Free Newegg Mobile app for BlackBerry now available in BlackBerry App World

By Bla1ze on 27 Dec 2010 04:15 pm EST
Free Newegg app for BlackBerry now available in BlackBerry App World

Like buying electronics? Of course you do, everyone does at some point. Newegg, has made the process of buying electronics from them on the go even easier for better or for worse. They've just released a mobile app to BlackBerry App World which allows you to browse and purchase items directly from their site on your BlackBerry smartphone. Some of the key features for the app:

  • Comprehensive product specifications.
  • 1.7+ millions customer reviews. 
  • Detailed item image gallery. 
  • Quick and simple shopping flow. 
  • Simple and quick search function. 
  • Good for deal hunting: Shell Shockers, Daily Deals and Free Shipping. 
  • All purchases made on Newegg Mobile are routed through Newegg's secure servers. 

The sad news? Well, despite BlackBerry App World indicating that it is indeed available for all devices, it is not. Although I did not test all devices, I can confirm it's not yet available for the BlackBerry Torch (unless it's just blocking me in Canada). Which really, is fine with me at this point. The last thing i need in my life is an easier way to buy electronics. But if you're looking to spend  some of that cash you got for the Holidays then by all means, check the app out. Some great deals are to be had on Newegg.

Click Here To View The Newegg App On BlackBerry App World

Reader comments

Free Newegg Mobile app for BlackBerry now available in BlackBerry App World


I have loved and bought things from NewEgg for the better part of a decade. Recently they have switched to a mobile site, which is great. This is even better! I'm all over this and excited.

I love me some Newegg. Downloaded the app, but wasn't extremely impressed...seemed a little sluggish for my liking.

I installed this application and it allows me to login to my account but anytime I try to browse or search I get a server error. I'm using Wifi and am tied to a BES with MDS service. I know our IT policy allows the BES browser, WAP browser, but not the BIS browser.

Anyone have any ideas?

App World tells me not available for my device (9700) or my carrier (Rogers), anyone else try with this combination?

Got it on my Torch too after finding out about it this morning on another site. Loaded it right up. Seems quick enough for me. But then, I'm at home on wifi. About the same as the Ebay and Amazon apps which are similar in design.

Can someone who was able to download do an application backup and leave a link for those who are currently blocked.