Free Shazam Encore - Compliments of BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 28 Oct 2011 09:23 pm EDT
Shazam Encore

RIM has now rolled out the next app available for free as part of their thank you gifts. You can head on into BlackBerry App World and search for Shazam Encore and save yourself some money on the music 'tagging' service which, is great for looking up and sharing songs you know but can never remember the name of. You can also check out the video for any songs you tag as well -- purchase all from right within the 7Digital Store if you have that installed. Thanks, @NorthsideB!

*Note - Not all devices and carriers are going to be supported. While it shows all countries and devices running 4.6.0 and up are supported, we're going by the info relayed on the BlackBerry App World website and that appears to be somewhat inaccurate at times -- if wrong, don't shoot the messenger*

Download Shazam Encore For Free

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Free Shazam Encore - Compliments of BlackBerry


i did this, and tried alt rst but stil dont see bejewelled anywhere. typical RIM, completely different UX for everyone and every phone..

may i ask where youre located? im in Northern california, wondering if these apps are being released regionally? itd be nice to know, but thats too much to expect from RIM.

another free app that is not compatible with OS7 BB, Rim is starting to piss off this devoted BlackBerry user, this is my rrd straight day that i am thinking about switching to Android.

Great. This is the only app on the free list I really wanted, and I can't have it because I have one of the latest BB phones. Brilliant.

Does NOT work on 9850. States not compatible w/device.

**edit** states: Unavailable for this device. Still have the message now at 6:39pm CST on 10/29/11...

Works just fine on my 9900. Be thankful for what you get, especially considering it's free and stop complaining.

this is the mentality that is contributing to RIMS demise. im not thankful for what i got, know why? cuz i spent 300$ on my 9930 with tax and im locked into a contract for 2 yrs with an inept company that vows to reimburse us after they lose service worldwide for 3 days, but they are so fucking out of touch they cant even put all the free apps in one place for users to find, nor did they make them all available for all devices, nor are they releasing them in any sort of order, it seems like they just do it whenever. this is probably one of the biggest PR stunts in RIMS recent history and they are botching it left n right.

i was able to get shazaam on my 9930 and it works, but i already made the switch to iphone4s due to my frustration with the buggy OS that never seems to work as advertised. meanwhile my iphone works flawlessly and has all the apps i could want or need. but i unfortunately was foolish enough to buy a 9930 first, so now i have 2 contracts! btw my 9930 worked great until the 2 week return window closed. hello JVM error! hello spontaneous wiping of my device! yes this could very well have been an issue with a rougue app that didnt work correctly with my 9930, as i was installing all kinds of apps those first 2 weeks, but thats how RIM is advertising their phones! as consumer devices with app support..this never would have happened in the ios app store becase APPLE KNOWS WAT ITS DOING.

Sorry, I didn't get all you were trying to say.
All I heard was:

Goodbye, hope you'll be happy.

if you dont want people to read your post why would you take the time to post?

yea im a dissapointed customer and i hope RIM reads this.

all i saw from your post was "Look at me look at me im being funny! im making a joke! im being witty!"

You need help. There are more pressing issues to be worrying about. When was the last time a company gave you something for free when they don't have to? They don't guarantee you 100% uninterrupted service. In fact, no company does. Get a life, stop complaining. If you don't like it, sell it on eBay. RIM owes you NOTHING.

Glad you happy, now please do us all a favor and take your iPhone and troll some where else. You have a 2 year contract with your cell service provider not RIM. Also, who told you or forced you to sign a second contract. It is people like you that make me glad that service providers have a $325 early term fee. BTW, all 4 of the OS 7 phones I have work fine and are not buggy. Must be you.

Not sure what you are talking about, I'm on the 9930 and so far all three apps are available on my phone.

Awesome. Free is good. And I have OS7. Was able to get to the download page in appworld and download without issue. Seems to be working too.

Is there an alternate link? I prefer to not use App World, but imagine they are giving away the licenses to drive people there.

Thanks RIM for the free apps that DON'T WORK on OS7. I deleted the game after about 5min and don't need the only other one that works on OS7. Next, are we going to get "free crab tomorrow". I hope the class action lawsuit succeeds. Somebody should get something besides empty promises.

Well if you really want compensation, expect about 2 bucks in the mail. I'd take 100 bucks in free apps over 2 bucks (average amount over the 4 days) anytime.

