Free StormSketch App for the BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Feb 2009 08:03 am EST

StormSketch for the BlackBerry Storm

We received a couple of email tips over the weekend letting us know about a new Etch-A-Sketch like app for the BlackBerry Storm. When I read the tips I thought to myself, funny... that's not new, I saw that in the Storm Apps forum the other week! But it hasnt been blogged yet, so here it is by popular demand...

With StormSketch, CrackBerry member dmglakewood strikes again with yet another FUN & FREE app for the BlackBerry Storm. StormSketch allows you to draw on the screen using your finger and clearing the screen just requires a simple shake left and right. Dead simple, but addictive!

For more information and download Link, jump over to the StormSketch thread. And if you're a Storm owner, be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the Storm 3rd Party Apps forum... there's more and more popping up every day!

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Reader comments

Free StormSketch App for the BlackBerry Storm


Are you kidding me? Wow, the Storm just got lamer! Seriously, we can rival the youngest of elementary schools now with a stick figure showdown!

Always some twit got to feel big about a rebuttle. STF! I was smart and bought the 8900 tough guy! Now go doodle me your shinebox!

Yeah, you seem like that kid I use to punch in the head for being a twink. Go buy an etch a sketch if you want to "doodle". LoL, that's all you will ever be, just a doodle. You sure set your standards high! Someone should plunge your potty mouth with soap!

Wow, someone needs to lighten up and have some fun once in awhile!

StormSketch is one of my favorite apps on the Storm. It's a doodlers dream! I'm not much into games or the like, but sometimes when I'm sitting in bed or something I feel like doodling and this is great for those times. Plus I can doodle without wasting paper or ink! I can also use CaptureIt to take a picture of my drawing on the screen. dmglakewood has been coming up with lots of great apps even the "holiest" of BlackBerry users might like them if they actually TRY them.

Thank you to the app creator for going out of your way for our FREE entertainment and thank you kevin for putting this in the blogs. Please keep doing so as crackberry is my one and only source for my great Storm info!

This is a fun little app. Thanks for the work. I just have one question. the drawing seems to lag a bit. Could that be fixed?