Free mIQ Sync Service from Best Buy is Live

By Adam Zeis on 20 Oct 2009 01:53 pm EDT

We got a first look at mIQ a few weeks ago, but the official release totally slipped through the cracks as there was no other formal announcement (thanks for the reminder Ro!).  The mIQ service from Best Buy Mobile is now live and ready for the world. I've been checking out the service for a few days, and it seems very promising. The premise is simple - install the app on your device and it syncs your contacts, messages, call logs and media with your online account. From there you can login to mIQ and view your media, edit contacts and even send SMS messages all of which sync back to your device. You can integrate the account with Twitter and Facebook as well, and even update your status. mIQ is an excellent free backup solution with the only downside being random ads placed throughout the page in your account. Having the ability to view all your data in one place as well as update contacts from the web is definitely very cool. Head over to to get started.

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Free mIQ Sync Service from Best Buy is Live


Been using it for a while now. First sync takes a while and puts a hurting on your battery. Sync is much faster than Google Sync. I'm giving this one a big thumbs up!

I installed this app last week with no issues what so ever. Everything worked fine. All my data downloaded, pictures sms logs, contacts.... whoa all of a sudden I started thinking, I just gave a list of everyone I know to Best Buy. Now I'm not a conspiracy type person, but I decided to delete my contacts off their server and not set them up to sync. I'll just back them up using Desktop Manager on a regular basis. mIQ seems like a great tool, but what does Best Buy get out of doing this for free?

The first sync takes some time. Plan accordingly and plug in your BB.

Overall, the system works very well. The web interface is intuitive. Kudos to Dashboard/mIQ. Five stars.

looks like a really sweet program but trying to sync some 2,100 pictures and videos.... geez man that will take a long fraking time.....

Yet another gem that's definitely a keeper. Been looking for a free service and syncing capabilities over WiFi. So far so good!

and this seems to be the BB rollout they have been talking about for a year or so. I never had issues with dashwire, so I think your data would be secure.

From the terms of service:

Content that is part of your private profile (e.g., your contacts, photos, videos, calls, SMS messages) are subject to the mIQ Privacy Policy and will not be distributed to third parties unless directed by you (e.g., thru making your content accessible to friends or visitors to mIQ, or via RSS feed) or as otherwise described in the mIQ Privacy Policy.

I have this on my tour and it's pretty awesome. Don't really need it, in terms of backing up and keeping my mac in sync, because of googlesync. But it's nice to have as an alternative and it's other features are well worth it. The first sync, as someone above mentioned, drains the hell out of your battery.

Ok, I was using Nice Office to sync all my contacts and Calendar before. I switched today to mIQ. So far as it's doing it's first download it is much better. Everything I might need on my phone is on my computer. Huge thumbs up for this one. *****

ok so I downloaded installed and all that but what messages is it supposed to sync? I have a ton of email and sms but when I am online looking I only see call logs and contacts, calendar etc but it says no messages...

If there's a place for the email to sync, I'm not seeing it.
All I wanted to do was be able to see and access my mail from my computer.

Otherwise, it's a nice service and free (so far and save for the ads). IT's a good backup to Google Sync and my backups via DM.

Hi, I just downloaded miq on my BB Tour and I did the battery pull. when it 's rebooting it's saying "Reload Software:552" . I did the batter pull again, I got the same msg again, no start up. What's causing it.?

That same thing happened to me when installing another app. Did the battery pull and same message. I had to replace my phone. But got a much better Tour in the process. I have heard this is fixable...I just didn't have the time. Search the forums and you'll find an answer.

I also dont see the setting to change the time zone- My sync is three hours behind the actual time so I can only assume that its set for west coast but I dont see how to change it.

I'm always looking for a quality, low-load app to backup my data. I don't use Google Sync (waiting for better OS integration with OS 5.0). I used to use Skydeck, but didn't like how I couldn't control what I wanted to backup. With mIQ I can just backup my contacts and calendars, which is what I'm looking to do. I really don't care to backup my call logs or SMS messages. I might add syncing of pictures later, but that's not that important to me as well.

Runs well on my Tour and haven't had any problems since I installed it today. I was also impressed at how quickly it synced my data, too.

