Free Instango Instant Messenger Client Now on BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Jun 2008 10:39 am EDT

Instango for BlackBerry

The boys at BBCool just posted on a new IM client for BlackBerry. Instango ties together all of your chat clients and adds a few other bells and whistles. Take a read after the jump for the feature set.

Instango - IM Client Now Available for BlackBerry 


Why pay for expensive text messages when you can chat for free* on your mobile phone? Chatting with instango is as simple as chatting on your desktop computer. See who of your friends is online and start chatting with a simple push of a button.

Connect to GoogleTalk, ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, QQ, Gadu-Gadu and XMPP/Jabber!
Take your instant messaging buddies with you. Instango gives you free access to all popular networks. Simply enter your GoogleTalk, ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, QQ, Gadu-Gadu or XMPP/Jabber credentials and instango will show all your buddies on these networks in its contact list.

Send short voice messages for free* to any instango user. You may even send voice messages to any PC or Mac user on GoogleTalk, ICQ, AIM, MSN or Yahoo!

Send Pictures and Files
Take a picture or select any file on your mobile phone and send it to your friends at instango or one of the major IM networks.

Or send any file on your mobile phone to your friends at instango or one of the other major IM networks.

With instango you get a free e-mail address. Receive e-mails sent at this address and they will be delivered to your instango. Add any e-mail address to your contact list to mail text messages, audio messages, files and pictures.

Realtime News
Have your RSS news feeds delivered in realtime. Simply add any RSS compatible news feed from within instango or using the myaccount pages on this website.

Still have friends not using instango? Send regular text messages (SMS) from instango and save. Add your friends to the instango contact list and send SMS just like any instant message. And best of all, replies to your SMS will be delivered right into instango. Chatting via SMS was never easier!

Use a Secure Connection
Connect securely to the instango service or any Jabber (XMPP) service that supports SSL encryption. Rest assured that nobody will be able to intrude you privacy.

Visit for more information and to download.

If you give Instango a try, be sure to report back here with your comments!

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Reader comments

Free Instango Instant Messenger Client Now on BlackBerry


this is just wonderful! I just bought JiveTalk and this is exactly the same thing, but with a slight difference, this ones for FREE!!!!!!

I just downloaded it OTA, and when trying to input the accounts information it just does not respond, as if I were not typing anything, so I got stuck there.

I heard no mention of WiFi support or anything...

does anyone know if this will support WiFi

that would be great if I was able to IM over WiFi without the need of a data plan...

@Jiame santana

Press the trackball when you have selected one of the input fields. This will open an input field.

We are currently working on an update to make the input fields behave more Blackberry like. (So you can type right into them).


i have an 8320 and this is what i could make out of it, dont know why it ended installing in german after 2 install got it in english, it did worked over wifi, but had to change it to BIS conection, didnt like that all my contacts were in one group, could not separate from offline contacts or online, its always sending and reciving data so if you dont have an unlimited data plan it will hurt your pocket after 1 hour using it, it has been uninstalled from my 8320 thanks for the try, but it could get better

I don't get it. If this is free, why all the fuss about creating an account, and '40 free minutes', and the hoops to go thru just to download the program??

At the bottom left of the homepage there is a "download" link. Just click there and they'll give you several options to obtain the software. No hoops here.

I've created an account and am now trying to add MSN and/or Google Talk, in order to proceed to the Download Page, but each time I click Add it comes back with the message "Internal error occurred. Please contact support."

The only reason I'm still using JiveTalk over all the other options out there is it is still the only one that is compatible with MyspaceIM. If anyone else comes out with one that works I'll probably switch.

I have just had nothing but problems trying to get this app to work. I don't know if I set something up wrong but I put in my info for aim (i created a instango account) and i can't log on and when i restart the app it doesnt remember my aim and i just get the german message. I want to use the app but I try to log on to the forums and it won't let me.

I tried setting up an account and adding my IM accounts and keep getting the same error as everyone else. I just emailed them to delete my account on their site since there is no easy way to do it yourself under account settings. I think I'll just buy Jivetalk.

This is another one of those BS chat programs that works with proxy servers. You need to create an account because you have to configure all your chat userids and passwords on their proxy servers and then the servers log into the actual chat servers from the different providers and send messages back and forth for you. That is just crap because some people don't want to have their info proxied out to a 3rd party. This is no different then IM+.


well i tried to creat an account and when setting up my aim and yahoo instant messaging it said to contact support. but will there be any charges because i was looking into it and i looks like there would be.

Ate up my fully charged battery within a couple hours and I didn't even chat with it!!!! Major drain. I can have JiveTalk on all day and use it and my battery still has a 75% charge at bed time.

POS ... uninstalled it quicker than installing it!!! Plus it's not free ... you have to pay $9.95 Eur to access IM.

HAHAHAHAHA As i scroll and read the comments, they just get nastier and nastier regarding this application. I'm just going to avoid it altogether. I'll stick with my Jivetalk..

Thanks all for the heads up on the head-ache :)

Tried to download via the SMS text, and got a failed install error. Went to the webpage to download and worked ok.

Installed it but not very user friendly. I created an account and yet was asked to create an account. I just cancelled out of it. And still signed me in to the account that I was told I still had to create.

Once installed, there was a german message/chat. I closed out of the chat. Where was this coming from?

