Free SmartBBattery Shows Battery Status As An Icon

By Leo Garcia on 14 Sep 2009 09:12 am EDT


I came across a cool free app this weekend called SmartBBattery. The app is simple - it places an icon on your screen that displays you current battery status. The icon changes color (green, yellow or red) depending on your charge, and also shows the remaining battery life as a percentage. Thats all there is to it. SmartBBattery is a no frills app that gets the job done. The app works on all devices running OS4.2 or higher.

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Free SmartBBattery Shows Battery Status As An Icon


Yes why? Like don't we already have a battery meter on EVERY theme including the stock ones? File this under: USELESS APPS. How about an app that tells us what time it is?

I actually like this one. I hate the standard battery meter on most themes. Impossible to tell exactly how much battery is left. And it's free. Perfect.

for the visually impaired, I prefer to see a # in a bright green box than to have to squint my eyes and figure out if that battery is 3/4, 2/3, whatever, full! Nobody said it has to stay on your home page. Different strokes for different folks.

I like the idea of the app, but considering the icon is *everything* to this app, the icon could be a little prettier. It's kinda butt ugly.

I like what they are trying to do but I have meterberry which does the same thing. Might not be free but with all of the features and options it is well worth it!

You need this for a few reasons:

1 - The battery icon itself is too small to read

2 - Your theme hides your battery icon.

I have Meterberry which basically does the same thing, so I don't need this application, but I like this idea.

well this programs needs to be running in the back ground and i mean if i need to check my battery i can always just goto my status or look at the battery bar i mean it needs to be running all the time and that is one more app i dont neeed running in the background

But the icon is just plain ugly. I have a theme that makes it really hard to tell how much battery is left so I downloaded this app hoping to be able to see it better. Now it feels like the battery status is takin up the whole screen. You can't even see the cursor when its highlighted! The developer should at least shrink it a little, or refine it a bit.. I don't know much about programming but it can't be that hard to make it look a little better

I purchased QL a few months back and love it. If you have QuickLaunch, use a quick key for the "Device Data" and it shows u the amount of battery left, your PIN, & free memory. Although tis is free, you don't have QL running in the background, possibly draining the battery. IMO

I couldn't understand why anyone would buy a fart app or an app to make your Storm sound like an electric razor but to each his/her own. At least this app does something useful if you like to know where your batt level is at a glance without going into status. Maybe not the sexist icon but it's works. Many thanks to the person that wrote and shared this app!!!

Hi All,

Thank you for your comments. Let me say just few words about our precious SmartBBattery :)
- Icons are ugly - I fully agree
- Font size is too big on Bold, Storm and Tour

We are preparing a new version with better looking icons and adjusted font size, it will be released in a few days. Moreover, we are working on upgraded SmartBBattery for OS 4.6+ (including 5.0), which will show battery status as application indicator too, so it will have even better visibility.

The downside of SmartBBattery is that it is running in background, however - I can assure you (well, it is questionable if you can trust to a developer :)) - there is no battery leak at all.

Don't hesitate to contact us at support[a] if you have any questions or ideas :)


QuiteSimple Team

an app that uses battery life to tell you what life your battery has left. I don't get it. The OS already has that up at the top and it changes colour already.

I downloaded this app and I like it and the price was the best part. Yes the icon is Fugly but it does what it is supposed to and I appreciate the developer commenting that they are streamlining it and will release a another version in a few days. I never knock developers who give us free apps and appreciate the work that they do and will say thanks whether i find the app useless or not. So thanks and look forward to the update.

Hi All,

SmartBBattery upgraded version (1.02.7) is released. The new version includes adjusted icons and adjusted font size for Bold, Storm, Tour and 8900 (Curve).

Please let us know if you still experience any issues. (support[a]

On the side note - you may find useful our newest application "ExtractIcon".