Free Go Daddy Mobile App for BlackBerry Smartphones Lets You Register and Manage Your Domain Names

By Adam Zeis on 12 Mar 2010 05:00 pm EST
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If you're a Go Daddy user looking for a quicker way to manage your domain names, you're in luck. Go Daddy has just released a free mobile app that allows you to keep up with all your domains right from your BlackBerry. You can search for and register domains, manage current domains, access Mobile Mail, manage email and hosting options and more. Definitely a handy app if you have more than a few Go Daddy sites to take care of. I'm not totally sure which devices the app is intended for as I couldn't find an officially landing page, but I have it up and running on both my Tour and Bold 9700. Hit the link below for direct OTA download.

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Free Go Daddy Mobile App for BlackBerry Smartphones Lets You Register and Manage Your Domain Names


why is that such a shock to me? oh that's right..

anyway, i'm glad to see a free useful app for godaddy!
thx for the heads up

I like GoDaddy and have been using them for years to manage about 8 different sites/domains so naturally I jumped at the chance to do it on my Berry. Am I the only one who is unable to get past the login screen? I installed it on my 9700 with no issues but when I go to the login screen, the Password field doesn't seem to exist! My hashed password gets typed in the Username field after the username and then there's the login button :S

Any thoughts anyone?

I did try re-installing but no joy. When I do trick it into opening up the password field, it tells me my login is invalid!

I have it working, but I'm not sure if I should just go ahead and use their mobile site all together. It seems with the application the only thing you can do is check for domain names and look at your mobile mail through godaddy. Otherwise to actually manage your account/domain it requests to open the web browser anyway.

As a benefit te app should include ability to watch all GoDaddy videos! That would massively increase the user base of the app.

and I have about 25 domain names I manage. It does seem very limited. I have a Storm2 and the app only displays in the upright (smallest) position. I wish I had this app this morning before I purchased my latest domain name.

Does anyone else find it little odd that this is just floating around on the net and is not officially on GoDaddy's site? I hope it's not a fraud or anything because I would find this very useful.

I don't understand why you think this app is just "floating around out there". The file is hosted on GoDaddy's site. You can just look at the link and tell that:

It works on my 9700. It seems the reason the app is so big is because it really just a browser app connecting to a mobile site. It needs some more work but I think that it could be beneficial. Looking around the app, I realized that I had a subdomain set that I no longer need. Used the app (or browser) to get rid of it.


1. Way oversized ofr what it shows at 1MB
2. Not really mad for Storm/Storm2's screens or multitouch
3. Nothing but link after link to get info
3. A total maze: impossible to get a decent overview of your accounts and status

If you thought the direct web based email service is difficult to navigate on the BB web browser, don't bother with this app.

The GoDaddy mail interface through the BB web browser is bad enough with the tiny checkboxes and inability to "select all". Managing deleted emails is cumbersome. Deleted e-mail through GoDaddy goes to "Trash" and still counts against your mailbox size unless you can easily empty Trash. The only way to empty Trash through the mobile web or this app is to go to the Trash folder, select all the messages again (individually), and delete them.

All this app provides for email is the same quirky interface, slightly bigger checkboxes and Mystery Buttons(tm). All buttons on the email page say "Submit Query". You need to guess at the function. Also, the Delete function returns an error from GoDaddy that the mail could not be deleted.