Pandora News: Free Streaming Radio App for BlackBerry Updated with New Features and Fixes

By Bla1ze on 16 Jul 2009 08:47 am EDT



Pandora got some great updates and new features over the past day or two, if you have been using it be sure to upgrade to the newest version--being 1.1, to ensure the best experience possible with your streaming audio.

New Features

  • Significantly better audio quality over mobile network - now using stereo AAC+ (HE-AAC) for both Wi-Fi and mobile connections
  • Listener preference option to select “High” quality stream over mobile network or “Normal” for slower connections. Both are stereo.
  • Create Station screen now has auto-complete functionality as you type
  • Added user preference option to enable or disable station auto-start
  • Moved “Log Out” from main menu into Options screen, it now shows the currently logged-in username
  • Visual overlay when changing volume; easier to see actual volume level
  • Application will check for correct application permissions on startup, and offer to set them to appropriate values if required
  • You can now get to the “Options” screen from the menus of both the Station List screen and the Now Playing screen
  • Reduced download size of app by about 30-40%

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed stream resume problem on some Storm devices after being interrupted by a system alert (phone call, SMS, email, etc)
  • Fixed bug where Wi-Fi capable devices without a SIM card or data plan were not able to use Pandora over Wi-Fi
  • Fixed reports of “low volume” settings not being low enough - the lower volume settings now go as quiet as possible before being muted
  • Fixed bug where album art may not have been displayed for some tracks
  • Mute button should now properly sleep the device when holding it down

Pandora is compatible with BlackBerry Pearl 8100 series, Pearl Flip 8200 series, Curve 8300 and 8900 series, 8800 series, Bold 9000, Storm 9530 and the new Tour 9630.

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Pandora News: Free Streaming Radio App for BlackBerry Updated with New Features and Fixes


Anyone elses Icon simply just black and white now? Not that big of deal but I don't think it looks as pretty.

I've never been able to get Pandora running on my Pearl. Not sure why. Went back and forth with their tech support for a while. Keeps giving me a network not available error whenever I try and play something.

Use both Pandora and Slacker, think this update might give cause to delete Slacker. The lower low volume(I listen when going to sleep), improved audio quality, and the alert interruption fix for Storm users like myself are huge in my book. Was receiving a 502 error when trying to give a thumbs up to songs. Went into application permissions and set everything to allow. Some were set to custom for some reason. Issue fixed.

That's why the article says to go to Pandora's site to get the latest update. It usually takes a bit for App World to get the updates.

Ive tried to go to on my BB to upgrade to 1.1 and it says that Pandora is not supported where I am located, it thinks I'm in Sweden! Obviously it worked once before because I have it installed on my BB now... So confused. Am I just doing something wrong?

EDIT: Got it fixed! I was going to Pandora from Opera Mini, when I went there from my BB browser it worked just fine... I'm an idiot...

I've tried to give Pandora a chance. But when I create a station, there's TONS of artist repeats. I'm looking for an alternative to XM after my sub expires, but Pandora isn't it for me because there's not much variety. If I'm doing something wrong, please enlighten me. But I've deleted this and Slacker for the same exact reason.

I have used Pandora for quite some time on my computer, and the trick is to add as many artists to the station as you want to listen to. For example, if you're into rock don't just add nirvana and smashing pumpkins or all your songs will be from them. Also, as you listen to a station long enought (all day at work for example), the more you rate songs thumbs up or down will greatly affect the number of stuff you hear that you might like.

Yes sir. Well, I've always had the BlackBerry application. I'm on Telus though, not sure if it works on Rogers or not.

Unfortunately we are still restricted to streaming music in the US only. More information can be found on our FAQ at If you are outside of the US and by chance are able to use Pandora, it's likely that it will stop working at some point in the future as we frequently update our geolocation database with new data.

Holy crap they fixed the bug that made the music restart from the beginning when you received an alert (sms, mms, call). Either they fixed it or my Tour doesn't have that problem.

I was using Slacker Radio because of the terrible Pandora sound quality, but now that that's fixed I can start using Pandora again woo hoo!!

When I downloaded Pandora for my 8900 the Pandora app would freeze as I would leave the Wi-Fi zone on campus at my school to the Edge network that I use off-campus...which would suck because I live off-campus. I hope that issue is fixed as well.

Just downloaded the update and the difference in sound quality is HUGE. It sounds like I'm listening to a CD on my Storm. Awesome!