Give it a spin, folks! :D

Anyone else having this issue? Mine is all synced up, but on the website I can see blank icons for the different media and people pictures but can't actually see anything, even after clicking on a picture, etc.

I have been using m:IQ for a little less than a week and it really is a terrific back-up tool for Contacts, Appointments and Media. Very simple to use. For those of us dependent on Outlook being able to edit Contacts and Appointments on a desktop or laptop without having to do the edits and then sync through DM makes life a whole lot easier.

careful. The default setting is to share photos and video. With who I have no idea. Go to "sharing", click on "change these settings" and adjust as necessary.

I'm not really sure I want all my contacts, calendar, etc. being kept on someone else's servers. No different than credit card or identity theft.

agreed! i tried it, and removed it and asked to be removed from their servers ASAP. everything works, but best buy is simply offering this service as a way to market to you. i don't trust having all of my personal data on the web like this.

its still in beta. there wasn't an official release yet, you still have to sign up and wait for your invite code.

I signed up for it today around 2pm and had it uploading all of my data by 2:12 pm while I was sitting in class..simply amazing!
I then went on to the mIQ website and under summary it had my last and most recent text messages from about 5 minutes after I received them on my bb!

This is definitely A must keep!!

I go to the site on my device browser and the only option is for windows mobile, i select it and get "the item you selected cannot be displayed. do you wish to save the item?" Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?

Under the recent tab by the calendar it says that it has synced 1000 items and it gives some examples but I do not see any of the items on the calendar that is actually there. But everything else working perfectly. I use this and Google Sync incase one has a Microsoft/Danger type of outage.

I tried the app this evening, and it did not work very well for me. It only uploaded my pictures and nothing else. Then whenever I received a text message it was sent to the website and never made it to my phone's inbox.

i've installed this twice now. the first time I had to replace my storm! This time it jamed up and I had to delete it! I would love an app like this it backed up everything fine I even twittered and facebook updated once.
any thoughts please?

When I started installing the app, I noticed the maker was "Dashwire, Inc".. that made me jump off my chair with happiness!

Dashwire is a great company that made a great product with Windows Mobile. I think now, they're stopping that and re-launching via retail providers, etc. Mo' money for them that way I guess. Happy for them.

Regarding the app itself, it's a godsend because it WILL help you use your phone more without touching it while you're at your desk. Put on a bluetooth headset and you're good to go. The only problem I ever noticed when it was a Win Mobile product is the battery would get sucked sometimes. I haven't noticed that so much on my Storm yet, but hopefully it's not the same.

I have had a Dashwire account for a while now. I kept it active even after I switch from my Motorola Q mainly for the visual voicemail. I am so happy this finally came to Blackberry. They have been promising it for about a year.

anyone else have a problem with the calendar showing up on the website? Nothing from my calendar has shown up.

wont stay signed in for me.

Signs in starts to sync then drops out - going to try a battery pull and maybe a reinstal to see if it helps - i want this service.

I installed and was running mIQ on my 8900 and after updating my Facebook app and rebooting, I got the good ol' "Reload Software 552" screen. I was terrified that I had lost all of my contacts which had recently been updated, but thanks to mIQ, it was VERY easy to get my phone back up and running just like it was before. The only things I lost were my apps, but they're archived in BB App World, so no big deal :)

I think the program has a huge memory leak, ever since install my storm goes from 21mb on boot to nothing in about 8 hours. before install I could go about 3 days before rebooting. Other than that it does work well.

I dont know if there is still an issue with installing this on the Blackberry Tour, but the day mIQ was first released I attempted to install it on my Tour. When I tried to launch the app, it wouldnt launch. I tried restarting the phone and when I did a screen came up with an error and wouldnt let me past that point. Verizon ended up having to replace my phone.

Has anyone with the Blackberry Tour through Verizon had success installing and using mIQ?

When I try to access mIQ ( from my Storm, I get the message "The gateway timed-out while waiting for a response from the server. Please try loading a different page. Contact your service provider if this persists." When I click on Details it says" The requested URL could not be retrieved. While trying to retrieve the URL the following error was encountered: Unable to determine IP address from host name The dns server returned: Name Error: The domain name does not exist...

Is anyone else having this problem?