Free Texts From Last Night Application Now Available

By Bla1ze on 21 Jul 2009 09:26 am EDT
Texts From Last Night Fee Application

Here is a hilarious free application for you all to enjoy. Texts From Last Night is an application that links itself to the website of the same name, which is akin to the likes of Twitter and FMYLife all of which have great applications as well.

Using the application you can view all the latest texts that people have sent in to the site and you can even search from within the application your own area code to find people who live nearby who have sent in stuff.

It's rather funny to see what people actually text in to the service, but I really cannot let this go without giving you all a warning. Some of the content found may not be for everyone (read: offensive). Use your own judgement.

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Free Texts From Last Night Application Now Available


I believe the developer received a cease and desist letter from TFLN lawyers...not too sure how long this one will be around.

Its going to be around considering the TFLN people were working on this. Read their twitter. they were tweeting about the app for iphone and blackberry...

Love @TFLN(yup, they are on twitter too) but this app is horrendous on my Storm. Takes forever to load and then scrolling basically doesn't work. I'll stick to the website/twitter/google reader feed.

As for "cleaning up the language". What, the mention of god? Must be pretty strict catholic to find the use there offensive...

You need to disable Compatibility Mode for the app on the Storm. Options > Advanced Options > Apps > TFLN > menu > disable compatibility mode

Only thing I wish for was a way to see more. Can't scroll beyond page 1 until new ones start refreshing.

Just for the record, as the developer for the application, I would like to say that this app is not the one being developed by TFLN. This is a 3rd party application and apparently, they weren't too happy about its development. I am very grateful to them for supplying the content, but at the same time disappointed that they are so harsh to 3rd party app developers, while sites such as are very encouraging and have a section of their site dedicated to them. I intend on keeping the application available and continue its development until it is no longer useful to the user community as I feel that their legal arguments have no valid backing. I thank everyone for their support and thanks for using the app!

For those of you having issues with scrolling on the storm, you can either disable compatibility mode or download the just released native version for OS 4.7

I'm sure it's a great app and I'm saddened that tfln would pursue legal action, even if just a strongly worded letter from their attorney...but that's their prerogative and, I must admit, I've no idea what legal justifications they might have in their corner.

For me their @tfln tweets are enough, anymore and I'd never get any work done. I just assume read various tweets from @tfln as they come in on my timeline.

This is my new favorite app!
I love Bla1ze and Crackberry... you guys are awesome.

And great job on the app ComputerWolf... it's simple, easy to navigate.. and an awesome idea. Good luck with TFLN and the legal crap. :-/