3 apps so far...hardly $100 worth. At this rate, they'll reach $100 worth AFTER they get bought out or declare bankruptcy.

haha so true. wat the hell is the hold up? if they are trying to build hype around their shitty PR stunt they are failing "". but what else is new.

It's so weird that ShAzam wasn't OS7 compatible yesterday but today it's OS7 compatible and coincidently RIM made it available today for FREE....that's so weird! But I wonder what the hold up is.

Demonstrates the saying "Give and inch, they take a mile".

When dealing with people like yourselves what could RIM do to make it right?

Nothing. You want a "blank cheque". It never happens, even with the almighty Apple.

RIM can start by delivering what they promise in a timely matter and making their user experience more reliable. there is no reason that RIM cant be competing with the best of the best, if apple and google can do it, why cant RIM? theres no reason they couldnt put more effort in to their devices and software, but instead they continue to dissapoint. i am in love with my bold 9930s form factor, but i hate having a slow and unreliable user experience, and if i am going to be paying x amount of money every month for a device i want it to work as advertised, and i dont want to have to do OS wipes and reinstalls and reboot it after every install/uninstall.

i dont even care about the free apps, i dont need any of them, i have all the BB apps i need, its the fact that they are lacking in their delivery of their promise again. i just wish i could use my 9930 and not be frustrated all the time. i dont feel like thats a lot to ask.

Probably doesn't...

Sorry but it's very easy to see the memory leaks in the BB OS and it's primary apps. Since getting my torch, it's crashed 3 times. When I went to find out why, every time... it ran out of memory. What was I running? Text messaging. 0 3rd party apps were launched, I was just texting...
Unless I have some crazy idea of what working should be, and should treat my blackberry like I treat a windows computer (expect nothing stable, expect it to crash, reboot often).

i have the torch 9850 os 7 thru uscellular and so far it is not available for my phone. i'd like to at least TRY it ..kinda upset about it, but i guess maybe someday it will be for os7? i was SUPER excited to get os7 and the torch 9850--now i wish i still had my curve 3g because all of these apps would work on it

I assure everyone, this application does work with OS 7. I just installed it on my BlackBerry Torch 9810 and it works perfectly.

Thanks for another junk application...will you be offering any free apps that people are actually interested in? Here's an idea...sirius radio for os6!!! I'm really losing faith :(

You say "people" but you're really referring to yourself. If you don't like the app that's your opinion alone. Don't speak on behalf of everybody else.

Thank you. The vast majority in here sound very happy. When I receive this many gifts (hey wait, that hasn't happened in almost 50 years!) and I don't like some, I don't complain. But some people never learned that I guess, because frankly some sound like spoiled brats.

And, many OS7 folks have it working, so, for those having trouble who actually want the app, how about being proactive by starting a help thread on CB or a trouble ticket with the dev? When I have trouble with an app (and I do, too often!) that's what I do and I get responses. Admittedly RIM is probably extremely busy supporting their gifts right now but CB's forum and these devs are thankfully here to help, though blog posts are not the best places to be notified of a helpful response.

And PLEASE, if App World isn't showing it front center, just search for the name of the app. Takes 5 seconds! You guys are smart -- you talk all about your geekly wisdom when you really want something, but this is just whining.

Finally, much to the chagrin of the haters, RIM is not going away soon. If nothing else they have security features that wed them to the military, and enough of a peripheral audience to keep them in the top bunch. If YOU want to switch to #1 or 2, though, please do so, you won't be missed.

I apologize for venting but I am astounded by the silly complaints about gifts you don't have to accept and go about the normal avenues for tech support It seems some people would only be appeased by a blank check and who else is gonna give you that for an outage?

Off rant.

Have a good day all. I'm gonna play with my ever-smarter phone :D

Not looking for compensation of any kind, just tired of empty promises. And correction, SO FAR, it works on OS7. It's Appworld that doesn't work for OS7, go figure. Hard to spend money on apps and get them when they aren't in Appworld. No wonder developers don't want to waste their time getting apps OS7 compatible.

Yes you are.

The fact that BB App World caches a lot of content, makes updates no appear when they should. The cache in my experience has never actually made it any faster then after I dump the cache and start from scratch.
That being said, if you don't know how to dump the cache your left with having to wait till some unknown timer deems your BB ready for new data. Further on that, there is no reason a user should have to 1) be controlled by some cache 2) remember some obscure combination of keys that forces a cache dump.