Does not show the images of my contacts, nor does it show their IM status (i.e. away, busy, etc.) Jivetalk on the other hand, shows their IM status and their pics/avatars.

Uninstalled. Well hyped but not worth the time IMHO.

BlackBerry 8820
Carrier AT&T/Cingular

I have tried to download and get this application all day yesterday and last night, and will not download. Always says download failed. Looks like a good program though. Would like to try it.

I'm hooked on Jivetalk but when I saw this I was intrigued. Seemed too good to be true and after scrolling through the comments I see it definitely is. 3rd party proxy servers are a no-no.

Yeah It sounded like a cool idea.. but when i dled it onto my desktop.. yeah didn't work. oh well.. back to jivetalk it is!

I am with the developer of this application and would like to reply to some of the comments.

Most importantly, instango is free (and will stay free)! This includes all instant messaging (including connectivity to all instant messaging protocols) and enhanced features like Push-to-Talk and picture-/file sending.

In addition instango allows you to make cheap international phone calls and send SMS to any mobile phone worldwide for very low rates. For obvious reasons we cannot offer this for free, though for testing these two features you will receive 40 minutes/25 free SMS on signup.

We also offer a Pro version for EUR 9,95 with the only difference that it allows you to directly connect to your Enterprise Jabber server. The free version will in nearly all cases be perfect for personal use.

Instango is using a proxy server to tunnel all the instant messaging protocols. Not only does this make it easier to react to any changes in the protocols or add new protocols, this will also save data traffic as a lot of status information will only have to be transferred once to our servers, instead of multiple times to every protocol's server.

We have been testing instango on many devices (Curves, Pearls, 8800s) and have been able to stay online for several days with one battery charge. If you experience fast bettery drain there usually is a problem with the connection dropping very often. Reconnect is an expensive operation battery-wise. Please let us know whether you observe lots of connection failures. We are always working on optimizing battery drain and connction stability.

If you are having problems downloading instango via OTA at you may alternatively download a desktop manager installer at The remaining installation problems should be worked out within the next days.

Instango is coming from a J2ME background (Java for many mobile phones) and is succesfully used by many users on other manufacturer's phones (like Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson etc). Some of the user interface quirks you are currently experiencing are coming from the limitation the universal J2ME platform inhibits.

After seeing the overwhelming interest this application has genereted in the Blackberry community our main focus now is on making the instango experience more 'Blackberry-like' by optimizing instango more and more to the Blackberry platform.

Stay tuned for more updates to instango for Blackerry during the next weeks!

Any feedback that will help us make instango better is welcome! Contact us directly at or on the instango forums on


If I needed to make cheap international calls or send cheap SMS (I have unlimited on a family plan) I might keep this app, but as it stands i'll stick with JiveTalk. Ever sicne I purchased it there has been several multi-IM clients that have come out on blackBerry, and it's still the best for me.

I like the app enough but it just killed my battery. I woke up this morning and unplugged my phone. About an hour or two later it was at 65% when I did absolutely nothing with the phone. I have great reception here at home so connectivity shouldn't be an issue. I like it but the crazy battery drain kills it for me. Can't beat a free app!

Sjunkie: as far as I know, you can have as many contacts as you can at home.

I think this gets 4/5 stars.
Major problems:
- Have to create an account
- Not as smooth as JiveTalk
- Confusing menus (but still fully functional)

Major plusses:
- Looks real nice
- Just as useful as JiveTalk

I think if you're not willing to drop $30 big ones on a simple chat application (and JiveTalk IS simple, it doesn't make me bacon every morning), I totally recommend this one.
It definitely needs some work, but the problems are not so outrageous as to stop you from using it.
I eagerly look forward to future versions!

Still haven't heard back from them regarding my email to support. I asked to have my account deleted because there was no way for me to do it. After trying to add my accounts, it still wasn't working. It should be easy to delete your account from their system.

absolutely useless!!!! whats the point, i have been downlaoding and uploading to my blackberry curve for 2 days now and it has never worked, and there are no instructions or specific settings explained!!! stay away!!!

I have installed this software with no problems, it works just fine and my battery is not going dead any faster than before. Over all i think its a good messenger. its a little finicky with the tabs and trackball, but other than that its a great alternative to Instant messaging for free. i will come back and write more comments everyweek on this program and announce any issues that may come up or changes to my blackberry. I am using a verizon curve 8330. for verizon customer this is a great free program cause we all know that verizons version of IM is OMG Horrible.

It's okay; not bad. Jivetalk is alot better, I think, but this is a free application, so there's really no need for me to complain.

I just downloaded the new beta version today on my verzion 8330 and i had absolutely no problems. installed over the air. added all my accounts fast. very cool interface, WAY better looking than IM+ which i already shelled out 50 bucks for. There might be some drain on the battery but I haven't had it in long enough yet to know. I never used jivetalk but i love that this one bubbles your messages with the pics next to each bubble rather than the users name. IM+ doesnt even show avatars. I didn't notice the trackball issues people were complaining about in this beta version so maybe it is worth it for you to revisit it.

I like Instango it has allot of potential i like how it has multiple themes and can be customized quite a bit. And it seems to work really will with the new OS for Storm it was terrible with the old OS. Well every thing was terrible with the old OS.