Free Hangman game for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Hangman BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 3 Jun 2011 10:58 am EDT

If you're looking for a fun, free game for the BlackBerry PlayBook the entire family can enjoy, look no further than Hangman. This classic game comes to the PlayBook in style and is tons of fun. With a bunch of themes and a huge bank of words, Hangman has loads of replay value so you'll rarely see a repeat. You can enjoy the game by yourself or have at it with the whole family. (This one is a personal favorite of mine for those long car trips) If you get into the groove you can rock out that high score and get achievements along the way. All in all this one is definitely a great game to have on tap. Check it out free in BlackBerry App World. Also available for most phones.

More information/download of Hangman for the BlackBerry Playbook

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Free Hangman game for the BlackBerry PlayBook


It looks like crap on the Playbook since it's formatted for the phones. I installed it and just waiting for them to update it specifically for the PB. There are other free Hangman games for the PB in App World that are not as feature rich, but are properly formatted.

Another STELLAR game for Blackberry.....

Worthy of having a whole article for itself.......

This doesn't beat ANY of the iPad games......cuz you know.....who needs and likes visual eye candy......and face it....eye candy is nice and saying that it doesn't matter says your just lying to yourself.

People are complaining about the look of the game, but I remember when hangman was a stick figure on a chalk-board in elementary school. The concept of the game is still classic no matter how it looks.