But even with that... not everything shows up as it should.

Could not agree more. Seems like the entire site has been taken over by whiners. Will stay away from it for a while.

With consumers used to be being coddled, told that they're always right, and should expect more for less, why wouldn't they be self entitled and spoiled.

Funny thing is they have nothing to compare to. No company has done what RIM's doing, especially for something like a service interruption. Yet they assume that any other company would do much better.

Waiting for their bubbles to burst, someday.

Weird not showing up for me under the "free gift apps" box in Appworld even AFTER a clear cache (Alt + RST). It still shows only 2 "gift apps" available. Found it after searching for it by name, sneaky bastards.

It doesn't show up in that box with the other apps but if u type in shazam and hit enter it brings it up and its free. Works fine on my 9930. I just had to look a little. Thanks BB.

Strange thing, I wasn't seeing any Compliments of Blackberry apps besides Bubble Bash and Drive Safely in the AppWorld since the promo was announced. So I thought maybe the other announced apps were not for my phone (9780) or for my country (Trinidad & Tobago). But, just for the heck of it, I decided to search for the words "Compliments of Blackberry", and lo and behold, not only does Shazam show up (which I've been looking out for since day 1), but also Bejeweled (which I really don't care for)! Apparently, I've been missing out a bit.

Annoyingly Bejeweled is not available in the region most affected by the outage (Europe) and that is despite the playbook version being out there just fine and the listed company for the game being the Netherlands branch of EA.

For info - it's available in the UK, you just need a compatible device (it's there for my wife's 8520, not for my 990) - so it could be a compatibility and not availibility issue.

Pumped, this an app I wanted. Downloaded and works perfect on 9810. Thanks RIM, above and beyond in my opinion.

Best free gift app so far. works nice with my BB9800.
makes me wonder so far there is no such freebie for us with a Playbook too.
I guess they think Playbook owners were not affected by the outage !?

Very cool. Now I just need to get a new BB. My 9700 OS 6 is pushed to the max! Need mo memory! Anyway, thanks RIM. I can still squeeze this one on there. :)

Oh, wait...I meant to complain. Darn it RIM why did you make my 9700 with only 250MB of RAM?
Now how am I to get all these free apps? I am going over to Android...blah, blah, blah, blah...

Life is like a cup of coffee

I confirmed...It didn't show up under the complimentary but it did show as free when i searched and installed it on 9900 ^_^

I just downloaded this app onto my Torch 9810 this evening through and plan on using it. Thank you, RIM.

For those who have done nothing but complain, I would suggest to be grateful for what has been given, what has been taken away and what has been left behind. If you are not happy with the apps that are being offered, download the 'send feedback' app at App World and send them feedback with suggested apps.

I have to agree what someone shared earlier. If I had to choose becoming apart of a class action and getting a few dollars cash or getting some apps for free, I would take the later. Yes the money would be nice but I can use the app many times over.

I'm glad they finally gifted a working app. Unfortunately, I have zero use for Shazam, so I'll pass. But people seem to like it, so cool!

problem with installation.
9800, with rogers.
i get the following message after it downloads and tries to install:
"there was a problem during installation. please try again "
tried reboots, didn't work.

I just find it funny that all those that are "condemning" the "complainers" have successfully downloaded the apps. Wonder what all your reactions would be if the shoe was on the other foot??

Works on Verizon 9650... scanned the barcode on bb site since AW was still only showing the first two free apps.

Press alt rstrst and App World will reset itself. I now have Shazam Encore showing in the thank you section.

Of course the ONLY phone not supported is the 9850 -_- ...can someone please tell me why it supports 9860, 9810, 9800, 9900, and 9930, but not 9850???

I had continual error whilst installing messages. I had to delete the free version of Shazaam, then it downloaded first time. In the UK, on the 9900.

I'd be interested to know what those unhappy with the free apps as reparation for the outage want. A service I pay 5 pounds a month for didn't work for three days. Like for like reparation would be 3/31 * 5 = 48 pence.

Looking forward to it. Lol at some of ungrateful ppl. It took a while for some apps to be compatible with os 6 when it came out and I didn't have a cry back then but then my approach was I didn't get a phone primarily for apps but I appreciate the ones I do have on here.

I guess we've hit that point where people just can't be happy with what they get. RIM didn't have to give us anything for free but they did so for pete's sake stop your whining and be happy with what you're getting.

