Your free months are coming to an end, will you become a paid BBM Music subscriber?

By Jared DiPane on 23 Aug 2012 02:34 pm EDT
 BBM Music  

We have seen RIM launch plenty of great apps over the years, but one that many of us questioned was BBM Music. While in its beta stages it was great -- no one had to pay, we got to play around -- but then came the time where they wanted their monthly fee's. At this time you were forced to decide if you would continue using the service and fork over the couple of dollars a month or leave the fun behind in favor of saving some dough. Back in February RIM enticed people to use the service by offering six free months to people who downloaded the application, and those months are coming to an end as August whips by.

Carrying a price tag of $4.99 a month it is less than the price of a drive thru experience at McDonalds, or the equivelant of two cups of coffee. Now we are left wondering, yet again, will you continue on and subscribe to BBM Music or will you be dropping it from your daily work flow like a bad habit? Be sure to vote above, and let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

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Your free months are coming to an end, will you become a paid BBM Music subscriber?


When I first signed up, I was told (by the system) that I had 60 days free trial. After day 30, it asked me to pay. That made me angry and haven't signed back on since. That was about a year ago.
But I did have fun using it. I found the selection ok, but missing a few albums/songs I was looking for at the time. The price model and rules about what you're allowed and not allowed is still too confusing for the general public.

lost most of my friends on BBM..... :(
also, there has been little marketing around BBMusic, most people dont know what it is.

Who doesnt know what Siri is?

The nice thing is, it's not really a part of your BBM network. I think I had 3 people from my BBM list on BBM Music, but the other 100 or whatever I had were strangers I was "using" for their music, the same as them with me. They DO NOT appear on your BBM unless you invite them to be.
So, it's a little misleading to call it BBM Music. Most of my friends thought that we could share music through BBM for free, which you can in essence, but they had a total misconception of the whole idea and none of them paid for the service once the free trial was up either.


How do you do this? I thought it was only BBM friends that you could share music with (and get theirs) Please fill me in. I may use it and I may even pay!


Carckebrry shold really do a how BBM works PSA!!!

Kiddo, PM me your PIN and I'll add you. Or go to the crackberry forums BBM music threat and start adding people there.

Your bbmm newsfeed (first tab) will include new people from your 'friends' just tap on their names and choose "invite contact".

It's then a virtuous cycle as people add you as well.

Yet another downer post by KingBernie. If you actually used BBM Music, you'd know that people don't have to be on your BBM friends list in order to share music with other BBM users on BBM Music.

Ive never used it, never said I did. I didnt like the way it was marketed cuz Im a big bb fan and dont really know what it does.

Having said that, I hate to admit Im very delusionized when it comes to apps on JAva BB. They look too unpolished, gave up a long time ago.

On the other hand, my PB is great (although I mostly use it for commuting through bridge), a greater selection would be the bomb.

You're right, games are not good. However, apps are great, especially ones created by RIM. Facebook, Twitter, BB Traffic, BB Travel, BBM Music are all great apps, works super fast, and are best in class IMO.

What is siri? ......oh is that thing that the guy from work tries to show off to me and it either calls the worng person or says sorry I can not find/do this!?

I know, its not that great, but boy it makes great commercials. And its the future too.

I always say you can sell ice cubes to eskimos if you market it well. I cant recall BBMusic getting an on-stage introduction with a crowd and medias present.

The future? You mean that tech BlackBerry had 6 years before the iphone? Get real dude you embarrassing yourself on a live blog.

Stop wallowing in ignorance...Siri goes way beyond simple voice commands...take off your fanboy/girl blindfolds and actually take the time to follow up popular tech'll do you a world of good.

I dunno man. I've seen people try to use Siri. Looks/sounds like crap to me when you have to repeat yourself three or four times to get the desired result. Siri commercials are great. Real life... Not so much.

Me either. I didn't even know it existed.


You can access the Unofficial CrackBerry IRC chat room with the following:

Go to EFnet Webchat IRC Portal:

Enter a Nickname and #CrackBerry for the Channel.

I've been paying for it for the last... gosh, must be near a year. Stopped taking advantage of free stuff because I had the money. I love it. Of course I'm going to keep using it.

I just cancelled my subscription and will be signing up with RDIO instead.

BBM Music = 50 songs that I like (plus 25 swaps per month) and about 7000 songs I couldn't care to have through friends.

RDIO = pay $5 more and have unlimited access to what *I* want. They also have the web interface which lets me stream music on my computer, create playlists, etc. I then easily tell it to "sync to mobile" and it all gets duplicated to my BlackBerry app.


exactly. why would I wanna pay a monthly fee to listen to music other people choose.

