Free Download Of All You Need Is Love From The BlackBerry Commercials

By Bla1ze on 24 Dec 2009 02:14 pm EST

We've all seen the various BlackBerry commercials with the song playing in the background. Today, Research In Motion has posted the "All You Need Is Love" download for your BlackBerry and PC as a free download for all. Go grab it folks and add it to your holiday music collection. If you're interested in the history behind the Beatles song, check out the info on Wikipedia.

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Free Download Of All You Need Is Love From The BlackBerry Commercials


Merry Christmas, all! Thanks for the song, RIM. Does this solve the mystery over who the real artist is on this great cover?

I thought Blackberry users are supposed to think out of the box.

Would you rather a commercial that says, YOU need this, Buy, Buy, Buy and give you some ridiculous promises that they can't deliver, like iphone does. Don't even get me started there. I am a Mac user, but the Iphone is far below a Blackberry and always will be.

Come on you guys, we are above the negative comments. Trust RIM and there decision for this commercial. I'm sure there is much more to it.

if i had only known this during the bis outage the other day, perhaps if I had shown my Storm some love she would have started to work

I'd rather have the Crackberry video of the apps downloads on the widesrcreen display.
That 3D Matrix type stream was cool.

There was never any real artist for this song but The Beatles. Why bother using the song without John singing it...

If you want to find the HD versions, You'll need to go through BlackBerry's YouTube account, The one embedded here was from another user, and is kind of poor quality.

Sooo.... what does this commercial have to do with BlackBerry??? Nice, cheesy theme but it sucks as an advertisement for BlackBerry

I'll bet Blackberry is huge with the krunking set. And I'll bet they all appreciate the butchering of a classic song. Thanks Rim! We're all just a little bit dumber thanks to your insipid commercial.

I think RIM ought to go back to the drawing board with a new ad agency. All their commercials are irrelevant to their product IMHO. Except for the Storm commercials of a year ago, nothing I have seen since would inspire me to buy a BB.

Merry Christmas everyone!

maybe they're operating on the assumption that their product is ubiquitous and they don't need to actually sell you a phone you already want. no phones do what blackberries do, so if you want to do those things you don't really have a choice anyways. the commercial is probably just a way to keep the brand's identity present.

re: the song. i was actually disappointed that RIM used such a sloppy cover in their ad. i'm no beatles purist, but i do have high expectations for anyone looking to redo their work.

Lets see...
Tell me what other phone give you 7 ways to communicate.

Phone call

Thats all there is too it.
NO other phone does what a Blackberry does.

I love these ads and the cover is good too. Most ads don't sell products, they sell ideas and feelings, they simply don't work.

I love these ads and the cover is good too. Most ads don't sell products, they sell ideas and feelings, they simply don't work.

am i the only one here who likes the commercial? at least it's not boring, pointing out random phone specs no one wants to be bothered by when they're trying to watch TV. I'd rather see a commercial like this interrupt my show, than have to here what "Droid Does" in a scary monotone voice. So IMO, +1 RIM.

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