Free BlackBerry Games from EA Mobile - Available After CES

By James Falconer on 9 Jan 2008 01:36 pm EST

EA Mobile Games3 free games will become available from EA Mobile following CES.

Looks like EA has decided to dig deeper into the BlackBerry games realm (I'm a fan of the EA Tiger Woods golf games's not available for the Berry, YET!).

If you check out EA Mobile's website they currently have 5 games available for purchase. Tetris (a classic), SKATE, NBA Live '08, Hard Rock Casino and ESPN Darts. They are $9.99 each.

Look for the free games to become available Thursday or Friday following CES.

For more info, keep watching EA's Mobile Site.

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Free BlackBerry Games from EA Mobile - Available After CES


I went to the EA Mobile website to check if the free games were available and I found out that its only available for the attendees of CES. That is so not fair. Does anyone know if this is ever going to be available to the public? It sounds like it was only a supposed to be for the attendees.