Free-to-play Six-Guns western RPG saddles into BlackBerry 10

Giddy-up, pilgrim - those vampires ain't gonna eat silver bullets on their own accord

Six-Guns on BlackBerry 10
By Simon Sage on 26 Apr 2013 06:13 pm EDT

Gameloft has released their excellent western-themed role-playing game Six-Guns on BlackBerry 10 today, and is available to download for free. Players roam an open world, take on missions, visit townsfolk, and put a occasionally put a bullet into supernatural menaces that plagues the land.

Players level up, get new gear, and yes, new horses to ride. Since it's free to play, you'll encounter a few chokepoints, namely in your limited inventory space. The premium currency, sheriff badges, can be spent on speeding up healing rate and skipping ahead of missions. 

This is yet another great title from Gameloft to hit BlackBerry 10, following closely on the launch of The Dark Knight Rises. We hear that there are at least two more on the way: Real Football 2013 (which has apparently also gone live) and Modern Combat 4. Gameloft is in talks for more beyond that, though they wouldn't get into specifics. Which games would you like to see ported over? 

More information / download Six-Guns now

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Free-to-play Six-Guns western RPG saddles into BlackBerry 10


RPG? Yes please! Haven't played a Western since I think 'Gun', excited to play this!

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Every time I see a game review I immediately scan for one of my favourite words ... free... then I read the whole thing.

Real Football already in BB World for some countries. Also free!

Assume in N.A. we're waiting on version branded as Real Soccer.

Big day for Z10 games...
Plants vs Zombies for BB10 by EA is also live in BB World!

This is how you CB10, son!

Unfortunately Gameloft Customer support appears to be in name only.

Buyer beware for anyone that is thinking to make in-game purchases for any of their games. Purchased items often don't show up, and all you ever get is automated responses from Gameloft.

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Game loft is too much. Every day a new game. Real developers of blackberry app word!!


Posts via BlackBerry z10

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Hey Simon,
"Put a occasionally put a bullet" just about doesn't seem right.

You might want to fix the post. :P

CB10 is a fantastic experience!

Omg u have been waiting for six guns! I loved the game when I had my iphone, now I'm never going back!

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Hmmm. Did I just Player Kill someone...I wanted to try out my new rifle so I killed the guy riding by in a horse....

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