Ok so i've never had Slacker radio on my BB Storm. I've always used Pandora radio. Well today when i updated my Pandora radio to the newer version and restarted my BB i now have a Slacker radio icon on my BB home screen! Is this just me? Has anyone else noticed anthing similiar to this with their BB? Just wondering, i didnt install it but its kind of irritating when icons just pop up on your BB that you dont want or didnt install.

Ok so i just found the answer to my question about the Slacker Icon showing up on my BB Storm. Verizon and Slacker have joined together, or Verizon bought Slacker. So now Verizon feels that gives them the right to just push icons for apps to Verizon customers. Kinda like junk mail or spam i didnt want and cant get rid of. Yeah i know i can hide it but its still there on my BB wasting space.

I have been using Pandora for a couple of years now and I loved the fact that they created an app for it. Now I just have to upgrade my current app. Oh yea baby!

The new pandora rocks, pun intended. Almost no lag between tunes and much improved sound quality. Great app.


It should work fine over Wi-Fi only. You may have to disable your mobile connection the first time you run Pandora - then once you're logged in, go to the Options screen (from the menu) and make sure you set the Wi-Fi options to "Wi-Fi only". Press the "back" button and choose to save the setting, and it should now use only Wi-Fi even when your mobile connection is turned back on.

Works awesome on my Sprint 8330 Curve. The audio is more than 100% better sounding, almost on par with my iPod touch when i'm on wi-fi. Funny how when you change the volume, it now looks like an iPod/iPhone with the big icon in the center of the screen.

Well, I gave it a try since the quality was way improved. However, there is still no caching option like Slacker has. Also, the delay between skipping songs is huge whereas Slacker it's a few seconds. Uninstalling now...

Just updeted my STORM what a fricken diffrence.

A must upgrade if you love music. the mute button now works too. Hell ya

You may need to change your BB Browser to run in BlackBerry 'Emulation Mode'. From your web browser select MENU -> Options -> Browser Configuration -> Emulation Mode and make sure it is set to "BlackBerry"

I was experiencing the same thing and i followed MarcPandora suggestion and changed my browser from Firefox to blackberry and it worked perfectly.

great thanks because i tried going to the site from my phone and all it would do was take me to the homepage and there was no download link...this helps a bunch!!

so i just downloaded the new! its WAY better than before! loads way faster, shuts down instantly, minimal lag between songs and GREAT sound quality.

THANK YOU for fixing the alert issue on the storm! Actually sometimes I would text myself so I could listen to a song again LOL

Glad to hear of the great updates. I just wonder if many other users have problems with Pandora Switching (lowdly) to speaker when paired with bluetooth headphones and turning on GPS. This seems like a bug to me. Is it easy to fix? A system setting perhaps? I'd love to get it sorted.


I get it after a tone plays for a message, after that the music is at full blast till i hit a volume button then it goes down to normal. no biggie though. I love pandora

I really like the update. The sound quality seems much better and like the changes they have made (menus and such), plus all that in a smaller footprint!

Can anyone tell me if this version times out after a while like the browser pandora? like if you don't skip a song or anything. The reason I would actually want this is because I like to fall asleep listening to music and if it does then I don't need to worry about waking up like 2 hours later and there is still music playing.

But besides that I played around with it for a little and its so snappy and faster than before. The sound quality is amazing and now my wifi actually works with it. Also when evern you skip a song the next one comes through so much faster. I wish you guys would also make it so that the caching if songs. That would def be the BEST pandora app ever!!

For the past couple of days, I have tried to download this update. Is anyone else getting a message of "Unable to connect to the selected Mobile Data Service?" I read through all the comments, my browser is set to Blackberry, I've got all the suggestions covered...nothing. I'm using a Storm 9530 on Verizon. Thanks.

I live outside the US and have been able to use the app on my storm. I went to the pandora website from my browser, downloaded the application. When asked if new or old user, select new user, put in information and when it says zip code, I just put in any US zip code (like 90210 lol) Works great so far!

now with the update at the beginning of every song I am now getting advertisments for Thumbplay Music Store and other ads. I close it and when the next song comes up it pops up again. REALLY annoying! I don't know if it's temporary since I just did it and I've been listening for a few minutes. It happened several times before the update but this seems it's poping up with every song. I switched stations to see if it would go away, NOT! Testing as I'm typing and it's still happening with every song that comes up. I have a Verizon Curve 8330. Any suggestions?