Free Level Application For BlackBerry Storm

By Bla1ze on 12 Apr 2009 10:40 am EDT
Free Level Application For BlackBerry Storm!

*Ok, so apparently it's not new, but I've never seen it in app world before, until just the other day so it's still new to me*

I was having a look around BlackBerry App World the other day to see if there were any new app additions for the Storm. Lo and behold I found a new application from Xtremelabs, the same folks who brought us the awesome Speedtest application. This one is just simply and accordingly called Level. If you ever have any need around the house or garage for a level and typically happen to have your Storm on you, you may wanna check this one out as it could come in handy on more than a few occassions. It's a nice free alternative to Storm Level Pro and is available at the link below or through BlackBerry App World.

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Free Level Application For BlackBerry Storm


I don't see how this would work since 1. the storm has buttons on the side so it GASP can't sit flat on the ground 2. it can't stand up without someone holding it. I know this from experience of someone who downloaded Storm Level Pro and showed me it.

You can lay it flat on its back (like it is meant to be used.) and then hit the blackberry key and hit calibrate... This will make it sit flat.

Umm the app has been in the app world since launch..... And it was available even before that for a couple of months.

And yeah the thought of a level might sound cool at first but it is really not practices with all those buttons on the side.

This is exciting because we can all pretend that our Storm is going to turn into an iphone!! Seriously, I'm going to ditch my Storm and sell it on ebay and just get an iphone. My Storm works "ok" on 4.7.113 v3 hybrid and even works "ok" on 4.7.75, however the whole RIM thing to me has been a disappointment. I thought they would at least try to compete with the iphone! They haven't!! You install a couple of apps and now you are low on memory.... then, you have to monitor your memory all day for leaks and make sure to "quickpull" when it gets too low and wait 5 minutes for it to reboot itself! Then, the O/S is an old trackball O/S where the touch screen was a second thought? They worked on that for a couple of years and were EXCITED about it?? Then, the App World is slow, takes up even more of the limited memory on your device and doesn't really have anything much for my Storm?! Then, I install some stuff from App World and I have to run it in "compatability mode" or it just plain doesn't work?! Everyone is getting excited over these leveling applications and the "fart" application is the top download in App World?

i had this app for a few days. kept freezing and could only fix it with a battery pull. not worth it for me.

Storm Level Pro is 10 times better, does not even compare. It is also available in the RIM App World or in the CrackBerry store.

I've had this for a while, but is it just my phone or does this not actually level correctly? I have to turn my phone to an obvious slant before it will say that it is level...there should be a way to calibrate it or something.

Hit the BB button, there's a calibration option.

Still, this is more of a novelty than anything. I used it a few times when I downloaded it a month or two ago but haven't opened it since. Guess I should delete it to gain space.
Even after calibration it isn't very accurate, kind of jumpy sometimes.

Does nobody hit there blackberry key???

If you lay the phone flat and hit the blackberry key, there is a calibration key...

Useless app and a waste of app memory. Fire up the app and set it down. Then take a real level and set it next to the Storm. Note the vast difference in accuracy.

Apps just eat up memory. Glad I dumped 85% of them. Unless I plan on using it at least every other day I will not put it on my Storm.

Yes I know it is free. It is still not worth it. Not this leveling app but any leveling app. The Storm itself is not level and therefore you will never get an accurate reading.

I can't speak for this particular app, but Storm Level Pro is VERY accurate. You just need to calibrate it first using a real bubble level.

yeah, this has been in app world since it opened, it might even work if the storm had a level surface you could use....

I have been trying to install this level but it defires me to Microsoft also once I ask a question were do I go to see answers ?\
Thanks for your help O love this web site