Free Phone Friday at Best Buy Canada features BlackBerry 7 smartphones!

Free Phone Friday at Best Buy
By Michelle Haag on 30 Sep 2011 02:51 pm EDT
Who doesn't love free phones? Best Buy Mobile in Canada is running their Free Phone Friday promotions through October, and this week's special is none other than BlackBerry! But, not just one BlackBerry. Today only you can grab a Bold 9900, a Torch 9810, or a Curve 9360 from various carriers for just a penny with a new 3-year activation. Make sure you read the fine print for all the details on the offer. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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Free Phone Friday at Best Buy Canada features BlackBerry 7 smartphones!


3 year contract? wow I thought we had it bad here in the States.
I can barely hold onto my phone for 1 year.

Best Buy Mobile in Canada has really improved in the last couple of years.

This is a great deal!

And yeah 3 year contracts are normal here; like Polar bear attacks and igloo meltdowns...

Best Buys' got 'good' prices, last time i checked it was 199 from rogers and 169 from bell each on three year terms, unlike their advertised savings of 124 and 149.

I just had a heated debate with a customer rep. Unless your contract is completely over, you wont be able to get $0 as a hardware upgrade.

I just picked up a new 9900 for $0 on a decent student plan with Telus, I had 7 months left with another carrier. I don't know if porting your number makes a difference or not but I say it's worth a try. BlackBerry was today and different phones will be featured for the remaining Fridays in Oct.

THANKS Michelle for posting this up!!!

if its a 9900 3 years i don't mind.. 9900 is like the creation i been waiting for the pass 1years?? TOuch screen with Full i just expect a better camera....and i won't need any other phone for the next 10 year =)

I grabed one.. been holding off getting a 9900 because I was under contract, but at 200 dollars off it was worth it to jump carriers and payout. And actually i should be able to sell my 9800 and brake even or better.