!

"The only reason I would kick you out of bed would be to screw you on the floor." The lady who was driving the car had to be at LEAST 70 years old.

If I wanted to hear the crap coming out of your car stereo I would be sitting in your front seat.

i saw a really good one the other day on the road said
"when life gives you lemons squirt people in the eyes with em" lmao

The best one I ever saw was a sticker on the back of a motorcycle that read:
"If you can see my jacket the B*tch fell off"

This is hard to show because I can't show different size font. Democrat or Republican you can't help but laugh at this. I died when I saw this one. Just imagine much smaller "ll" and "it": BUllSH*t

I saw a Cop car with the following on the Plexiglass between her and her "passengers"

A picture of a bull crapping with the red Circle with a line through it.

So: No BlullSh%t

Horn not working..Watch for finger,
My son f*ucked your honor student daughter,
keep honking.. im reloading(w/ a picture of a gun next to it)

an upside down sticker that read "Who says blondes are dumb?"
even better was "Unless your a hemorrhoid, get off my ass"

I can recall one particular bumper sticker from back in the mid-90s that I'll never forgot. I was stopped at a traffic light behind one of the worst looking, beat-up, mid-70s to early-80s style, ugly brown vans. The back of this thing was completely covered in stickers, but there was one that immediately stood out to me. It said... "Don't laugh... your daughter could be in here."

Not so much a funny sticker, per se. Last week I saw a beat-down Honda Accord with about 40 bumper stickers that were mounted on the inside of the rear window completely covering the rear view (all that you can see what the white backing of the stickers from behind the vehicle). At a red light I looked through the car to see every “Jesus Loves You” sticker ever printed. I guess Jesus only loves the DRIVER?!?!? I laughed the entire way home...

In case of rapture, this car will be unmanned

however my buddy thought it said raptor... so maybe dinosaurs are coming back too...

Seen in Myrtle Beach SC this summer
"My kid is an Honor student and my president is an idiot"
I assume it was directed at the last Administration?

best one ive seen is

Im So Horny, Id F**k the Crack of Dawn. (it spelled the whole f word making it even better)


Dont have a BB but as soon as verizon decides to acknowledge the storm2 ill be sure to download the app.

I saw a car that had two bumper stickers on it. The first read "My Yorkie is smarter than your Honor Roll Student" and the second one was "I'm proud of my Honor Roll Student" I found it a bit ironic.

Relating to the Doplar Shift:

a red bumper sticker that reads "If this appears blue, you are approaching too fast"

"KEEP WORKING: Millions on Welfare Depend on You."

"Visualize Whirled Peas"

"Am I Self-Centered, or is it just me?"

"4 out of 3 people have troubles with fractions."

"Cat...The Other White Meat."

And finally,

"The shortest sentence is "I Am", the longest is "I Do"."

"The shortest sentence is "I Am", the longest is "I Do"."

It took me a minute to figure this one out haha but it's talking about Marriage saying "I Do" is a life sentence

I saw an Obama one.....
Oh Boy Another Mistake America all in red white and blue

id still like the GPS please

If you are reading this than you are too close. Let me break so we can talk face to face.


Funniest bumper sticker ive seen was actually a blackberry one and it said "My Phone is smarter than me"

Them: ASL?
Me: Age? Old enough to get it done.
Me: Sex? Sure I'm on top
Me: Location? Doesn't matter, I'm on top!

i like the one that says "you just got passed by a girl"
and the famous "my kid beat up your honor student"


I like the ones that say something like:

"If this bumper sticker looks blue, you are driving too fast." (on a red bumper sticker)

You! Out of the gene pool!

Cats flattened while you wait!

We cover our eyes when mommy drives.

Dumbs are not blonde!

Hello officer. Just put it on my tab.

I'm not prejudiced; I hate everyone.

I saw this on a truck about a year ago. It read:

"My other ride is your Mom"

I laughed for about 5 minutes straight.

I had this bumper sticker I got from my best friend that went to the AVN show is Las Vegas in the center it read in big bold letters P O R N. and underneath it said "I'd rather be watching" Being single at the time I slapped that bad boy right on my back window for all to see. One day I was doing about 90 on the freeway, when I noticed a car come up behind me, stay there for a bit and then start to pass me on the right. Low and behold it was a CHP officer. I began to have a heart attack, then I realized he was laughing his butt off and giving me a thumbs up, before he sped off. It took me a second to realize that my bumper sticker saved my rear.

i'm ok (but upside down on the front windshield) mostly because i was tired of seeing jeeps with the whole "if you can read this roll me over" i mean someone going to get out of their car and roll your jeep back over? i doubt it! so the whole "i'm ok" (but upside down) was much more comical to me :)

First is "Drive like your ass is on fire"

Second is "One Big Ass Mistake American" with OBAMA in big letters and the rest in a fairly small font

when I click on the link emailed to me it takes to the screen that prompts me to choose either review, recommend or screenshots....but no link to actually download the program. Moreover, when I try to search for it on appworld on my bb, it does not show.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Is that the OS you have on your phone, is not supported by the software. So either upgrade your phones OS to the version listed in the article or upgrade your phone to one that can use the OS the app needs.

I just saw this one this morning... It read:

"I got real worried when I heard about balloon boy.... For a miute I thought Michael Jackson was ordering takeout from heaven"

i saw one that read:

"I was really nervous when I heard about balloon boy... For a while I thought michael jackson was ordering takeout from heaven"

Long ago, a guy by the name of George McGovern was running for President. Not sure against who.
He promised $1000.00 for every one to stimulate the economy, Unheard of back then.
Later during the campaign he changed his mind.
The bumper sticker was on the back of a Bentley In LA and read "Where's my $1000 George"

Hilarious joke of a bumper stick I read in traffic:
"McCain for president"
Doesn't get any funnier then that.


Jesus loves you .. everyone else thinks you are an idiot!

I used to have a handle on life...but it broke off.

Hang up and drive!!

Heart Attacks...God's revenge for eating His animal friends.

Your ridiculous little opinion has been noted.

Some people just don't know how to drive ...I call these people "Everybody But Me."

If you can read this...I can slam on my brakes and sue you!

Try not to let your mind is too small and fragile to be out by itself.


This is my entry for this contest