Free SodaBerry Bottom Dock With Today Plus Theme for the BlackBerry Bold

By Bla1ze on 20 Jul 2009 06:40 am EDT
Free SodaBerry Bottom Dock  With Today Plus Theme For BlackBerry Bold

Coming to us all from the CrackBerry Forums is a free BlackBerry Bold theme from CrackBerry member RedZapper. SodaBerry is a nice and fresh looking theme that uses bright colors and great icons from Alistair Roberts to make it a very nice addition to anyone's BlackBerry theme collection. Icons are user customizable and today plus features are integrated into this awesome bottom dock theme. Be sure to check it out on your BlackBerry Bold for free today and check the forums for more screen shots. And did we mention the price was free? Now if only it was available for all device models.... :)

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Free SodaBerry Bottom Dock With Today Plus Theme for the BlackBerry Bold


Cool, can't wait to try it out on my Curve. Hopefully they post it in the blogs when teh Curve version is out.

I have loaded many themes and they seem to never be to my liking. This one is excellent!! Clean and it doesn't play with my fonts or font size.

Excellent job!

Pardon my ignorance but i am really new to blackberry stuff and need help! i've downloaded the theme looks great but what does bottom dock mean? and what are the today plus features? also there seems to be an icon on the upper right of the screen just below the signal strength what is that for? help the newbie crack this please!

Great looking theme. I have been using blackberry since last 1 year and this is the best theme I have come across. Thanks.

Looks like a really nice theme, the one thing I find a little funny is the media icon. I don't want an "ipod" on my Blackberry. I never fell victim to the ipod/iphone/ibook craze, so if it was even a recordplayer I'd like it a little more.

mortififed, I cant install, it downloads and asks to reboot then nothing, it is not on the list of Themes to select. I can install all other themes no problem - any advice folks?