When I log into app world using my BB then click the 'header' or 'banner' at top of screen entitled 'free gifts' only the first 2 apps are showing.

But if instead i chose the 'apps' menu (from main menu) then the 'free gifts' menu all 4 free apps are listed.

Why not list then all in BOTH spots. Is confusing and frustrating.

I'm sure some will use this as more reasons to switch brands. Come on RIM if you want to play the game you at least need to hit the ball every now and then ...

hey you guys just search for the name of the app in app world, it takes 5 seconds. it is there for you, for free. yay.

Sweet! Bejeweled is also free! If you don't click the initial big A thank you gift on the top, but go to Apps, under categories and choose Thank you Gifts, bejewelled is also listed. :)

every time i try to download it it says its not compatible with my idk whats up if it does work with OS7...maybe it just doesn't like me?

I just tried to download on my 9930. Shazam didn't show up. Then I did a battery pull and tried again in app world and then it showed up. I downloaded and it works amazingly well. I just pushed the button while sitting here on the couch with my kids with Monsters Inc movie on TV. And shazam actually recognized it and showed the Monsters Inc Sound Track! Unbelievable! That's Awesome!!

Works great on my 9900 on Bell Canada, had to search for Shazam though, it didn't show up in my front page free gifts box, which just shows 2. Like others said, it shows up under Apps-Thank You Gift.

another "free" pos from rim. Not available for 9850, i tried drivesafely and it never worked no matter what i did. i think rim really needs to get qnx out asap and limit the number of phones out there to make software easier to produce. Definate benefit to ios . i have loaded software on my phone listed as not compatible and worked better than those listed as compatible. they should have just given an extra month of warranty on our devices and just apologized for the outage. this mess of incompatible software is irritating more than anything.

Maybe its not RIM but rather the user that is the problem. Quit whining. Works great on mine.

It absolutely is compatible with OS7. I downloaded the app just now. The problem is app world when visiting it directly from your cell phone. When I open app world from my 9900 it tells me on the free gift page that there are only 2 apps available and shazam is not one of them. HOWEVER, when i entered "shazam encore" in the search bar from app world on my phone, it brought me directly to the app and I did indeed download it. No issues whatsoeover. And, when I used my computer to go into app world, I went to shazam encore and checked it is 100%....compatible with OS7 devices such as Bold 9900. So, yes it does indeed work with OS7 Just type the name of the app in the search bar if on your phone app world.

Unavailable for my device (9850) :(
And I've been WAITING for this app to be updated (I had already purchased it for my 9550)

Go to blackberry app world directly...not via the app on the phone. Type in "shazam encore" or any app name. It will take you to the full app page for that app. Then on the right hand column, scroll down a bit for SUPPORTED DEVICES "list of compatible devices"
Then look for your device. If it is works, If not does not work for your phone.

Works fine for me on my 9900, at first it said it could not install at this time. Then I deleted the free version shazam app I had then installed encore and works fine. So far no problems getting any of the apps. I'm 3 for 3. Keep'em coming RIM.

There always seems to be some fanboys behind every company or product, they act like the companies can do no wrong, and stand behind them regardless.. I think the people who are complaining have a right to complain, the outage may have likely effected people in businesses severely. Playbook OS2 having been delayed many times I think also justifies negative comments & bad reception..

It has nothing to do with whining just the facts, I remember on Apple forums, people were upset about bad reception, and there were always users saying, stop complaining =/

I think if a product or company has a problem, its important that we acknowledge that it does have a problem so the company can respond accordingly, in Apple's case they were providing refunds and free cases.. I think If people hadn't complained they wouldn't have gotten anything..

I looked on App World on the my laptop, opened the "compatible devices" drop down, and.... Does not support the 9850..... What? It supports the 9860, but not the 9850? Good job alienating Verizon and Sprint and every other CDMA carrier in the US.

Blackberry 9810 on Rogers in Canada. Appworld indicates there are 3 free apps from RIM but if I go into that feature menu item only two are listed. No Shazam or Bejewelled. If I do a manual search for "compilments of blackberry" I find Shazam which installs and loads okay but no Bejeweled still.

Not the ideal method, having to manually search for apps, but the gesture on RIMs part is appreciated.

I'm going to try not to whine here but I have owned 8 Blackberry phones and the Torch 9810 with OS 7 has been such a huge letdown compared with the other phones. Several time I have thought about going back to my old 9800 for better app support but I like the speed of the 9810.