Since so many popular apps are ignoring Blackberry, RIM should take all of the features of Spotify, Pandora, and and make it into BBM Music.

Wow, for a blackberry site I'm quite surprised at how the polling is going - so what are people using instead?

For one thing, it's only available in select countries. The other thing is 10% is actually a generous BBMM penetration number.

You bet I am.

I use it daily now. I have three people from my own bbm list and 430 that I don't know. I am at about 13,000 songs. Woot!

It has room to grow, but has been very good to me so far.

Re: the above post, it would be nice to have a second tier plan at 10/month with unlimited music access or something similar. Would also be nice to have it on playbook as well as a browser interface.

Overall, very happy with it and will be keeping it for the foreseeable future.

Another example of where UK users get screwed on price conversion - North American users pay $5 (which is just over £3), UK users pay £5 (about $8). Why does RIM insist on doing this with all of the apps in app world? The 1:1 ratio is crazy.

Im a huge BB fan but I dont know why anyone would use this. My 3 dollar micro sd holds 3000 of my songs? Never liked the idea of bbm music.

Deleted the app after my trial was up.

I dont want to pay for it. Just like Pandora and Spotify, I will never pay for those services. Music is too readily available for that and I already own thousands of mp3's.

BBM Music should make it free, throw in some ads, and make the interface more robust with detailed user profiles, a web version, and scrobbling features to (or create their own type of

Th media player should integrate with BBM Music as well. Create artist pages and just make it more interactive and fun to use.

I think others have already covered my points:

1- UK Pricing is a rip-off.
2- No PlayBook version.
3- No device ubiquity

TBH - if there were a PlayBook version, I'd probably subscribe as the speakers are great on the PlayBook. I found I was still listening to music on the PlayBook rather than BBM Music.

A real shame as I liked the app. That said, if it were £3 per month as it should be, I'd probably sign up again.

£4.99 a month? that is pretty pricey when you consider that for students (many of whom have blackberries) you can get spotify unlimited for the same price.

I'm shocked by the results of this survey. I use blackberry music every day and can't live without it. I have close to 400 BBM contacts with it would say over 80% subscribers. I hope this doesn't confuse RIM to thinking that there isn't a following for the app. I think there are some options they can add to improve it even more but none the less I love it.

The results reflect that many, if not most, are more like me than you.

I have 1 BBM contact: my wife. Other than that I don't know a single person with a BlackBerry. So paying to listen to each other's music would be asinine.

If it's just a matter of listening to music on-the-go, well, Pandora is free.

The best app ever! I use it all the time. Have it hooked up to my car stereo through bluetooth, as well as my BB Music Gateway at home. Switch up songs quite frequently. I am really surprised that people don't use it more. Totally worth the $4.99/month.

I lost all of my friends to the iWorld as well, so I have zero BBM Contacts, however I enjoy the BBM Music experience and I continue to pay for it monthly. I don't find myself really needing or listening to more than 50 songs on a normal basis, and swapping 25 out for new music just works for me.

I have no interest in listening to strangers' music, that holds no appeal to me. I just nejoy the BBM Music experience I suppose.. There's my 2 cents!

BBM music is brilliant. It just needs some time to build up a good user base and larger mp3 selection. In time, fewer and fewer people will be collecting their own mp3s, as the average user will be too stupid to figure out how to do it, lol.

I'm a paying subscriber and have been using it for about 6 months now. I enjoy it but lately I have noticed people are not renewing. I subscriber to Rdio, Deezer and Slacker mainly because they each have different licence rights so each has music the others don't have. That is what mainly keeps me on BBM Music.

I didn't get it on a 6 month trial. For some reason I think I only got two months. I've been paying for it for the last 4 or 5 months but I love it and use it almost daily. I'd rather pay for this monthly for a music app that you can make your own playlists to listen to instead of pandora or slacker that a computer generates what it "thinks" you want to hear. The more contacts you have that listen to your type of music, the more enjoyable your experience will be. It's a must have for me when working out.

I posted in the bbm music section of the crackberry forums and found a bunch of people that listen to my type of music. Then from there I just added contacts of theirs and built my contact list up from there.

This is an AWESOME Netflix of Music HOWEVER with all the options to do this for FREE like patience to download the track the ONLY way it will be a Hit and Stick is to Offer it FOR FREE

Otherwise no one will care to use this although its wicked but not worth the actual Netflix amount per month

If it were an option to actually be Free it would be an Incredible Blackberry Exclusive

I was subscribed for a while, but then I lost my debit card and I had to cancel it and I never renewed when I got my new card. So it was accidental...I was also subscribed to Spotify Premium, but I actually took time to go to their site and cancel the $9.99 a month fee.

