Free SleekBerry Theme For BlackBerry Curve 8900!

By Michelle Haag on 27 Aug 2009 02:04 pm EDT
SleekBerry Theme For 8900 Curve!

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Perusing the 8900 theme forums late last night I came across a new hotness called SleekBerry, by the up-and-coming Yves. I installed right away and was immediately impressed with his choice of icons and clean layout for this theme. The gray, black, and white color scheme and high transparency of the icons and menus makes this theme a great candidate for all you wallpaper lovers out there.

Six user customizable icons plus weather slot round out the much sought after personalization we all crave for our home screens. Warning for you that like bigger fonts: Yves went with a small one on this theme. Personally I love it, as I look for small fonts in themes I download. But, since I see a lot of requests for bigger fonts on the forums, I figured it fair to warn any potential users.

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Free SleekBerry Theme For BlackBerry Curve 8900!


Why is every new theme described as "clean", especially when (as in this case), it's completely cluttered?

what do you mean? the only reason why it looks that way is to show you all the alert icons on top... they wont be there all the time.

SMS is the yellow bubble that says "hi!"
When you scroll to it, does anyone else get a list of 4 random 'sent' SMS messages listed? I had this issue with another theme too.

Call me dumb, but I'm not seeing a yellow bubble icon anywhere. It looks like this theme groups text messages together with emails like older Blackberry OS's.

how do you get it to show the weather? Or is that just where the 1st app in the menu gets placed?

I did the download, but it doesn't show up on my themes list. I went to download it again, but it says it's already there...what gives? Where did it go?

@ solid b316: it's in the picture above? the yellow bubble 'hi!' is my SMS/MMS and the envelope next to it is my email.

@timwilliams916: I didn't need to restart mine for it to show up, but it wouldn't hurt to try...

@rdpasc: yup, that's just the 1st icon position. They must have weather set up 1st.

Thanks a lot for the feature.

Currently working on a 83XX, 9000 and 96XX version of this theme.

Those having any technical issues with the theme, please use the forum thread so I can address it:

Those having issues with the download link, I will attached a Desktop Manager version in the original post

I have tried several times to download OTA. Is there a workable link? Looks great! thanks!

I love the look, but im trying to figure out how to get this on my BB. I saved the download to my computer, but wasn't able to open it. Can anyone help out?

This is the first 'non-system' theme I have used in quite a while. I don't like themes because they always seem buggy and slow my bb waaaaaay down. so far so good with this one. I do wish we could get the same icons, but in a see through colorless version, other than that I think it is great.

Downloaded the theme with no problems. Just have to reorg. everything the way I like it. Thanks to the developers and crackberry for providing this. Many other themes are not what I wanted or liked. So far really pleased wih this one. I know you can't please everyone but I am a happy guy. Thanks again.

I downloaded this today and I LOVE it..I feel as though I now have a new phone. I love the previews of text messages and emails that you get, as well as the calendar entries :)

do most today themes not show the calendar and emails at all times but only when selected? That is my biggest pet peeve - whenever I look at my screen, I want to see my most recent emails and my next few calendar items.

Gotta download Plazmic and make my own!

Running If I have a new email that would display on the desktop, rebooting or battery pull will cause the T-Mobile screen to show indefinitely after booted. Turning off the 8900 (holding the red button) and turning back on gets around this, but upon unlocking, a java null pointer exception is thrown, and two icons are no longer visible: Email and Phone Profile (at the top). If I switch themes at this point, those two icons are still missing. Rebooting using a theme that doesn't have new emails listed on the desktop works fine, and changing to this theme after booted works fine.

I love the theme. Is this a blackberry OS bug?


Just started using Sleekberry for the 8900. So far, I love it as looks nice but it's really clear and not cluttered. I like the way rolling over your calendar icon brings it up but not on all the time.
Good job!

I love the theme - just what I wanted but there is a shadow over the menu buttons. If you pick anything and select the blackberry menu button, as you slide the cursor up and down to make your selection, it shows a shadowy line over the menu list, so you can't read it. Is there any way round this please?