Free Forward, Reply and Edit Application

By Adam Zeis on 5 Aug 2009 10:17 am EDT
Forward, Reply and Edit

A long running ache with BlackBerry email is not being able to edit when replying or forwarding. A new app from changes that. Forward, Reply & Edit integrates with your BlackBerry messages and allows you to do just that. Open an email, choose Forward & Edit or Reply & Edit from the menu and you can change any of the content in the email. Why this isn't a standard feature is beyond me. My only gripe with this is that to activate you are required to send an email to a friend letting them know about the application. Not much to ask for a free app, but it may be spammy to some. You can snag Forward, Reply & Edit free OTA from this link.

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Free Forward, Reply and Edit Application


My only gripe with this is that to activate you are required to send an email to a friend letting them know about the application.

Send the email to another of your email addresses. No spam at all.

Just curious, whats it need an APN for? Also does not allow you to select what email address to send to.

The app is trying to send something through the TCP/IP APN. What is this all about?

I also had to edit the default permissions to allow all 3, Connections, Interactions and User Data before it would register. Seems to do what it was designed to though. Just pressed my space twice, no period appeared..........

How do I get this app. on my cell phone? I downloaded it to my desktop, but can't get it to go on my phone. There's no option to download it to the phone.

Downloaded it onto my BB 8330 Curve 3 times and still nothing. Sent it to one of my other email addresses. What else do I have to do?

Found it on the apps. icon on my BB 8330. Downloads fast from there. Just sent it to myself and it's activated.
Thanks anyway.

if it will not activate because it is unable to open a "socket" to send the email to your friend.

Edit: As usual with a STORM - do a battery pull and it should work (POS)

Need to edit the permissions to "Allow" and you need the TCP/IP APN configured. Rogers BlackBerries dont need this by default so it left me in a lurch for a bit too.

Finally....this truly was my last complaint with Blackberries. Although it is a 3rd party app, I'll take it.

BTW....just email yourself the link to activate.

You can get around the activation requirement by selecting yourself as the contact that receives the solicitation email.

I received the solicitation email (sent from me to me) and it goes out with an URGENT status. Not that it really matters...just an FYI.

running .151, after spamming my friends about it it wont run or intergrate with .151, when I open it up, all it offers me is the option to spam more friends, a hole lot of s-hit from all I can tell so far.

when you activate it thats all you do ,

then when you are in an email you just have the new options to reply/forward w/ edit

u dont open the app again

Great App . Works fine.

I sent the email to myself but finaly told all my friends about it .

No problem setting it up , I'm on Orange France , I had the TCP/IP APN configured to be able to use another app.

This is exactly what was missing .

As others has said, loads painlessly. Send the email to yourself and move on. Don't continue to reopen the app, just hide it once installed.

i seem to be able to send the email for unlocking however it still says 'failed to open udp socket'. i check my sent message though and i does send the messsage but doenst unlock the program. have done battery pull and set permissions to allow.... anyone with a storm get this running???? maybe its because of the Lyricidal's version 6.6 hybrid OS...

Can someone please tell me how the email activation works. Are you prompted? I don't see anything? Please help I would love to get this working.

to get link This is the last sentence of article.
You can snag Forward, Reply & Edit free OTA from
_this link_ _click on THIS LINK

PERFECT!!!! love it and forwared to many more BB users.
Best thing since sliced bread.

Luv it!!! Thank you BB

Downloaded and installed fine. The "Tell a friend" thing is annoying, but I just sent it to myself, so it was OK.

The best thing about this app is that it fixes one of my main gripes with email on my BB (no, not the "editing" thing). When replying to an email, my BB will only let me reply using the same address that received the email. But when using "Reply & Edit", I can now choose which address to reply with. Great!

I keep getting a message saying "Tunnel Failed" when I try to send the email to a friend to make the program work. I'm using a curve 8320, could anyone help? I'm already allowing all permissions possible.


Tunnel Failed? APN Error?

From your BlackBerry Home screen:
• Go to Options --> Advanced Options --> TCP

If you need the APN settings (APN, username and password) please visit the following LINK:
• select your carrier
• copy the setting to your BlackBerry APN settings (type them manually if need be)

In short, for T-Mobile in the U.S.:

APN: or (you can leave "Username for APN" and "Password for APN" blank.

BONUS: You will also be able to access UMA (instead of just EDGE, even if via WiFi), if you cannot already.

I really appreciate the reply!
I noticed all of these other APN servers:
APN: or
User Name And Password: guest (for the 2nd APN only) leave in blank
NEW APN: no username or password User Name: dummy Password: dummy

what's the difference between them all?

Don't waste your time trying. Looks like this app needs a bit of polishing before being ready for prime time.

Seemed to have some sort of memory leak. I installed on my storm and the phone started to act very strangely. Kept getting hourglass when doing simple operations. Once I uninstalled, all issues went away.

I've been a Blackberry user since the original RIM 850. This is one of the simplest & most useful applications I have ever come across. I've let multiple people know about it since I downloaded it last week.

I found two links for this program above, on this page. I downloaded the app from the 1st link (below - version 1.3) and it worked fine. Then I looked at the 2nd link below, which said it was version 1.4, so I deleted the first app. Turns out the 2nd link was also for version - so I downloaded it again.

I have a Bold 9700. The app does exactly what it says it will. I am not having any tunnel messages, truncation issues, bugs, hang-ups, etc. It also is not sending me duplicate copies of the email as I've read others say. It's the main thing I've been missing - Love It!