I'd renew again, but RIM REALLY needs to get rid of the 5 device switch limit! I switch between a 9810 and 9900 and if I switch between them 5 times and want to listen to BBM Music, all my switches are used and I have to wait an ENTIRE YEAR before I can switch my BBM Music account again.

I have been using and paying since beta. I believe it would enhance the platform if it was included. Free but I still enjoy it. I have made a couple of BBM friends on BBMM and many posts miss the point of what a large part of BBMM music is. BBMM gives you the opportunity to make new friends with similar music tastes, and it allows you to explore unique music you may not have heard of. I believe most people that have invested in BBMM have discovered new music that has fit into what they already listen too. I would like to see groups and music chats added and I believe others may see more value in BBMM.

I've been subscribed since my trial was over. I get absolutely no reception at my gym so pandora and the like are worthless. With bbmm you can store songs and listen to them with no Internet connection. Definitely worth it for me, I play out songs pretty quickly while I'm working out so I love not having to buy a song that I want to hear.

I like it because it allows me to experiment with new music and get ideas from my bbm buddies.
It comes at half the cost of Slacker Premium or Pandora Premium and I really like it.

It also stores your songs on your device so you don't have to worry about crazy data bills.

It is typical BlackBerry. Effective and efficient.

BB music should be free. and should also be working on Playbook. Actually all apps on our BB phones, should also be available to our Playbook.

I've been a paid subscriber since it came out of beta. I use it daily, and have no plans to stop using it. I do wish it could be used on the playbook however.

You Do not need to know anyone else with a BlackBerry in order to get access to thousands of songs.

This is confusing, but once you use bbmm it becomes clear.

Give it a try and PM me if you want to add someone to get started.

First - NO it should not be FREE. Why do so many people want something - strike that - EVERYTHING for free? I like the no ads, well worth 4.99/mo. I have learned tons of new groups/artists, can create playlists from over 10000 songs that i have access to currently, and although I have only added a small handful of my music contacts as BBM contacts, we still comment back and forth in what is basically a GIANT BBMM Group that everyone can see (as long as they are connected in some way). Seeing comments from someone gives you a hint about their music interests and allows you to invite them as a connection.

I love it, pay for it, and encourage any music lover to try it for at least three months - long enough to build up some contacts, build your music library to over 10,000, then decide if you want to stick with it or not!.

P.S. PM me if you are subscribed - I like everything : rock, metal, country, alt, classic rock, Christian (klove and AirOne type) , but not RAP / Hip-Hop (I do like some good old school 80's early of both, though) and I really NEED some more BLUES and CLASSICAL.

They didn't offer enough for me to feel it was worth subscribing to. Not just in music selection but in functionality. They wanted BBMM to be about interaction but didn't go the extra mile in giving us that. I proposed a DJ Mode - whoever you are connected to, that person was the DJ and whatever he/she was listening to, you heard while connected. Of course with all friends able to tune in simultaneously as well. You could already see what people were listening to. Why not be able to hear it at the same time? The foundation was laid for them to go further than they did to attract more people but they didn't do enough for me to feel like it was worth subscribing to. Maybe if they add it for the PlayBook and bring some new functionality.

Like the DJ Mode idea(as a subscribed participant). Come back, keep the numbers up, and lets ask for that to be added!

I like the concept, but the catalogue sucks and spotify offers better value.


I had BBMusic free for a month and then paid for another. There were a few quirks and I couldn't always find the songs I wanted. In the end it just wasn't worth the price although if it were to be available on the 4G PlayBook I'd give it another try. For now I'm loading songs to my tablet. The music player sucks of course but it's free.

Torch 9860 & PlayBook (Life is good)

I forgot that app even existed haha. There aint no way in hell that I'm paying $5 for music when there's free options availible. I'd rather stream slacker radio WITH ADS lol. But I'm not hating..they tried,but failed by charging

Considering people here still think you have to have BBM contacts to share music on BBM, I think RIM totally chose the wrong name for this app.

I like bbm music and it works great. I have over 450 contacts and 11233 songs avaliable to stream. My only issue is that I travel a lot and don't have service everywhere.the 50 song cache limt doesn't cut it for me. No Web services and no playbook support limits bbm music to my bb. I paid for slacker plus and use it for 90% of my music needs. I can use slacker on my pc and on my playbook. I will keep bbm music for a few more months as its great for finding new music but after that slacker is getting my business. RIM call me when you have a 500 song cache limit,playbook support and pc Web support and I will be back in a second