Free Priority Theme For The BlackBerry Tour 9630

Free Priority Theme For The BlackBerry Tour 9630
By Bla1ze on 20 Aug 2009 06:21 am EDT

Here is a wicked BlackBerry Tour theme from SocksInsideOut. Priority is nicely laid out and as you can see from the pic above the usage of tabs in the theme is a great addition as well. A few other themes out there have used this feature before but not to the extent that is used within Priority. As of right now the theme is just in a testing phase so be sure to check out the thread in the forums and post any feedback or bugs you may have so the developer can ensure they are corrected.

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Free Priority Theme For The BlackBerry Tour 9630


...still a little laggy. Inexcusable since my device has 138~MB of free RAM, or whatever you prefer to call it, but understandable since this is a beta. Yes, I did battery pull and restart. :)

I loved his other theme, Foreberry, but that did not have a Hidden Today menu nor QuickLaunch integration as this one. The icons and overall theme is designed beautifully for both Priority and Foreberry, but practical usage is limited because of the half-to-full second it takes to move from homescreen icon to homescreen icon.

If socks finds a way to speed up the navigation and reduce the lag time, I might choose to main this. In the meantime, I will be sticking with BlackBerry Pro v3 by Natemz.

Also, my condolences to his family and loved ones.

this look really cool given it the old college try!

One thing I need to change is the "quick lanuch" I do not have it and would like for it to be changed to a program I use and have. any idea on how to change the bottom small taps?

i have been noticing on my tour, what is that bulls eye looking thing that has reception bars after it on the home screen?

You guys with your "unacceptable" comments kill me. It's a nice FREE theme. If you can do better, please let's see it. I know I can't, so I'll download it, use it, and not bitch and moan about it.

hey guys I could use a lil help. I clicked the link to get the ota free theme and it keeps tryin to save it to desktop and once it does its a .jad file and i cant open it. Can anyone help?

Open the link from the browser on your phone. If you open it from your PC, you'll need to save it, then install it to your BB using Desktop Manager, which is a PITA because it forces a reboot of your device. Always go OTA (meaning "over the air") when you can and install by opening the download URL from the browser on your BB device. It's quicker and easier.

That's a slot for a weather app like WeatherBug that has an icon that shows you current conditions. Whatever you put in the 7th position on the Application screen will show in that slot. The navigation on the theme isn't set to allow you to get there.

This theme looks sweet! Sure would be even sweeter on my BOLD! (Hint! Hint!)
Looks as though you put a TON of work into it. Congrats!
Again, would be sweet on my BOLD!

This is a great theme. For those who are complaining, It will get better. Plazmic is still in it's beta stages. So there is nothing that can be done about whatever issues you are currently having. Although, I have not had issues with lag. Great theme, must agree though, the Quicklaunch app... yeh, that has got to go as I don't use quicklaunch. Very very good theme. I look forward to seeing the others.

Thanks for taking the time out to make such a nice theme and for FREE cannot complain. I am appreciative. Keep up the good work.

Is there anyway to keep the exact same theme but remove all the tabs from the bottom. On my bb they are redundant and I would prefer only a single row of icons across the bottom.

Also would it be possible to have the weather rollover text display so I could have the weather icon and the words for lets say cloudy 98 degrees next to it. I use BBweather.

That said I think your theme is absolutely awesome and the icons u have used are the best I have seen. I have not experienced any issues and no lag at all.

I like the theme a lot thanks.... yes it is a lil laggy but nothing that is bothersome! So keep up the good work and thank you!

It looks great, but there is a lot of lag which is making me shy away from using it. Work that out and you have yourself a fantastic theme.

hey does anyone els have problem with this link?
it doesnt work.
I dont know if its just me or there is a problem

This is a Free theme use it or dont but Shut the F*** Up with your complaints and negative comments...Simple as that...Possitive criticizm is one thing, but if you dont like it make your own themes....

Hot theme.. defintely well worth.. wish another could be made with the sms/mms being seperate from the messages.. How do you change the tabs though?

Hott @$$ theme too bad my tour should be in sometime tomorrow. Hopefully i can still download this tomorrow.

I have to say that the one thing that bugged me about the Tour was the ugly new icons. Coming from the Curve I missed my cute icons.

This theme downloaded without a hitch and is very pleasing on the eye. I like the tabs on the homescreen, gives me the option to have different favorites than I normally have.

How do you customize this theme? i downloaded it and love it but I can't figure out how to set the quick launch app or get the weather icon on the home page. HELP!!

Downloaded the theme yesterday, played with it all day and I love it...makes using the blackberry easier and it looks good too.