Free Precision Rotunda Theme For Tour And 8900

By Bla1ze on 6 Sep 2009 03:32 pm EDT
Free Precision Rotunda Theme For Tour And 8900

Trimax84 is back in theming action, you all may remember Trimax84 from his Classy Corners themes which were insanely popular. This time around Trimax84 has given us a free version of one of his upcoming premium themes as a taste of things to come. Precision Rotunda is now available for the BlackBerry Tour and Curve 8900 and looks great on em' both.

Since Precision Rotunda uses the original precision icons this is a light download and is well laid out, the side section for the applications is sweet as it spins around between 18 customizable icons and there is a hidden today feature as well for those who like to keep things organized. Be sure to check it out it's awesome, it's free what more can I say?

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Free Precision Rotunda Theme For Tour And 8900


this theme is cool i had for a few weeks but deleted it yesterday. for some reason ever since i downloaded it my phone started doing its random reboot atleast twice a day. haven;t had the reboot since i removed the app. and im not even sure if it related but my phone is not rebooting now. goodluck to everyone its a cool theme tho

I am a BB newbie and have been searching for a theme that works the way I imagine it should work. This Rotunda theme works precisely that way I want it to work on my Tour, while looking terrific! :-) Thank you!

I'm new to BB and have downloaded a few free themes but I have found this one to be the best by far. It sticks to the simple BB theme already programmed in my tour with a cool little wheel feature added that really runs smoothly. I highly recommend this guys.

Just got my Tour Saturday. This is the first theme I have installed on it, I had tried a few on my 8330 but always ended up going back to the Dimension Zen. I love the icon "Wheel" idea, it allows me to get more icons on the home screen. I didn't like the way it took my SMS/MMS icon away sending me instead to the Messages icon. The icon "wheel" is a little tough to navigate, not by design, but because I have one of the Tours with the "sluggish" left to right trackball. Once I can actually get in the wheel it rocks because it responds to both left and right and up down. My wife's has not had an issue with the trackball so I may install it on hers for a closer look. Thanks so much for the free theme, I will look forward to more Tour themes from you.

Fantastic Theme.

have downloaded it and am very impressed. I have one small comment though and, I agree, it is nit-picking.

I prefer having a weather app slot on themes and have identified a space for one in the middle of the rotunda.

It might be an interesting addition.

It caused me to purchase the Momentum Glyde theme... I just wound up deleting it in favor of this one... I realllllllly enjoy it, but I too wish it had the "weather icon" like his Momentum - Rotunda does, but with the precision icons

Fantastic theme - the wheel works great - no lag at all. I also like how you can have 3 icons stationary off of the wheel - works well for the hidden today. I have my weather icon as part of the wheel, but it would be cool to have it sit stationary inside the wheel. Either way, this is the best best I've had yet! Well done! AND - thanks for offering for free!

Just downloaded this theme and it is AMAZING! I love the rotating icons on the main page! 2 thumbs WAY up!

I've been looking for a theme for my new Tour and haven't found one I liked. I wanted something simple and the best part about this theme is that it keeps all of my icons organized. Best of all, it's free! Thanks for this awesome theme! I recommend it!

Just want to say, you have created some awesome themes. I just bought several for my Blackberry Tour and I love everything about them. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Thanks for all the great comments everyone :)
To get your SMS/MMS icon: go to messages, then to Options, then to General Options. Where is says "SMS and Email Inboxes" set it to Separate.

Again, thanks for the comments....feel free to post in the thread as I will check that more frequently than these comments.


Nice theme really makes getting those other apps easier.I think it would have been nice to have had the blackberry symbol in the middle of the apps wheel.But nice theme regardless.

Hi. I am very new to using a BB. I was a sidekick owner for the longest. I currently own a BB Curve 8900. Can anyone tell me how to download this? THANKS!

Option 1, navigate to this story on your berry browser, then click on the OTA link at the bottom of the story (before the comments).

Option 2 (which I prefer), using a computer copy the address of the OTA link at the bottom of the story and email it to your Blackberry Device (ha). When you get the message, click on the address and it installs.

I am having the same problem. How do I download this to my 8900? I downloaded it to my computer but cannot find the file in the Desktop Manager. Looks like a pretty cool theme.

Download starts, but then I keep getting error "907 invalid COD file not found".

Emailed as attachment, even tried sd card install.. same results.

Any suggestions?

Tour 9630, Sprint. Thanks

Like the theme, but after downloading it, I noticed there is no SMS & MMS icon for this themes as well. Is it just hidden or just not available with this theme. Hmmm... Anyone else having the same issue?

I've seen it in the CB site of this wallpaper before. I'm-a wantin' it as well, so I'm surfing CB for it now.

ok i dloaded on my tour and it says it installed but there r no changes? i did it 2x. I even rebooted and took battery out. Thoughts?

This is a great theme and I fell in love with it almost immediately, but I had a problem with sms and email "sticking" as unread and showing up whenever I highlighted the messages icon, even if the message was read or even deleted. Had to do a battery pull to clear the error. I thought it might have been due to myfaves because I first noticed it with one of my myfaves contacts, so I refreshed my contacts and it cleared. However, I then got messages from other people that were "sticking" as well and could only clear them with a battery pull. I could even click on the message header (of a deleted message) that shows on the wallpaper when the message icon is highlight and it would even be able to pull the message back up. I have deleted the theme from my phone but if anyone has any ideas of what may have caused this, I would love to know because I REALLY want this theme back. Thanks.

i scroll over the calendar and nothing shows up. I have every contacts bday in my phone as well as other appointments. i am using the tour and everything else seems to work great. it will actually show new appointments if i add them after i installed the theme but nothing else, is there a way to fix this?

Love the theme...will the app names be included on the premium version? I'll totally buy it if that's the case! In the menatime, I'll be making a donation on the free vrsion! Keep up the good work! :)

I am unable to download the Free Precision Rotunda for 8900 OTA because your link has expired. Is their anything that you can do so that I can download.

im new to this and when i download it to my pc and click the download my pc says that windows can not open the file, y is that and what can i do to download it

gr8t theme but note that on maine screen on today message icon some messages don't clear have to do a hard restart to clear them

It won't let me download from the link. Does anyone know how I can get this for my Tour. I just had my phone replaced and this is my FAVORITE theme.. Please help!