I have used an iPhone 4 and the call quality and reception was so horrible compared to my various Blackberrys that I would never switch regardless of app support.

Still, I am anxious that RIM step up their game with better OS7 support, maybe a super good trade up program to BBX phones once released and a stellar implimentation of BBX on my Playbook sometime in 2012.

I had the free version of this app and am thrilled to have the full version now. All four gifts are working beautifully. Yes I had to search in App World for two of them for all of 5 seconds, no big deal, that's like complaining about the color of the gift wrap, you guys are smart enough to find these things, come on.

I am so happy -- two really useful (for me, and many others) major apps, and two smooth-running classic games to pass those moments when we need distraction too. And we've only begun.

Thank you again, RIM -- so far so GREAT!!!!!

Umm.. MrSkittens, we can FIND it just fine, but we can not INSTALL it because it is "unavailable for this device". The device we are talking about is the Torch 9850 with BB OS7.

And as to this one consistent equipment complaint (the only one in this thread, I gather) I do sincerely hope that those with the 9850 get a solution soon. From this thread, it is clearly NOT all OS7.

As someone said upthread, when we upgraded to OS6 it took some time to get things working (and now, as inevitably happens in the tech world, those with old OSs are unable to run newer stuff.) I would bet this is temporary, and I sincerely hope it is.

Perhaps this is naive, but if I had the one model that wasn't working I would start a forum thread to get help from those with your model who got it to work. I would also address the developer. Finally, I would try to be patient and enjoy the other gifts meantime. I wish EVERYBODY luck.

"The Item is not available for your Device Model, Device OS, Carrier and Country combination." I have a 9850. Lame cuz I really wanted an app that tells you what song is playing. :(

As to the countries not covered, that is a totally different and legitimate issue and I really hope it's not temporary. RIM is doing a really great thing overall but it is a massive "oversight" (and I'm putting it nicely) to leave out some countries. Good luck to those in faraway lands for an opportunity to enjoy these cool gifts.

If that is the issue then there should be even less whining at RIM's gift attempts, thank you!

At the same time, RIM should do something else for those folks. I don't know what, though. Gift cert for an accessory, maybe. I'm just sayin' they're the only ones really left out, at least until an update is made for one model.

I am not someone looking for APPS but i downloaded this as it sounded neat. It is pretty cool.
As for all the bashing of late by the BB community it seems a bit over the top. I am no fanboi but seriously why do you have a blackberry if you want all the features of the iphone or android? I have used blackberries for years, I dont need the touch screen or all these other features that some seem to thing blackberries must have. Sure they had an outage and they are trying to make up for it. What would it take to satisfy everyone over that outage? the $2 we would get from a class action law suit? Where was the outcry when Amazon's cloud service took a dive a few months ago? did everyone all of a sudden run out and switch to someone else's cloud service?

It seems nothing they offer or try to do will suffice and it seems many are just looking for some excuse to get an iphone if that is what you want please do so and go. I am happy with my bold9780 on tmobile.

I also picked up a playbook on that 50% deal that staples was running. It has worked quit well and the bridge feature for me makes me less inclined to worry about native email (as my bb is always nearby). It is a really nice piece of equipment and I look forward to the upcoming updates, but buying it I knew there were some limitations.

shazam & bejeweled are not compatible with the torch 9850. which makes me super sad..i LOVED bejeweled. super addicting, hopefully the updates roll out soon. if not its not a big deal. i'm a blackberry girl forever!!!

For those having trouble with loading on OS 7 devices you may need to go in and uninstall Shazam if you previously installed it directly from their website. I was having problems getting the new one to install so I uninstalled the previous one did a restart and tried again and it worked...


I wanted bejeweled for something to play with on my train rides but it's not compatible with the 9700!! Is it compatible any of the OS7 devices?

Absolutely stoked with this free app! Shazam is awesome! And works perfectly on my 9900


I installed this a few days ago on my Torch 9810 works like a charm best free app from RIM I don't know wtf people are always complaining bla bla bla they says on CC they'll go to Andriod then GO!!!
While you're at it give me ur brand new OS7 device since ur never happy ill be very happy :) lmao

Ps it also worked on my friends Curve 9300 3G ( I guess she was lucky?) Haha

Thank you RIM&CC great job guys