Free "Don't Be Bored" Application

By Bla1ze on 4 Jun 2009 07:47 am EDT
Free "Don't Be Bored" Application

During one of my late night very early morning blogging sessions, I decided to take a break from writing up an article and check on my twitter account and see if anything new was going on. I came across a tweet by one of my followers @BBHacker who had just posted a link to an application he had created entitled "Don't Be Bored." The title alone interested me so I downloaded it and installed it.

The application, prefectly titled by the way, is a small one which really is just a launcher for the site, redirects you to which is a collection of random and hilarious images from around the internet, for me it was the perfect little time waster. It took up no space on my BlackBerry and amused me so much that I just has to tweet the image that made me chuckle. Overall, awesome fun and compatible for every BlackBerry 4.2+ OS!

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Free "Don't Be Bored" Application


Hey Bla1ze,

I'm an animal lover, especially CATS. Seeing your blog reminded me of the Avatar that a poster by the Username of
'WORD' used when he/she posted on I don't know if this poster still posts on BBF or not.

Anyway, I got a kick out of seeing it.

- CB


I can think of a few descriptions for the images
stupid, unfunny, boring ...

hilarious would NEVER be a word I would use for any of the pictures I saw.

If someone came up to me asking me to check out their
"hilarious" new app I would do them a favor and slap the BB out of their hands. Then I would assist them in committing the suicide they so desperately deserve.